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Advanced Survival Skills: The Perfect Survival Pet

by lil_princess_of_evil


Also by uhhhhheather

Any expert on survival knows that you should always be ready and prepared for the worst case scenario. Most Neopians take this to mean buying supplies for safety, learning basic survival skills, and taking precautions to ensure these situations do not occur. A true survivalist, however, knows that all of the knowledge and planning in the world will mean absolutely nothing if you are in a situation where you lack the materials needed. Fortunately for the dedicated pet owners that all Neopians are, any survival situation can be made a little better with the right coloured companion. After all, we all travel with our pets everywhere, right? Some pet colours naturally lend their abilities to survivalist situations even when their materials seem sparse. Today, I’m going to explain to you the top 11 pets for survival situations. These pets are the pet colours that will help you improvise when you may not have everything you need.

Top 11 Pet Colours For Survival

11 – Plushie Pet: While they may not be the most helpful in any survival situation, they’ll certainly be the most comforting. The last thing that I want to be sitting on when I’m stuck in a survival situation is on the cold hard ground. That’s where your handy Plushie painted pets fit in. Plushie pets make great pillows, cushions, or just comfort objects when situations seem most grim. At the end of a stressful day, cuddling with your plushie pet will remind you to keep hope. With the comfort of a good night’s rest, you’ll be in prime condition for whatever is thrown at you the next day.

10 – Glowing Pet: The perfect pet to light your way in any dark situation. Glowing pets make great alternatives to flashlights because they never run out of batteries, whether you’re lost in a cave and need to light your way out or you need a flashlight to read your map. Unfortunately, you can’t put your glowing pet out, so you are bound to attract the creatures that lurk in the dark.

9 – Chocolate, Jelly, Fruit, Veggie, Marshmallow Pets: After a long day of searching for any sign of help, your stomach starts rumbling. Unfortunately, there is no source of food around. You gaze upon your tasty chocolate pet. “Just one nibble,” you say to yourself. Now your Chocolate pet has a bite out of them, and they’re glaring at you for the next few days, but if you have enough energy to survive. Your pet will be thanking you anyways once you figure out the way to safety. Remember, gnawing on your pet's arm should always be considered a last resort.

8 – Robot: In any dire situation, it is always best to watch out for predators: zombies, cave beasts, mummies, any creatures that go bump in the night. Unfortunately, that means you’ll need to protect yourself. Robots serve as very useful means of armor in a pinch. Their exterior casing is impenetrable to any bites and scratches. For even better odds of success, training your pet in the Battledome will make your pet indestructible.

7- Camouflage: An alternative to defending yourself from any monsters is to keep yourself hidden. With a camouflage pet, you can do just that. Just find a place where your pet blends in well, and stand behind it. Wait until the monster passes by and march off in the opposite direction.

6 – Garlic: What is the one thing that every vampire cowers in fear from? That would be garlic. Odds are, unless you are skilled in vampire survival tactics, you aren’t wearing your garlic bulb necklace. Thankfully, you are more loyal to your pets than you are to deterring vampires. So more likely, you will be walking around with your pets. If you have room in your heart for another pet, a garlic pet is a great addition to your family. A handy little Garlic JubJub or Kiko will keep you safe from any passing vampires if you can stand the smell. They also make a handy spice to make any meal taste a little bit less bland.

5 – Mutant: An even better way than hiding from predators, or having to defend yourself, is to have a pet that will keep any enemies at bay. While we all know Mutant pets are just as loyal as every other pet, their malformed exterior will surely keep any predators at bay.

4 – Fire: Surviving those long cold nights will be made easy if you have a trustworthy fire pet to light a fire. Building a fire takes energy, time, and materials that you might not have after spending your days looking for food, shelter, and escape. With a fire pet, you can keep yourself warm, roast food from your day’s forage, or even create the perfect SOS signal for passing ships. Plus, fire pets can also light your way in any situation which makes them doubly useful when compared to the glowing pets.

3 – Island: Stuck on a deserted island? Who better to consult for survival techniques other than an island expert? Island pets are great pets to have because they know all of tricks of the trade to survival. They can show you the most effective way to build a hut. They’re knowledgeable on island food and water. They tend to know what materials on an island are great for creating fires and building rafts. These are great pets to have for their vast experience. In a worst case scenario, an island pet can show you how to appease the great coconut gods.

2 – Maraquan/Faerie: Okay, so your island pet may have taught you all of the tricks of the trade to surviving, but ultimately, what’s the best way to resolve any survival situation? That’s obvious: Escape from it. Return to your home safely. If you’re stuck on an island, Maraquan pets are perfect for carting you back to civilization because their bodies are well equipped to manage long swims. Faerie pets also generally have wings to fly you out of a situation. They probably wouldn’t last forever for any long flights overseas, but they would be great flying you away when you are surrounded by predators.

1 – Disco: When all else fails, at least you’ll go out dancing!

Now that we’ve discussed all of the best pets to have, we must discuss the few pets that should not be considered for survival purposes. These pets will very likely not contribute to your survival success rate: Zombies. Zombies have an insatiable desire for brains and they are none too bright. They tend to walk slowly and have a follower mentality. They seem to lack any survival skills whatsoever. Scientists suggest that their lack of survival skills comes from having no functioning brains of their own. They will stop at nothing to get one, though. If you put them in a situation where your brain is the only one available, no matter how loyal they are, they will inevitably turn on you.

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