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Wrath of the Snowager: The Guide!

by saltsman


Also by saudadesdagripe

Hi! If you are here, it is because you want to learn how to score high on the Wrath of the Snowager game, am I right? Well, that won't be a problem for you after you read this awesome guide. Keep in mind that you will not become a professional on the game in just one game play; it will take you a lot of tries, but it will totally worth it when you see that stunning, gold trophy on your cabinet.

So, let's start! First of all, I highly suggest you read the game instructions. They teach you how to play it, and this is the basic thing to do. If you are too lazy to read, I will tell you the important things you must know before you start playing.

In the game, you play the Snowager, and your job is to slide through twelve maps, trying to recover your loot, which a cheeky Chia Thief stole from you! To level up, you need to collect all your loot, and you can do that by taking him down. When you do it, some items will drop out of the hole in his swag bag! Watch out!

The Left and Right keys move the Snowager, and the space bar is your Icy Blast. Every time you shoot a Icy Blast at the Chia, he will freeze for a few seconds.

So, got how the game works? Well, if you do, then let's move on! The next thing you must learn about the game is that it's about the pick-ups. Some of them will help you, but others will harm you by making you drop some items, or slowing you down. Keep in mind that the green ones are the ones that are okay to get, but you must avoid the red ones at any cost! But and this is important, if there is a red pick-up blocking your way, and the only solution for you is to get it, or die, then get it! It isn't worth dying. Also, the green pick-ups disappear if you don't get them right away!

Ok, now let's learn about what the pick-ups do:

Speed Boost: It will increase your speed for a few seconds. In the earlier levels, there is no problem getting it, from my point of view, but as soon as you pass level six, avoid this! Sometimes, being so fast is a problem when you have many obstacles on your way.

Icy Blast: Yay, this is a good one. It gives you one more Icy Blast, which is always welcome, so, if you see this pick-up on the screen, hurry up and get it.

Attract Loot: I'm not a big fan of this one. It attracts all the loot on the screen to you, but the loot doesn't come in front of you, the loot follows you, and if you turn to try getting it, you might hit yourself and die. I would say for you to avoid it, but it is your call.

Freeze Thief: An average one. It will freeze the Chia for a few seconds, and it will give you time to ram into him. But it's not your priority, so, if you don't feel comfortable getting it, just ignore it.

More Loot: This is a good one, but with one condition. If you are at the left side of the screen, and you can't even see the thief, don't even bother getting it; it is unnecessary. Why? Well, in the moment you get it, the Chia will active his ultra-power of attract loot. He will turn purple and all the items will run towards him incredibly fast! So, not a good choice if you are away from the Chia. But if you are close, go for it!

Score Multiplier: Multiply the score for the number indicated on the pick-up. This is a cool one for you to get it. But don't risk your lives to get it.

Extra lives: The greatest pick-up ever. It simply hands you a brand new life! And, once again, don't risk your life getting it. After all, it would be pointless; you get a life, and lose a life. But if you feel that you can get the pick-up without dying, then go for it! It's the best one you can get.

The red ones, and I said it already, will make you drop some loop and slow you down.

Well, got the whole thing already? If you still have any doubts about the pick-ups, read about them in the instructions page on the game; there, you get to see what they look like.

Ok, moving on. Below, you will get to see a handful of tips I came up with when I played it and some strategy for scoring high:

The game has three levels off difficult, easy, medium and hard. If you are aiming for a gold trophy, you will have to play on the hard level and be really fast. Playing in hard mode is easy. Controversial, I know, but when you finish the game on hard and medium, you will find no problem finishing in the hard mode too. Keep in mind that it will take some time and practice until you reach that.

The game looks like Meerca Chase a lot! So, if you are good with that game, Wrath of the Snowager should not be a problem to you.

When dealing with a level full of obstacles, find your "safety spot". What is it? Simple! It's a place where you can move yourself without any risk of dying. In the first ten levels, you will find it easily; in level 11 and 12, it will be a little harder to do it, but we will talk about that later.

