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Evil, Yet Non-Dark Faeries

by mypetsandi


Faeries are winged sprites (with the exception of Water Faeries) who are related to one of the elements of nature. Air, Earth, Fire, Water and Light Faeries are kind nymphs who will go out of their way to help a creature in need. Dark Faeries, on the other hand, aren't that compassionate. In fact, their malicious nature often overwhelms their sense of justice and they cause harm wherever they set foot. However, exclusivism would be an error in this case, as some regular non-Dark Faeries can be as evil as -if not more than- Dark Faeries. Of course, this goes without saying that some Dark Faeries are actually kind and caring. In this article, I will be exposing a number of regular Faeries for what they really are, spiteful pixies of obscurity.


Ilere of the Woods is a somewhat tainted Earth Faerie who lives in the Haunted Woods. Her looks are far from majestic, unlike those of Illusen or Iyana. In fact, she presents an eerie similarity with Dark Faeries. Her skin is a frightening shade of greyish brown and her eyes keep darting around, showcasing an ominous toxic green glow. Her magical abilities are not those of an apprentice. She taught Sophie, one of the most powerful witches of our time, everything she knows about magic. Ilere is often seen as neutral, which means that she is neither good, nor evil. But when she gets angry, her true colours emerge. Beware of her wrathful rampage, to which even the Spirit of Slumber would succumb.


Don't let her sublime figure fool you, Eithne is a cruel Fire Faerie with a matching fiery temperament. Beautiful as she is, her greed outweighs her beauty. A few years ago she helped the evil shaman Tura-Kepek with his plan to destroy Mystery Island. The shaman promised her the burnt remains of the island in exchange for her help. She would have released a giant Moltenore from the volcano had it not been for the islanders' dedication to save their homeland. She was last seen in the core of the volcano, trapped along with the giant Moltenore. Some claim she has been eaten by the monster, but some believe she is still out there (or rather in there) planning an escape and a revenge.

The Drenched:

As their name suggests, the Drenched are Water Faeries. Unlike their fellow aquatic sirens, the Drenched do not heal illnesses, nor do they help farmers with irrigation. Their favourite pastime is drowning sailors who venture too far into the sea and towing them into the deep. The destiny of the victim is death. Unfortunate as it might be, the Drenched seem to enjoy it. The three sisters are bad to the fish-bone, and the spectrum of their cruelty is determined by the colour of their tails. Do not let them get hold of you, as they will never let you go. Few have encountered the Drenched and lived to tell the tale.

Faerie from the Three:

This Faerie, probably a being of Air, is never alone. She is always accompanied by her spectral wraith-like comrades, a Skeith and a Gelert. Together, they are known as the Three. Individually, they are known as Revenge, Greed and Ambition, although which one's which remains a mystery. The Faerie, Ambition most likely, roams Darigan Citadel with the other members of the group, and plays mind tricks on the ruler of Darigan Citadel. Among their victims are Lord Kass and Lord Darigan himself. They altered their thoughts and caused their conscience to mutate into thinking they should be the supreme rulers of the land. Because of the Three, wars have erupted between Meridell and Darigan Citadel, and to this day, the Faerie seeks other victims.

Corrupted Faeries:

Ironically, none of the corrupted Faeries is a Dark Faerie. These tainted citizens of the ancient Faerieland (the one that used to float) are rebels. They hate Queen Fyora and when Terask defeated her and locked her in her castle, they helped him guard the city and crowned him king. Their traitorous attacks were quashed by a band of heroes who also put an end to Terask's reign and saved the true Queen so she can claim back the throne. Now let's talk about the corrupted Faeries. These rebels are even more dangerous than Dark Faeries because together, they can control almost all the elements. Suppose a Corrupted Earth Faerie attacked you, and you are an adept of Fire Magic; you can't really beat her because in the blink of an eye a Corrupted Water Faerie would be there to extinguish whatever flames your spells might have provoked. They're quasi-unbeatable, and as if that weren't enough, they'll attack anyone who crosses their path. Never stray too far from the city, because you never know when you might encounter one of those megalomaniacal revolutionaries.

Queen Fyora:

Yes, I know, *gasp*. Well, believe it or not, the Queen of Faerieland is evil. Her majestic allure and her pretty-in-pink appearance are nothing but a mere fa├žade of what her true nature is. She holds the power; she is the supreme despotic ruler of not only Faerieland, but Neopia as a whole. She has powerful minions all over the planet, but she keeps them hidden. She only uses them during emergencies. Such was the case of the noble enchantress Xandra the Xweetok. She tried to defend Neopetkind against the manipulative ways of the Faerie Queen, but alas, her endeavour failed because of Fyora's Shadow Wraith minions. Xandra's noble form is now enclosed within a statue of stone, proof of the Queen's cruelty. Another fact the pink tyrant doesn't want you to know is that the "quests" she gives out aren't funding the rebuilding of Faerieland; they are actually going to her newest investment, Fyora's Exotic Resort and Spa. That's right, fellow Neopians, we are nothing but mere slaves to the Faerieland throne. She also has a Hidden Tower which serves two purposes, the first being the presence of an invisible wall for Pteris to fly into. The second is selling us junk for a fortune. I mean she sells dung and snot for no less than 5,000,000 NP each. Still not convinced? Well, then how do you explain the fact that she also sells Darigan Paintbrushes in her tower?

Note: If you like to read more about Queen Fyora's evil deeds, head over to issue 341 of the Neopian Times and read the article 'Fyora - A Dark Faerie In Disguise?' written by moofamily.

Phew! That was disturbing. Well, let's move on to a lighter topic, nice Dark Faeries. The first name that comes to mind is none other than Delina, the crafting Faerie. She is the only Faerie who lets you keep the items you collected for her, she is the most selfless of the quest Faeries. You'll never see her frown; her smile is omnipresent and ever so cheerful. She'll ask you for a couple of useless items and when you bring them back, she'll turn them into an awesome contraption and hand it over to you. She rarely uses magic, which only proves that she thinks of Neopets as her equals. She truly is one of the kindest Faeries around.

Now that you know that not all evil Faeries are Dark and not all Dark Faeries are evil, I hope you'll be more considerate and realize how great Dark Faeries can be. Thanks for reading and remember: down with the stereotypes!

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