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A Blast From the Past Quiz

by lil_princess_of_evil


How much do you really know about Neopets over the years? Take this quiz about the history of Neopets to find out.

1. This feature allowed members to connect pet pages and shops that had a similar theme.

a) Guild

b) Neocircle

c) Neohome

d) Banners

2. How many versions of Neoquest are there available to play?

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) 4

3. This Neopet was originally based off one of the original site creator's friends. It later underwent a name and species change in 2000.

a) Eyrie

b) Quiggle

c) Mynci

d) Acara

4. This neopet was actually created as an April Fool's Joke. Later on it was released as a new pet.

a) Ruki

b) Ixi

c) Ogrin

d) Gnorbu

5. The NC mall was released in what year?

a) Y8

b) Y10

c) Y6

d) Y9

6. These items were once needed to be able to travel from place to place in Neopia.

a) Neocoins

b) Totems

c) Tokens

d) Neocash

7. You could build up, raise your pets' happiness, charge admission, and earn neopoints in this old game.

a) Grundo's Gym

b) Kau Korral

c) Neo DJ

d) Theme Parks

8. What item is the oldest item on Neopets?

a) Negg

b) Green Apple

c) Grapes

d) Bread

9. There are currently how many species of neopets in existence?

a) 54

b) 32

c) 46

d) 61

10. This world was created due to an earthquake that tore up the Ice Caves.

a) Moltara

b) Tyrannia

c) Maraqua

d) Meridell

11. Which of these has that grumpy orange Yurble not been?

a) Banker

b) Chef

c) Foreman

d) Janitor

12. When was Neopets created?

a) January 1, 2000

b) April 26, 2007

c) November 15, 1999

d) September 19, 2003


Question 1 - NeoCircles Neocircles were a group of sites that all shared the same theme, linked by an html code. You were able to create your own, or connect to others' neocircles. It was a great way to advertise petpages and make neofriends with common interests.

Question 2 – 3 There are 3 versions of Neoquest available to play at this time. Neoquest 1 and 2 can be found in the games room. I won't spoil for you where the 3rd game of Neoquest is, Neoquest 3D. Neoquest 1 and 2 will yield trophies, avatars, and even some items to you. Neoquest 3D is a text adventure that you can play only for fun.

Question 3 – Mynci All of the four species listed underwent redraws and named changes at one point or another, but none of those was changed as drastically as the Mynci.

Question 4 – Gnorbu In year 7, TNT released an April Fool's Joke that announced the release of 50 new pets. Shortly after, a vote was issued out to pick one to be made into a real pet. The winner happened to be the Gnorbu, formerly known as the Lamameeah. Many others, including the Carmariller, Gwalla, and Petoot were released as petpets.

Question 5 – Y9 The NC mall was released in The Month of Swimming, year 9.

Question 6 – Totems Totems were items needed to explore the different worlds in Neopia. Totems were earned via random events. Fake totems were even sold. 14 different totems currently exist today for Terror Mountain, Mystery Island, and Faerieland. Boy, aren't we glad TNT made exploring free?

Question 7 – Theme Parks All of those games used to be neopets themed games that are were taken off the site for one reason or another. Theme Parks was taken down to devote more time to other features of the site. We can still see the remnants of Theme Parks. The Theme Park icon appears as the stock icon for TPP. Several older users can still flaunt their Theme Parks trophy today on their lookup.

Question 8 – Green Apple All of these items are pretty old if you can't tell by the artwork, but Green Apple was the very first item released on Neopets. Some random notes about the green apple: Feeding this to a Kyrii will make your Kyrii ill.

Question 9 – 54 A quick jump to the neopets popularity page will tell you that there are 54 neopets, and even rank them by popularity.

Question 10 – Tyrannia If you climbed down the faultline on that fateful day, you would have discovered Tyrannia. The discovery of Tyrannia contributed to new neopets such as the Chomby. Tyrannia was originally divided into three different parts: Jungle, Plateau, and Volcano. The Volcano is no longer accessible, but you can still see it from the distance. Whenever you look at that dung painting hanging in your neohome, remember that the discovery of Tyrannia made that painting possible.

Question 11 – Banker That Yurble has been a lot of things, but he has yet to be a banker. In the Lost Desert plot he was both a Foreman and a Chef. In the later Altador plot, the yurble became a Janitor. What will he be next?

Question 12 – November 15, 1999 That's right, Neopets has been around for 12 years now.


12 correct – TNT Staff? Wow, you might as well work for TNT! You know everything there is about Neopets, or at least you know where to go to get all of the answers. You probably answer these questions on the boards for others. You have been a loyal Neopian over the years and we know we can count on seeing you in the future.

9 – 11 correct – Techo Master - You didn't get them all right but still pretty impressive. You've probably been around Neopets for a long time and experienced most of this history first hand. While there isn't much left from the past to discover, there's plenty left in the future for you to experience. Game on!

5 – 8 correct – Brightvale Scholar – You are acquainted with the site now and you are probably very comfortable with most of the present aspects of Neopets. You weren't necessarily there to experience Neopets in the past, but you took the time to learn about the history of Neopets. Your account is probably a middle aged Neopets account. Old enough to know a little bit of history, but you weren't quite there at the beginning.

3 – 4 correct – Tyrannian You're not well acquainted with Neopets but you know your way around. You know the basics of the site by now and where you can go if you need some answers. You've only just started learning about the history of Neopets, so there is still so much available to you. Don't worry, just continue to explore the site and you'll pick some things up.

0 – 2 correct – Newbie. You probably haven't had much time to explore the site yet to learn the fascinating history of Neopets, and that's nothing to be ashamed about. There's so much excitement on this site to take in. Take your time, get accustomed to the site.

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