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The Top 5 Neopian Plot Heroes

by emilyralphy


There have been many plots throughout Neopian history and there have been even more heroes. Every plot has had at least a few notable Neopets in it, but there have been only a few heroes who truly stand out. Whether they were noble, crafty, or adventurous, they set the bar up pretty high for the heroes of tomorrow. Though none of them are perfect, these five well known heroes will be remembered for years to come without a doubt.

5. Roxton A. Colchester III

The Atlas of the Ancients plot in which Roxton features is commonly considered the worst plot of all time, but that doesn't mean Roxton should be looked down upon as well. He certainly won't pass up a good adventure. He may not be overly bright, but he has plenty of courage to make up for that. In my opinion, anyone who can get off of an island full of giant petpetpets and still be brave (and crazy) enough to help discover Moltara and save Neopia years later deserves some credit. If he ever plays a role in another plot, I'll either think he's lost the rest of his marbles or I'll cross my fingers and hope he actually gets involved in an interesting plot for once. That would sure help his downright terrible reputation. It's a real shame he's been in two below average plots so far. Otherwise, he could have scooted up a place or two on this list.

4. Jeran

You didn't think I'd leave out Meridell's greatest hero, did you? Even though both of his plots happened many years ago, both Jeran and the plots remain very well known. Every year, people hope for a war similar to the ones Jeran played a huge part in. Now you may be wondering why Jeran didn't place higher here. He's strong, brave, loyal, and a literal knight in shining armor. That's just it. He's just too perfect. He is the stereotypical hero. No dark secrets. No flaws. As valiant as Jeran is, he's too plain. Heroes need flaws to make them unique. Without them, they are as boring as a scoop of ice cream without toppings.

3. Bruno

Poor Bruno sure had to go through a lot of trouble to make it on this list. Once a rather weak Gelert, one potion was enough to cause him some serious problems. At first it made him rather handsome, much stronger, and more confident. But the potions effects got out of hand. It eventually deformed poor Bruno into an overly muscular, hideous creature. He certainly wasn't very attractive after that. As if that wasn't bad enough, he was driven out of Neovia by other deformed citizens who blamed him for their troubles since he was the first to use the potion. Even after all of the other citizens were cured (except for the mayor who was turned into a Moquot) and Bruno could return home without fear of being driven out, he was not cured. As much as I pity Bruno, I just couldn't place him any higher on this list since he didn't change as drastically as the top two heroes.

2. King Jazan

I doubt any of his fangirls will be happy with Jazan only coming in second, but I have my reasons. Though Jazan started off as a villain in the Lost Desert plot, he never was evil. He just wanted to bring Qasala back to its former glory. Who wants undead mummies for citizens, anyway? Not me and certainly not him. Love turned him into a hero and a huge softie for his wife, Nabile. He even faced off against his very powerful and truly evil father, Razul, after he almost killed Nabile. Legions of fangirls claim this makes him the number one hero automatically, but I must disagree. In The Faeries' Ruin, Jazan certainly wasn't eager to trust Hanso. It seems Jazan's past has caused him to be less trusting of others than he should be. Though he learned to trust Hanso (just not with his wallet), Nabile and Nightsteed, Jazan's faithful Uni companion, appear to be the only Neopians whom Jazan is able to trust completely. I'll admit, I used to think Jazan was the best hero ever, but now an even greater hero has emerged.

1. Hanso

It looks like everyone's favorite thief has stolen first place. But no, he actually earned it. It's true Hanso appeared to just be a very skilled thief at first. He stole the artifact that caused the whole plot to happen, after all. But he sure did a great job of redeeming himself. He aided other heroes in their quest to save the faeries. His craftiness and sneakiness helped him save his friends and trick Xandra. He's so smart that he can even use insults to his advantage. And when it came down to it, he was willing to sacrifice himself to save the faeries, his friends, and all of Neopia. Thankfully, Queen Fyora managed to get Hanso back to normal. Saving Neopia by sacrificing himself isn't the only awesome thing about Hanso. He also has a really adorable friendship with Brynn which can even be seen in plushie form. His art was worth quite a few plot points (it wasn't exactly fancy, but it was kind of cute) and his jacket was also worth quite a bit. Hanso beats all of the other heroes in this countdown as far as fashion is concerned by a landslide. His jacket was stylish enough to beat out Jazan's Guyliner in the prize shop cost wise, after all. Though he certainly isn't humble, Hanso is definitely the best hero Neopia has ever seen.

Even if they didn't make my list, there are plenty other Neopians that were the stars of plots. Maybe you even preferred some of them to the ones on my list. Perhaps you think Garin or King Altador should have been included or that the order should have been different. But all the same, remember this list when the next plot rolls around. Compare the heroes of old to the rising legends of today. Maybe TNT will surprise us with a new top hero if we are lucky. Just remember to honor those who have managed to make the standards so high for the heroes to come.

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