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Playing Hungry Skeith with the Buzz

by terabithian


It ain’t easy being a Buzz.

Just ask the Hungry Skeith Buzz. He’s here in the flesh actually, but refuses to say anything in case he upsets his Skeith friend... .

Buzz: You mean my boss.

Right. His boss. Anyway we’re here to talk to you about that lovely game Hungry Skeith. Yay. One of the only games I know how to play. And I’ve brought our Buzz friend with me because who better to give tips than someone who works in the game himself?

So here we go.

The objective:

The objective of Hungry Skeith is to fill vats with jelly. Woohoo. Jelly. I wonder if it's a game from Jelly Worl...

Buzz: Be quiet! I told you a world out of jelly doesn’t exist.

But but... oh okay. Onto the game.

Objective: The objective of Hungry Skeith is to fill the vats with jelly, feed the Skeith chocolate and cake and...

Buzz: And make me do a lot of work.

Just out of curiosity, Mr Buzz, how many games a day do you play?

Buzz: At this stage I’ve had over 1,000,000 users on Neopets force me into work.

Wow, that’s a lot. Anyway. Getting sidetracked here. As I was saying the aim of Hungry Skeith is to put the jellies into the vats and feed the Skeith all the chocolate and candy on the conveyer belt.

The controls are quite simple.

Use the arrow keys to move our friend, the Buzz. Hit the space bar to pick up the jelly and use the arrow keys to put the jelly into the correct vat. You can also move jellies to the back of the conveyer belt to delay their arrival which is useful when it comes to the later levels. At the bottom of the screen you’ll see SCORE, ITEMS and TRIES.

SCORE refers to your current score. At the end of every level it goes up.

ITEMS refers to how many jellies you need to put in until you reach the set amount.

TRIES are like lives. You get five tries before your game ends. So try and keep the tries as high as possible. Ways you can lose a try are by feeding the Skeith jelly or putting a jelly into the wrong vat. Left is red jelly. Middle is blue jelly and Right is green jelly.

Hopefully with the controls and the information beneath, you’ll be able to start playing Hungry Skeith on a regular basis, as it’s quite a fun game and can even get you an avatar if your score is high enough!

Before you start, here are some tips on how to play:

1. Don’t panic. Sometimes I used to panic on levels and end up dropping jellies everywhere, feeding them to the Skeith and all sorts.

2. Don’t drop chocolate or cake or anything sweet into the vats. Not only will the Skeith hate you, but I’m sure the Buzz won’t appreciate your dropping sweet stuff all through his jellies.

3. If you’re not sure, drop the jelly at the back of the conveyer belt. I usually do this with green jellies because it’s trickier to put in.

4. Check the conveyer belt at the back. This way you can see what color jelly is on its way to the front conveyer belt.

5. PRACTICE. Nobody got good at a game by never playing it. Play the first few levels to get used to the controls. Then once you’ve mastered them, try playing each level and improving your score every day.

6. Be careful when putting jellies to the back of the conveyer belt as often you’ll end up putting them in the wrong vat, making you lose a life.

Right, Mr Buzz. Since you’re clearly the expert, how about you do a run-through of each of the levels for us?


Er... Mr Buzz?

Buzz: Oh, alright.


Level One: This is a very easy level, as you only need to put 5 jellies in the vats. Make sure you put them in the correct vat. Also... feed my boss, will you? I’m afraid if I mess up, then it might not be chocolate or cookies or candy he eats. I’m afraid it might be me.

Level Two: 10 jellies to go in the vats. Make sure they’re the correct color. Also if you look at the back conveyer belt, you can see what jellies and candy are in the lineup, which is a nice way of being prepared.

Level Three: 15 jellies. Use the same strategy as the previous level. If you’re getting frustrated by the amount of green jellies, then simply pick them up and put them at the back of the conveyer belt until you’re ready for them.

Level Four: Conveyer belt is getting faster. And you have to put 20 jellies into their correct vats this time, which might seem a little daunting.

Don’t panic. The conveyer belt really isn’t moving that fast yet. Just wait until later levels. And if you’re getting frightened (for whatever reason) by a type of jelly, put it at the back of the conveyer belt.

Level Five: 25 jellies to go in the vats. This level is kind of fast. Make sure you pick up each jelly. Sometimes I miss and end up with my boss breathing fire all over me. So please, please, Neopian users, please feed the Skeith COOKIES and CANDY only. Where was I? Oh right. From here on, the levels get quicker.

Level Six: You have to fill the vats with 30 jellies this time. See? The levels are going up in multiples of five, so every level you have to fill them with five more jellies than the previous level. This level goes quite fast so make sure you’re paying attention. Drop jellies to the back if you need to.

Level Seven: 35 jellies to go in the vats. Make sure you put each jelly into the right vat and if you get stuck, then move the jelly to the back of the conveyer belt. Always, always try and keep the jelly away from the Skeith. He’s on a very strict diet of cookies and candy.

Level Eight and the levels after: Use the same strategy that you used for the previous levels. The only difference will be the number of jellies. Once you start playing it on a regular basis, it'll come easily to you and you'll be amazed at how much you improve.


This is me and the Buzz wishing you good luck with the Skeith and signing out.

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