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How To Create The Perfect Petpage!

by joohn_again


Also by rafizi

A lot of people sometimes get brilliant ideas to create their Petpages, but usually they just cannot put their ideas together and do something attractive and different. Well, if you are one of those people, read this guide to make sure you can do your own Petpage in a way that everyone will enjoy and use.

To create a Petpage, you have to click on My Account, then Edit Pet Page. You choose the Neopet whose Petpage you want to edit, and the link to it will have the Neopets' name. Click on the button edit and put your code.

The most important thing is the content. You must think about something - maybe a guide to a game, maybe a story, maybe a helpful Petpage - whatever you know and want to share. It does not have to be original - if you know a lot about HTML, you can do an HTML guide, even if it is not the most unusual type of Petpage, but remember, people tend to enjoy more the unusual things. It is easier to remember. So, no matter what you are good at, try to explore it, preferably if it is something different, never seen before.

So, if you have your idea in mind, it is time to explore that. Organize everything by topic, and be sure you know every single thing you want to explore on the Petpage. You must have focus when you are doing it, so I recommend you to use a notepad or something, with all your ideas and what you want to say in order, so you do not get repetitive, which is a really important thing.

Now that you've got your theme and all the ideas about it that you want to explore, it is time to work on one of the most important things to make your Petpage attractive - the Layout. Some people think that the layout is useless and only to make your Petpage more beautiful, but it is not just that. The layout helps you to organize the content, to make the reading easier and obviously, to attract people. An organized and free-of-bugs layout is always appreciated, because it makes people look at your Petpage with better eyes.

Some tips for your layout are, first, it must be organized. A navigation bar is always appreciated. The colors have to be harmonic, nothing too yellow but nothing too dark. Doing layouts and HTML codes is half ability and half good taste. You may know all the codes and all about CSS, but if you cannot mix words, images and colors in a good way, it does not make any difference. So I strongly recommend you to look for a premades page or someone to do the layout for you if you do not know for sure you can make something good.

There are a lot of things you can use on your layouts. Neopets' Backgrounds are, in my opinion, the best ones. You can zoom it as much as you want, and that is awesome - every layout maker loves that. If you do not like those, you can always search on Pet Central through the fun images and backgrounds - they are good, too. Photoshop skills are always helpful, but you do not need to be a professional to do something amazing. Look for opinions from your friends and always listen to people's advice; they show what your public prefers.

After your good layout, it is time to start. Avoid abbreviating words, and if you do not know how to spell some word, do not use it or try to find out. It is extremely important to write correctly, because people usually do not see your Petpage as a serious thing if you do not make it look serious. It is also important to know HTML, at least the basics, like bold, italic, how to host and put an image, a new paragraph and all those things. If you do not know anything at all, look for a tutorial or a guide. It is easy to learn and you will not forget once you have learned.

Try to use creative writing. Interaction with the person who is reading is something important to make them understand better what you are saying. Using side-images is helpful on your text, so it does not get boring. Neopets itself helps you to make an interactive Petpage - you can use tags like #PHOTO or #NAME that will show automatically something (find out some of them below).

Here is a short guide to the tags:

  • #OWNER will display your username
  • #VISITOR will display the name of your visitor (if they are logged into Neopets.)
  • #BD_PLAYED will display # games played in the Battledome

and a lot of others, that you can see on your Neopets' edit page. Also, they have a little HTML guide that you can also check your Neopets' edit page, if you are a beginner.

So, if you are done and did everything you wanted on your Petpage, it is time to do a really important thing - spread it. Tell to all your friends about it, make boards telling everybody about your Petpage, make everyone reads it and your work is done!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. There is a Neopets bar on the top of my Petpage, and I do not like it. Can I disable it?

No, you cannot. Your Petpage is a Neopets page, and it must be clear to all the visitors. If you think it is ugly, tough; you can change its background color on your style tags, changing all the tables background colors (because that bar is a table). But never hide that bar.

2. Some of my codes do not make any difference on the layout, and I have already tried everything. Is my code wrong?

It may be not, actually. Neopets (for our safety) blocks some codes to avoid bad codes like the famous CGs. You may not like it, but remember: if they blocked it, that is because it may be used with something bad, so we are better without it.

3. How do I know how many people have visited my Petpage on a specific day?

You check it on Your Neopets' Homepages. Below the Edit button that you are probably used to, you have a View button, and it shows approximately all the visits you had in the last few days.

4. I do now have any ideas of themes to create my Petpage. Do you have any suggestions?

Well, I cannot suggest for you a theme, because you have to do something you are good at and know a lot about. But remember, it does not have always to be a guide or a tutorial. It may be something different, like a Petpage with the story of all the plots Neopia has had. ;)

5. I have a limit of characters on my user lookup and a lot of other pages. Do I also have a certain number of characters I can use on my Petpage?

No! You are free to use as many characters as you need on Petpages! :D

Well, then, I hope you have enjoyed my guide. Now it is time to try: get your notepad and your Photoshop and lets try! Good luck creating your own Petpage, and who knows - you may also win the Site Spotlight and get really famous! Yay!

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