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Six Dangerous Neopians (Who Are On The Loose)

by sick_swimmer


As the people of Neopia relax and enjoy the fall weather, a question comes to my mind. Should we really be relaxing? Is life really as care-free and calm as we think it is? As the powerful witch Xandra has shown us just one year ago, it only takes one Neopian of unusual evil to destroy life as we know it. With this in mind, I have compiled a list of the most troublesome characters that we are currently putting no effort into containing...

1) Morguss

A nasty old crone, Morguss appears to be a rather revolting but harmless Moehog, ailing with age. What you may not know is that this horrible witch is responsible for more horrors than you can imagine. Her powers were responsible for the first Zombie petpets back in the Second War of Meridell, which she used to ransack the countryside. She used her magic to create Spyders of terrible size, and brewed clouds of darkness that swept over the countryside. She even used her own daughter to hypnotize King Skarl into submission. Was she punished once Kass was destroyed and peace returned to the land? Sadly nobody knows what happened to her. While she appears old and sickly, she excels at self preservation. To this day she resides somewhere in Neopia, and it is certain she is looking for a new champion to stand behind.

2) Vira

Once a beauty sought after by many, young and old alike, Vira was transfigured by her own vanity and is now a terrible sight to behold. The power that tempted her through the mirror not only deformed her appearance but granted her access to powers of a terrible kind. Desperate to regain her lost beauty, she spreads her curse throughout Neopia, handing out and planting replicates of the same mirror that destroyed her innocence. The source of her power is unknown, but one thing is certain. As long as she roams the land, no person should look into a simple mirror without first thinking if they are sure of what they will see...

3) Count Von Roo

"What was that? A shadow, perhaps? No big deal, I am sure..." These are often the last words of Von Roo's victims. A creature of the night in the truest form, the count never ventures outside before the midnight hour. It is said he resides somewhere on Roo Island, deep underground where he hides from the pain of sunlight. At night he wanders Neopia searching for fresh blood. He strikes quickly, as swift and silent as a shadow, leaving no trace of his presence save the void of the life that once was. It is said that the Defenders of Neopia have a high toll on his capture, but so far nobody has succeeded in coming close to defeating him. So next time you go apple bobbing in the Haunted Woods, you might want to bring a very bright light...

4) Captain Scarblade

All who travel by water have heard Scarblade's name, and you can be sure every one of them will shiver in fear and quickly try to change the subject. It is said when his ship, The Revenge, docks in a port, all local businesses suddenly close, and those who treasure their lives make themselves scarce. Once King Kelpbeard defied the self-proclaimed ruler of the five seas, and the rest is history. The ruins of Maraqua represented the power of the captain for years. Once the new Maraquan colony was discovered, a massive battle took place which ended in Scarblade's defeat. While the story seems to have ended well, the Revenge sailed away and Scarblade and his first mate, Benny the Blade, escaped justice. Where are they now? Good luck finding the answer. No pirate or sailer in his right mind would go looking for the Revenge, and those who do see it are seldom left to tell the tale.

5) The Three

Who are the three, you ask? That is a very good question, and one that is very difficult to answer. Revenge, Greed, and Ambition is what they are called, and this faerie, Skeith and Gelert are not a trio you ever want to meet. Their power is over the weak willed, those who desire power and are willing to do terrible things to gain it. They can creep into your mind and whisper to your thoughts, and before you even know it, a minion of theirs you will be. The great Lord Darigan once once fell to their power, as did his minion Lord Kass. While Darigan overcame their poisonous influence, it has been said by those in the citadel that, even to this day, on dark nights his sleep is not always silent as he battles demons of his past. So if someone so powerful and wise was not strong enough to ignore their insistent voices... how do you think you stand a chance?

6) The Darkest Faerie

The Sleeper. The Betrayer. The Darkest Faerie. All throughout the world she is known as the most powerful of all dark faeries. There was a time where it appeared that she used her terrifying skills for good, and helped form Altador's Council of twelve. This was until she revealed her true plans and attempted to seize the land for her own. The great sorceress Jerdana managed to contain her in stone, but this was not the end of her evil. Years later she escaped, and this time set her eyes on all of Neopia. Once more she was defeated, sealed in stone, and this time placed under Fyora's care. Then why is she on this list? Isn't Fyora powerful enough to keep an eye on her? Well, I am sure all of you remember the Faeries' Ruin, when Faerieland fell to the ground. Unfortunately in this crash, the stone encased Darkest Faerie was thrown into the sky and her current whereabouts are unknown. If she is ever allowed to escape, the magnitude of her revenge would be terrifying. While King Altador is searching for her statue, one person can only cover so much ground. Are we going to sit back and wait for fate to play out?

After reading this list, perhaps Neopians the world over will not take the current peace in the land for granted. Considering the calmness the world has seen lately, it would almost seem we are due for more troubles. But worry not! Surely there are heroes out there ready to counter the many threats that lurk just around the corner... right?

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