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The Geraptiku Two: Part One

by virtuosoe


I woke up finding the sun right in my eyes. Great. Mystery Island at its hottest. I immediately got up to open the windows. My Scorchio brother Leven claimed that opening the windows helped moderate the heat. However, the torrid heat did not cease. I noticed a note on one of the windows.

      'Out shopping, be back soon. Stay cool! - Leven'

      I decided to take his advice and went outside. Ah. Each time I stepped outside, I realized all over again that Mystery Island was incredible and nearly perfect. What could be better? Leven and my house stood on the coast, so not everything was visible from there. Yet I could still see impressive things: the gorgeous sea, the hectic marketplace, the equally busy Trading Post, the impossibly large Techo Mountain, and so much more. I sat down outside my house to admire it all. Contrary to popular belief, Mystery Island could be tranquil at dawn and dusk. I loved a place where a Kyrii could just sit out on her porch and be in awe of her home.

      "Kyra!" I could hear from my left. I turned my head to see my best friend Sivus, an energetic white Korbat. I greeted him over. By then, we'd chosen to just show up at each other's doorstep when we wanted instead of Neomailing "coming 2 ur house".

      "Hey, Sivus," I said. I disappeared for a quick second to get us both drinks. When I returned, Sivus seemed excessively grateful. "Trying to beat the heat?" I asked.

      "Trying is the word," he said between two huge gulps full of gusto. He said, "You know, while I was waiting, I noticed you have a really good view of the island."

      I nodded. See? Even others could appreciate the beauty of the island. "Striking, isn't it?"

      "Yeah," Sivus agreed. "Except for Geraptiku. What an ugly angle."

      I turned my head to the direction he was looking. Oh, yeah. Geraptiku. I rarely noticed the lost city. Okay, sometimes at night I would have given it an angry eye. Other than that, I tried my best to not pay attention to it. I wished Sivus didn't mention the ghastly-looking city. It glared at me from the corner of its eyes. "It really doesn't bother me," I said, managing to sound as nonchalant as possible.

      "How?" Sivus said, incredulous. "Just look at it! It's... eerie!"

      "I've seen worse," I lied. I attempted to keep my insouciance up.

      Sivus jeered. "You're impossible. Hey, do you want to go to the Island Mystic?"

      "Sure." I then realized how seriously he generally took his fortunes. "But you know he's not always reliable, right?"

      "Not always," Sivus agreed, getting up from his seat. "But sometimes."

      I groaned. "You're the impossible one."

      I went inside my house. I put up our glasses, grabbed a piece of paper and a pen, and wrote out a message to Leven. If we were gone, he'd want to know. I closed the windows because it seemed like something he'd want me to do. I stuck the note to the refrigerator and left with Sivus.

      'out with sivus be back later. Stay cool! - Kyra'


      The Island Mystic's hut was deserted. Before dusk, the hut wasn't as ominous as it would have been. Actually, the hut never frightened me genuinely. Sivus and I went occasionally. The mystic was lying on a crude hammock. "Welcome," he said and rose when he saw us. "Do you wish to have your fortune told?"

      "Ladies first," Sivus suggested.

      Unafraid, I approached the mystic. He looked at the ground to some various bones. He looked at me and spluttered, "You will have terrible luck in Mystery Island."

      I scoffed. Unbelievable. "As if. Your turn, Sivus."

      Sivus was unsure. He took a deep breath and approached the mystic. The mystic adjusted his bracelet and said, "Hmm... your luck will change in a strange way."

      "Oh," Sivus muttered. He pondered his fortune. "Thanks."

      "Remember to come back tomorrow!" the mystic crowed. I shot him a glare, but I had my back turned to him. Terrible luck here in Mystery Island? I would have appreciated it if it were the Ice Caves or Maraqua, but my home? I looked over to Sivus before we got on our makeshift raft that we'd had ever since Leven had given us permission to leave the main island. Sivus was looking at me and smiling dubiously. He gestured for me to get on our raft first. I got on like I always did; but, of course, the raft rapidly tilted forward, almost throwing me off the edge and into the ocean.

      "Whoa!" Sivus cried as he reached to help me. Before he could even reach me, though, I balanced myself out on the raft. Sivus and I had a few seconds to relax. "Lucky save, huh?" Sivus said.

