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10 Things Your Poogle Will Appreciate

by girlpower836


It's Poogle Day! Yes indeed, that day has finally arrived! The one day of the year when these cute critters were discovered and were introduced to Neopians for the first time. Dazed by their playfulness and those deep, loveable eyes that can melt anyone’s heart, Neopians immediately rushed to add a Poogle to their Neofamily. And boy, did everyone want one!

Unfortunately, the massive unexpected interest in these neopets resulted in lowering their number down to the danger level, having them labeled as "Limited Edition". It was a sad day for all when we found out that Poogles were no longer available for anyone through the "Create a pet" option and even more despairing for those who waited in the pound in hopes to stumble upon a Poogle that was deserted by their owner.

BUT! That didn't mean it was the end for Poogles. Just like every other Neopet, they too have a special day when we appreciate their existence, but that also is the day when a certain amount of them is released and the fastest Neopians get the chance to enjoy the company of this merry pet.

And with Poogle Day here, along with new colours, clothes and trinkets especially for these lovely beings it would be a sin not to pamper them as they deserve. So, for those of you who waited all year for this day and can finally call themselves proud owners of a Poogle, as well as everyone else who already have that 'title', I composed a short list of 10 things which should compile your Poogle’s day, making it complete from the begging right to the end. Just because they deserve to be spoiled to the fullest, at least today.

1. Silver Poogle Toothpaste

What better way to start the day than with a sparkling smile and fresh breath? This Poogle toothpaste guarantees shiny teeth within one week of its usage. Shine those teeth and give yourself a smile in the mirror. Just don't go for a glass of orange juice after that - it will make your morning go down the steepest hill.

2. Blue Poogle Cereal

With the morning cleansing behind, it's time to satisfy that rumbly belly of yours! Treat your Poogle with a nice bowl of Blue Poogle cereal! The combination of healthy cereal grains and fresh Kau milk will fill your pet's day with energy and enthusiasm and plus, the colorful cereal is so tasty even "the bowl is licking its lips".

3. Any kind of Poogle plushie

It's play time and the choice is yours! With a big assortment of Poogle plushies, going from very cheap to very expensive, make your decision based on your budget and your Poogle's taste. You can choose from Darigan, Faerie, Starry, Strawberry, Grey, Halloween, Jelly, Split, Pirate and the winner in the price category – the Plushie Poogle Plushie. My personal favourite is the Jelly Poogle Plushie, with a decent price tag, making both the pet and owner happy.

4. Painting Poogles

It’s always good to know something more about yourself. Therefore, teach your Poogle the tips and techniques on how to choose the perfect color for them! Just don’t let them immerse themselves in the book; the last thing you want is a narcissistic pet.

5. Poogle Pink Tiara

Dress up time! Do you have a princess in your family, a Pooglette always grooming herself, craving for attention and more luxury? Well, this is the perfect detail for her. It will go excellent with almost all clothes she has (because, let’s be honest – 90 percent of her wardrobe are pink dresses, right?) and it will confirm her greatness.

6. Retro Poogle Shirt

Don’t think we forgot about the boys! Unlike their gentler siblings, they don’t need confirmation of their greatness or coolness (or so they said), so the suitable piece of clothing for them would be the Retro Poogle Shirt. Its simplicity just highlights their “down–to-earth” attitude, and when you combine that with a pair of plain black sunglasses, you’ve got yourself a smooth heartbreaker.

7. Blue Poogle Flying Disc

Well, someone has to see these beautiful new clothes, right? Take your freshly pampered Poogle for a walk in the park or even better, bring a flying disc (which you’ll enjoy more than your Poogle) and toss it around, possibly where the biggest crowd is, grabbing everyone’s attention with your gorgeous pet. Well, a bit of boasting never hurt anyone. But just a bit.

8. Poogle Pot Pie

Phew! All that showing off makes anyone crave a bite of some stomach-filling meal, so why not a Poogle pot pie? After all, it is your Poogle’s day and another way to show your creativity and appreciation for them is to give them a cute, healthy meal shaped like them. Don’t be selfish; share a piece with the drooling Neopets passing you in the park.

9. Yellow Poogle Tea

No place quite like home. After that long day of pampering, beautifying and flaunting, take a break with a big, warm cup of Yellow Poogle Tea. Calms your nerves, relaxes you and warms your soul – just like a yellow Poogle waiting for you home after being away.

10. Lacy Poogle Sleeping Gown

Shh... look at their eyes slowly closing and their head tilting towards the pillow. It’s bedtime for the little ones and for the best and most comfortable sleep, dress them with this excellent quality sleeping gown, ensuring a long, quiet night for both you and your lovely Poogle.

And there you have it, my list of the ten best things to gift to your Poogle on this day, making it even more special and memorable. If you check their prices, you will see that they are all NP purchasable, because I want every owner to have the chance to get their lovely pet an equally lovely item and not have to spend real money or be denied of that possibility due to the fact the NC mall is not available for everyone. I wish you a very merry Poogle day!

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