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Sending Your Neopet to School?

by cadetbush


I'm sure that many of you have seen the school supplies store in the Plaza by now. You've probably done your school shopping and you've bought your neopet a backpack, a lunchbox, pencils, pens, paper, erasers, crayons, the works. Now comes the first day of school... will it be what your neopet imagined? Perhaps you should consider where you are sending your innocent little pet to school! Not all lands even have a school. My neopets have attended all of the schools so that they can give me a full review of their quality. Read their reviews and consider where your pet is going to school!

1. The Terror Mountain School

This is not the ideal place to go to school, if you actually expect to attend! You have nearly every day off because of the freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall. The school itself wouldn't be a bad place to go, if you actually had the chance to go. Each grade receives their own classroom, which is well equipped. There are good desks and a clean chalkboard, but all is unused. If you want your neopet to get an education, this is not the place you want to send them!

2. The Meridell Schoolhouse

This is the poorest school of them all, ranking above Terror Mountain solely because you have the ability to attend school every day. The schoolbooks are in tatters, the pencils, even worse, and the teachers are not well educated. You might be able to provide your neopet with a menial education by sending them here, but definitely not good enough to get a well paying job. This school will teach your neopet how to read and write, perhaps even basic math to their more advanced students, but not much else. This schoolhouse is also a single cardboard room, meaning that pets of all ages must sit on the floor together, not even having chairs. Your neopet may learn something here, but not much. I would advise transferring schools if this is where your neopet attends!

3. The Tyrannian Academy

This schoolhouse ranks above Meridell slightly in its test scores. This two room school built from stone may teach your neopet something outside of the basics. I've heard that the reading, writing, and math are around the average level and I understand that the school is starting a science program. There is plenty of space outside the school for physical education and there is even some primitive playground equipment. Inside, there is a classroom and a cafeteria. The cafeteria has a breakfast program as well as a lunch program, mostly serving fresh omelette. Overall, the school isn't such a bad place to go, assuming you can understand the teachers! Your neopet might learn enough to hold a simple job.

4. The Shenkuu Seminary

This school has a room for each grade and is somewhat neat. It's a considerable improvement on the Tyrannian Academy! This school will be teach your pet good life values as well as the usual subjects, reading, math, science, history, etc. This school also offers some more unique classes, including astronomy, medicine, art, and cooking. The school has a small library as well. The food at lunch is exotic and they have excellent oatmeal for breakfast! After eating, there is a half hour meditation period for potential enlightenment on the tranquil and beautiful grounds. They even have begun a gifted program for some of their more enlightened scholars! The professors are well educated and are quite qualified to teach a neopet! Any neopet would receive a fine education here!

5. The Neopia Central School

This school is very nice! There are two classes for each grade and the teachers are kind. The students are well behaved and learn at a nice, even pace. There are many courses that will keep the student entertained, like technology, health, medicine, cooking, wood shop, art, and agriculture. There is a state of the art gifted program that will keep your pet learning at an appropriate level! There is a library with over 300 books to encourage reading. But it's not all work and no play! This school has a wide variety of extra curricular activities that will keep your neopet involved with the school. The grounds are extensive and have some great playground equipment as well as some fine toys, like jump ropes, balls and chalk. The classrooms have games and books to keep your neopet entertained if it's raining or too cold outside. The cafeteria has an excellent lunch program with a variety of healthy and delicious choices, receiving imports from the Food Shop and the Health Food shop. After an energy providing lunch, students return to their classrooms to finish the school day. A school like this will get your neopet a fine job!

6. The Desert University

This school is located in the city of Qasala and is quite a sight. It is constructed out of pure sandstone and is rather large. This school excels in life education, teaching pets how to sew, treat illness, cook, clean, run family businesses, and offers a rich history course. The school excels in mathematics. Their meal programs include good food with dessert. After school, you might be interested in watching the tug of war matches or playing solitaire with your friends. They have a fine gifted program for all students with abnormal intelligence. Your precious neopet could learn a great deal about caring for themselves, especially if they plan to live in the Lost Desert! This is a fine place for your pet to go to school, that is, if they don't mind the blazing heat.