      I winced at the word 'lucky'. "I guess," I mumbled. My heart raced under my indifferent tone. Could my horrible luck have begun so promptly? I tried my best to disregard it.

      Sivus climbed onto the raft next. He took out the paddle that we used to get ourselves from place to place. I hoped that no hungry Petpets had gotten loose and decided to eat the oar. Sivus paddled as rhythmically as he always did, and along with that there seemed to be no problems. I lay back and closed my eyes, a hundred percent sure nothing would happen. Thank goodness. The tropical air of the island rushed into my lungs, the sun beamed down on our raft, and the water made gentle sloshing noises. I sat up straight, eyes open, when I felt the chilliest breeze. "Sivus, what was that?"

      "A draft, I guess," Sivus answered. He continued to row.

      I looked to where the "draft" seemed to come from. And, no doubt, I dreaded even looking. The lost city glowered right at me. It was amazing how gloomy the place could turn and how unsure I could become within minutes. My stomach turned over. "Sivus," I said, "can you pick up the pace just a little?"

      "I'm going as fast as I can," Sivus said. He let out a sarcastic chuckle. "I could just fly, you know. I don't really need this raft. So, you're welcome."

      "Gee, thanks," I hissed. "So... what do you think about your fortune?" I changed the subject due to desperation.

      "I'm trying to be optimistic. Maybe I'll have a burst of really good fortune... just a strange type of good fortune." He shrugged. "But isn't any type of luck random?" I agreed with him by nodding soundlessly. He continued. "What about you?"

      I sighed. "I dunno. But 'terrible luck' as opposed to 'bad luck'? I don't feel good."

      At this, Sivus laughed. I didn't even have the enthusiasm to shoot him a nasty look. However, I did find the zeal to practically jump off our raft when we reached the shore. I immediately ran toward the Trading Post, avoiding Geraptiku as much as possible. I closed my left eye so it wouldn't even ruin and ugly up my field of vision.

      "Geez, calm down," Sivus laughed. "What's so great about land?"

      "Nothing," I said, slowing down when I reached a satisfactory distance. "I'm just glad to be back home."

      Sivus did not say anything, and I didn't hear him walking or flying. I turned around to see him gaping at the lost city of Geraptiku; that seemed much like terrible luck beginning.

      "Scary," he remarked. "Very! I'd never go to the deserted tomb, let alone the city."

      I attempted to squeak a reply, but I didn't say anything. The words muddled and jammed in my mouth behind my teeth. After a silent moment of gawking in the very city's presence, I managed to stutter, "We... we should get going."

      "You're scared," Sivus said. He chortled. "Ha! The one who was so fearless. The one who's 'seen worse'! Admit it!"

      "No," I denied. "Never. We really do need to get home, though. The sun is awfully low...."

      Sivus was almost in hysterics. "That's hilarious! I knew you would be scared!"

      Never had I wanted to cry in front of Sivus, but then the moment was approaching. I only turned my head up in defiance. "I'm not afraid. It's just unnerving." I began to walk away, my jelly legs surprisingly holding up.

      Sivus was walking behind me, thankfully. He only made a few more comments about my courage as well as "I knew it" and "You should've seen your face!" But once we reached my house, once the sun had dropped down to one of its lowest positions, once I had finally cooled down, Sivus uttered the vilest words ever. "I'd love to see you in that tomb. Ha, in fact, I dare you!"

      My mouth hung open. My heart leapt out of it. "I... could do it," I said, my voice hoarse.

      "Really?" Sivus challenged.

      "Really," I answered, still unconfident.

      My heart rate picked up as I realized where our conversation was headed. It even tripled when Sivus said what I feared he would. "Fine. We'll just see about that," he said, smirking. "Tomorrow... we'll go to the deserted tomb." He left with the same leer on his face.

      Inside, Leven was reading a book. "Hey," he said when he saw me. "Have fun?"

      I could have burst into laughter at the irony of his inquiry. Instead, I feigned a smile and said, "Yeah, it was fun. It was just really hot today." The heat. That intense, deathly heat. Even it couldn't compare to what I'd agreed to do that very next day.

To be continued...

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