Never ever run into a narrow path. The Chia can go far and wide, because he can't die, but you should watch over your shoulder, so don't do it! If you follow him, you most likely will die; wait for him on your safety spot. It takes longer, but it's a certain way to win.

When the thief activates his power of attracting all the items, try to follow to him; the items will fly to you, and you can easily hit him after that. This is a way to get the items faster.

Ok, now, you should keep these hints; they will help you a lot on your way, but now, I will follow you through the levels, helping you with more specific hints for each one of the twelve. So, open the game, and let's play! Destination: trophy!

Level One – Give Back My Loot.

Ok, this is the first level, and honestly? It doesn't matter which difficulty you are playing; it should be easy in any of them. But there is a technique: the circling technique. It consists of you circling the obstacle on the center of the screen. Keep that technique in mind because you will use it a lot in the next levels; it's the easiest way to win. So, just circle that snow obstacle, get the items and go on.

Level Two – Chase the Chia

The circling technique is very useful here, but you might find it kind of hard because of the obstacle in your way, but no biggie. Not much to say here, since it really looks like level one. So, good luck.

Level Three – Slide Carefully

I like this level; it is easy enough for you to taste a little bit of the rush of the game without dying, but if you are playing for the first time, you will need to learn a few tips. Imagine the level is a big square, and inside that big square, you will find four small ones, two up, two down. You can enter all the squares, but the up ones are smaller than the ones below. Did you picture that? Yeah, now see how it is on the level; can you still picture the squares? Great! Don't ever go to the up ones; they are really, really small! Keep circling on the middle and sometimes, you can enter the "squares" below.

Level Four – Ice-Cold Pursuit

Remember the safety spot hint? Well, it is quite simple here. Your "safety spot" is the bottom right corner one. It's a big space, no obstacles, not much of a problem. But you can still move around if you are tired of circling a restricted area. I find this level way easier than level three.

Level Five – Welcome To The Valley!

Look at that! A new scenario! It's so cute, don't you think? Well, if the scenario changed, it only means one thing: it's getting harder. No need to be scared, this one is easy. Your safety spot is at the bottom of the screen, keep circling a little house with five snowy trees on the left. But as I said, feel free to navigate around the map, nothing really hard here. If you are playing on easy mode, you will be pleased to know that the "Lose Loot" will now make you drop three, unstead of two items.

Level Six – Snowy Trails

This is the easiest level in the entire game. Yes! It is even easier than level one. Why? Well, here, you can circle the entire map! There are only three or four obstacles here. So, not much to say, if you pass level three and five with no problem, so this one will be easy peasy.

Level Seven – Getting Tougher

This is another easy one, but watch out. I honestly don't know why, but every time I begin this level, I mess up the control keys and end up dying, so, be careful about that. If you feel like having troubles with this level, then use my safety spot: at the bottom of the map, a free space, no obstacles. Circling technique will do the rest of the job. Be careful with the Lose Loot, but don't risk a life to avoid it and you will be fine. Even though the level name is Getting Tougher, you won't have much problem here.

Level Eight – Watch Out For Trees

Look at that, a tip right on the level's name! How sweet. This is a hard level, so it might take you some time to finally move on. But with my tips, you will do it in no time! Ok, there are no safety spots here. It's sad, but it's true. Everywhere you go, you will find a tree, or a Lose Loot that appears to be running faster this level. But don't cry, just pay attention to every move you make. The Snowager will take a longer form, and if you are playing on hard mode, the last items will be a total sacrifice. But try to always circle the obstacles and the snowy trees.

Don't worry about meeting a Lose Loot; it'll happen lots of times, but you just can't give up. Another tip: at any cost, avoid the corners, especially if you are missing only a few items. It it's a very prejudicial area. Also, here, start using your Icy Blast ability to freeze the thief; when you hit him, he will drop five instead of three items, and when he start using his power to attract the loot, stay close to him. As I said before, the Loot will fly the screen over to you. Another successful hint: if you see the slow red pick-up, get it! Being fast here will you make you lose. When the Snowager finally stops, you will be pleased to know that you finished the level! Congratulations!

