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The Chocolate Ball: How Tos and Need to Knows

by emmagine15


Attention, all Neopians!

That includes you... yes, you!

I sincerely hope you haven't made any plans for the 15th day of the month of Gathering. Why, you might be asking? Well, it's only the most exclusive, mind boggling, taste bud sizzling night of the year! Can you sense my excitement? *eye twitch* It's the night of the Annual Chocolate Ball! I, for one, am awaiting this night with excitement. Only the most important of Neopians are invited to this night of dancing, friends, and most importantly of all... CHOCOLATE! Everyone gets to dress up in fancy clothes and dance the night away. I have heard this year is going to be the best one yet; maybe a chocolate waterfall is in store? *drifts off into daydream*

Picture this, my fellow Neopians...

You're walking down candy cane lane, when you come upon a giant chocolate castle. The red flag atop its highest tower is waving in the breeze, almost waving you a hello. You question where you are, and why all of a sudden you and your pet are decked out in formal attire? A suit, a tie, a handmade gown... Oh no! That must have cost you a fortune! However, you quickly forget all your worries when you hear the voice of a very odd looking Kiko reciting a poem. It seems to be directed towards you....

Welcome, hello, welcome all!
Thank you for attending,
The Annual Chocolate Ball!
Your taste buds will sing,
Your weight will get higher
The dress code, you ask?
Only the most formal attire
There will be a chocolate fountain
And a monstrous chocolate cake
You might even find yourself in the company of
A milk chocolate Draik.
There will be much dancing
Upon a milk chocolate floor,
Creamy chocolate pie for the rich,
Chocolate gum for the poor,
Chocolate flakes rain from the sky
Hey... tell that meepit to stop munching
On your white chocolate tie!!!
So, my chocolate craving Neopians,
Need we call?
Please, do enter, to the
Annual Chocolate Ball!
(invitation only)

Oh no, wait! You forgot an invitation! There is no invitation in this fantasy! What is a Neopian to do? Well, that is precisely why I am here. Not only to raise excitement levels, but to help you get invited in the first place. What are you waiting for? Read on!

So, how exactly are you going to be prepared for this ball? How will you convince that way shnazzy Kiko to send you an invitation? Here are some quick easy steps to increase your chances to receive an invitation.

Step 1: Have a chocolate pet- Oh my, I know what you are thinking. "What are the chances of my pet getting zapped chocolate?!?! You must be crazy! Why am I reading this article?!?!" First of all, I must ask you to calm down. Second, really the chances are not too slim. They are just kind of slim. See? There is a bright side! You might be one of those really lucky Neopians to find yourself with a tast... errr... beautiful chocolate pet. Your pet will be the best dressed in attendance, especially if he or she has chocolate hair and chocolate organs. Oh yes, attractive.

Step 2: Flattery - Imitation is the highest form of flattery, or so they say. I'm sure that mysterious Kiko that runs the Chocolate Factory would be happy to see you showing off a really cool top hat, blazer, and chocolate covered cane. The only warning I issue here is there are many members of the Neopian community who might mistake you for that mysterious Kiko himself! You may find yourself being flocked by fans begging for an invitation! Well, guess what? This would probably give that Kiko a nice break from all that chaos. Look, now your chances are even higher! Of course he would appreciate a break. You are well on your way, you lucky mortog, you!

Step 3: Prepare your stomach- No one wants someone at their party with a weak stomach. If you cannot handle eating tons and tons of chocolate, drinking chocolate, swimming in chocolate, or dancing in the delicious flakes of chocolate, then you are probably not a welcome guest. I suggest preparing yourself by eating chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for three weeks prior to the Ball. Yes, this includes snacks too. This way you won't have any trouble when the time comes to eat at the party. A polite guest is a welcome guest.

Step 4: Send elaborate gifts- Did anyone ever say bribery doesn't work? Why do you think everyone always feeds the Neopets Team cookies, huh? *inserts cookie here* It's because bribery works! Send that Kiko a special delivery straight to the Chocolate Factory! Might I suggest some chocolate silverware? A nice mixed tape? The next payment on his very expensive castle? Whatever you decide, who doesn't like receiving gifts? Of course, it's against the rules to expect anything in return... It's just a nice gesture and an easy way to make friends. Right? Right. *inserts another cookie*

If none of these things works, then I have one final suggestion...

Step 5: Disguise yourself as a Chocolate Factory worker and sneak in. Simply wear your evening wear underneath the worker uniform. No one would notice an extra worker coming in the back door carrying the chocolate fountain. The only downside is you may get dragged in to working the entire night, handing out fancy desserts and whatnot. If this happens, make a quick run for the bathroom and change there! I wish you luck. This is indeed a very dangerous endeavor, but if it can get you into the ball, then it is so worth it.

After all that, I hope you are finding yourself as excited about the up and coming Chocolate Ball as I am! Hopefully now your chances of getting invited are even higher than before. I hope to see you there! That is, unless you get the last invitation and steal my spot... Then the meepits will come. Oh yes. They will come.

I hope everyone has a wonderful time at the Annual Chocolate Ball!

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