7. The Maraquan Academy

This is a truly quality school! It has three stories and 75 rooms. There are 66 classrooms, a library, a cafeteria, a gym, an auditorium and 5 detention halls for unruly neopets. The school has been located in a pocket of air so any neopet may attend. They have high test scores, offering 11 levels of math, a quality reading program and large library, brilliant professors, and a forever growing gifted program! Everyone at the school tries very hard to do their best! The meal program is exquisite, featuring traditional Maraquan dishes with a rich dessert. The grounds are decorated with exotic coral and bedded with soft sand, ensuring a safe and pleasant place for play! This school has a variety of after school programs to match any student's liking! They have musical groups, a smashing Yooyuball team, drama, a school newspaper, debate club and many more intriguing clubs and groups to keep pets interested in their day to day learning! This school would be a lot of fun!

8. The Altador College

The Altador College, located between the Colosseum, the Hall of Heroes, and the archives, is one of the finest schools Neopia has to offer. It is a masterpiece of white and orange marble and has a fully functional heating and air conditioning system. This school has no library, since it is so close to the archives, the largest library in Neopia, but it has hundreds of other rooms for every course imaginable, from trigonometry to archery. The school takes pride in its warriors in training and organizes thrilling face offs in the Colosseum. Even with such skilled students, the school takes most care to ensure that the students learn the history of Altador, arranging field trips to the Hall of Heroes once a month. There's a lot to do at that school, with all of the after school activities and outings going on! From what I've been told, the archeology students plan to take a trip to Geraptiku in two months to explore the Deserted Tomb! That could be something of interest for your neopet! If so, I would advise signing up for this school as soon as possible. There's something at this school for everyone: Yooyuball, theatre, astronomy, you name it! If you're looking for an active school, this may be the one for you!

9. Faerieland University

Ah, Faerieland! A land of magic and beauty. The school lives up to these standards! It is a structure made from lavender colored clouds and has 27 turrets that can be accessed if desired by neopets. The school is spacious and is filled with intricate designs, which makes the appearance half the experience of the school! The other half is filled up by the courses and other exciting activities! If your neopet likes classic plays, they might enjoy trips to the Faerieland theatre! If they enjoy music, there will be trips to the Concert Hall. If your pet likes beauty, there will be trips to the Faerieland gardens! This university is a place for pets who like to learn from what they see! The top scholars receive a world tour, compliments of the school! Could your neopet make it to the top?

10. Brightvale Academy

The most prestigious school of all! This is not an easy school to get into, requiring in minimum an IQ of 200, but it is worthwhile. It is a replica of Brightvale Castle, at a 1/10 scale and is a mosaic of stained glass windows. This school is filled with classrooms offering every course imaginable! They have combat courses, standard courses, advanced courses, Neopian courses. Any course a school offers, they teach. There are over 250 courses that a single pet can take at this academy. There isn't much travel around here, but the knowledge in books and wisdom makes up for not being able to see things with your eyes. In fact, you can see things with your own eyes on the world tour offered to students in their final year at the academy. If your pet wants to know everything, this school may be the place for them to learn it all! It's a pricey school with all it offers, but any graduate will say that it's worth it! Think you know everything? I can guarantee you will learn something new here!

So these are the fine schools of Neopia. Perhaps now you plan to transfer your pets to a different school, or maybe you'll be proud of sending them where you did. You may be wondering about the "Island School" for neopets living on Mystery Island. I'm sure you'll find neopets attending the "Island School" playing volleyball on the beach, swimming, playing Tombola, watching fights in the battledome, and taking tiki tours. Unless, of course, they're referring to the training school. I'm sure that you now have an idea of where exactly you want to send your pet. If you would like a personal opinion, transfer your pets from the Terror Mountain School, the Meridell Schoolhouse, and the Tyrannian Academy. These schools wouldn't give your neopet much. Instead, send them to the Shenkuu Seminary, the Neopia Central School, the Desert University, and the Maraquan Academy. If your pet is unusually gifted, I would suggest the Altador College, Faerieland University, and for the top students, the Brightvale Academy. I wish your neopets luck in school!

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