Level Nine – Peak of Danger

Ok, now this is an interesting level. And if you didn't notice, we had another scenario change. This time, for a prettier one! This change of scenario also means that you are on the last part of the game. If you didn't realize, the game is made of three parts. And now, you are on the last one. After you faced level eight, this one is easy as pie! Just collect the items, get the slow pick-up if you can and don't walk on the corners. Try to circle the obstacles, but stay in the middle; don't go too much left or right, or you will find some hard paths to deal with it. Here, you can try to escape from Lose Loot, but he is a easier enemy this time, since he is running slow.

Level Ten – Tight Turns

My favorite level! Have fun here, because the next ones are really hard. So be prepared. I love you TNT for this level. Just circle your way out, get the items and enjoy the view. You won't have problems here. Avoid going through the tight path on the obstacle on the left corner; it's a tight turn as the title says. Except that little misguided obstacle, you won't find problems here. Feel free to use your icy blast a lot and if you want to, get the slow pick-up. Getting the speed one here is a mistake, though.

Level Eleven – Chia Chaos

This is the last but one level of the game, and as the name presents, it is total Chaos. This next two levels are really hard, so be prepared, because everything you used on the first ten levels you will need now! But I played this level a lot; when I first did it, a guide wasn't helping me, so I happen to create a few personal tips that I will share now.

You will start at the bottom of the screen, and you will face a few rocks and trees right above you. Circling that area isn't such a bad idea, and if you can't pass the level without just walking around, that is a potential safety spot. Now, if you want to make things a little more... fun, the tip is: go right, and walk through a tight path, where all you can see is obstacles. Walk near to the right wall, but be careful! You can keep repeating this path, because it is the easiest way to escape the Lose Loot, and it is the area the thief walks the most on this level. If you don't feel like doing any of these two potential solutions, start the level, go up and circle that little house obstacle with the rocks and the trees. There you have it, three solutions for you to try it on! Find out the one who best suits you and go for it! And good luck! You will need it.

Level Twelve – The Last Loot

Hardest level in the game? Perhaps. But, my friend, it isn't impossible. Actually, I find this level easier than the previous one. Level eleven took me a lot of time, and this one I finished within one hour. So ok, take a deep breath, now hold it! And let's start playing. There are no safety spots here, circling a single obstacle is the last thing you want to do on this level. But I will guide you. Let's go. Let the Snowager go right until you see the wall; turn and you will be going down. When you see the end, turn again, and you will be going left. When you see the second way out from the bottom of the screen, turn, and walk in diagonal. You will end up near to where you started. You will be circling three obstacles at the same time. Hard? I don't think so. Here you see the Lose Loot pick-up really working hard, and they will make you drop more items than ever! Took me twenty minutes to complete the whole 24 items on hard mode, but I did it, and I'm sure that you can do it too!

Ok, so what now?

Finished the game? Congratulations! Don't look so surprised if your punctuation isn't what you expected after all, that happens. The fact that you made it here proves that you are a champion already! If you haven't scored enough for a trophy, that's ok; you probably won't make it in time to score high. It's all about practice. The less the time you take to complete the levels, the more points you make. Timing is everything. Good Luck!

Final Considerations:

I think I mentioned this somewhere, but here it goes: easy and medium modes are for practice only! You won't be able to score high if you are playing these two. Why? Well, hard mode brings special Loot: Itsy Bitsy Tiny Snowball, which is worth around 28,000 points! In level one, you will find three of them, so you will probably finish the level with 150,000 of points.

This is also a farming game. The games where you can score how much you want, you just have to be patient. You need to keep repeating level one with lives, and if you're low on them, keep hanging around until you fill the lives. Catch nineteen items and lose. Repeating the process on level one will upgrade your score, but I don't think it is such a good idea. After all, the lives may take a lot of time to come and you will miss all the fun of the game. If you want, you can play level one around 10 times and them complete the game in hard most fast! That should guarantee you a gold trophy on reset day.

This is it! I hope you liked my guide, and I really hope that you manage to get that trophy that you want it so badly. Now that you read the entire guide (I hope so!), open the game and start to play, you will find the game a good option to spend some quality time. Soon enough, the gold Snowager will shine on your cabinet!

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