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A Balanced Diet... in Pizza!

by babygirl122187


Also by mythem

Once upon a time, there was a lowly Blue Blumaroo who grew tired of eating omelettes and jellies each day. However, his owner had grown too old to take care of him and his Baby Draik brother, so it was up to the Blumaroo to gather sustenance for his family. One day, while perusing the Money Tree’s wares, he came across a Basket of Bread, Bunch of Tomatoes, and slice of Cheese. And so he thought, “Here I have the perfect combination for a Sandwich!”

He took his ingredients home, cut the loaves into slices, mashed the tomatoes into sauce, and shredded the cheese over top. But in this process, he ran out of enough bread to cover the top. He knew his Baby brother would make a mess of this food’s current condition, but after much thought, he came up with a solution. He put their food over the fire and watched as the cheese melted into goop, the sauce melted into the bread, and the bread became hard enough to hold.

Thus was the creation of Pizza: (n.) the perfect food source!

With its warm flaky crust, sweet tangy sauce, and deliciously gooey cheese, pizza has found its way into the hearts of Neopians all across the globe. Pizza can be bought or sold from shops, collected in galleries, fed to Kadoaties, tossed around your Neohome during food fights, or, most importantly, eaten! From its simple crust-sauce-and-cheese beginning, pizza has grown to include literally all food groups (and even some not-so-edible toppings). Therefore, should you choose, you can use pizza to create a perfectly balanced meal! Luckily, several pizzas are already available for each of your meals throughout the day.

1. Breakfast:

As everyone knows, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives you the energy you need to jumpstart your morning and get going! Why not start it out with a Steak and Egg Pizza Slice? The Steak and Egg Pizza Slice is a perfect combination of protein and dairy. It is also quite delicious. It will surely prevent your tummy from rumbling again until lunchtime, so that you might avoid such evils like Doughnuts.

But for those Neopets looking for a lighter, leaner breakfast, why don’t you try the Pepperoni Pizza Doughnut? The only Doughnuty thing about this food is its handy shape! Containing slightly fewer calories than the Steak and Egg Pizza Slice, it happens to be just as delightful. Who needs a boring old sugary donut when you can devour a tasty Pepperoni Pizza Doughnut?

2. Lunch:

Is your belly rumbling already? You didn’t dare eat a Doughnut, did you? Good, now just wait until we unravel the perfect lunch choices. We will start with one of the more popular pizzas, the oh-so scrumptious Chilli Cheese Pizza Slice. This pizza is not one for the weak; while it may look quite harmless, be aware of its spicy kick! Its zesty and tangy flavors might just send your taste buds on a trip to Moltara’s Magma Pool!

For those looking for a more Baby Neopet-friendly pizza, we recommend the Pizza Sandwich. The Pizza Sandwich is simply delectable with its cheese, meat, and sauce all squished between two pizza crusts. It looks quite unique and is very fun to eat! Being one of the more messy pizzas, everybody has fun trying to gobble up this sandwich. Just try it yourself!

3. Snack:

If you have a highly active lifestyle, you might want to consider having a healthy snack before dinnertime. The Asparagus and Yogurt Pizza might sound weird to you at first, but it was Adam and Donna’s favorite! Remember that it is very important to fit plenty of fruits and veggies into your diet; and no, tomatoes aren’t enough!

You should also try the Pizza Protein Block, a highly condensed and nutritional pizza that is perfect for settling your tummy and giving you a quick boost of energy. It’s the perfect treat to eat before that afternoon Battledome fight, or to keep you from falling asleep on the job at the Employment Agency.

Thirsty? What better to wash down your pizza treats than with a Cheesy Pizza Slushie? While the name may sound more than interesting, you will definitely enjoy trying this refreshing beverage. You can never have too much pizza!

4. Dinner:

Now, for dinner, we have two family favorites. Are you feeling in the mood for a fiesta? The Spicy Taco Pizza is the perfect thing to suit your zesty needs. It is pure cheesy, jalapeñoy, chili peppery goodness. Throw in some tortilla strips and tomato sauce and this will surely be your all-time favorite pizza.

If you aren’t in a taco mood, why not sink your teeth into a Whole Cheeseburger Pizza? Now this is a true meat-lover’s delight. If you are having trouble deciding on the perfect meal with little ones begging for cheeseburgers and the grown Neopians craving pizza, why not combine the two? A Whole Cheeseburger Pizza is the perfect meal for any family.

5. Dessert:

Finally we arrive at the best time of the day! It is time to self-indulge in some yummy-for-your-tummy Chocolate Chip Pizza. With chocolate spread, chocolate sauce, and chocolate chips, this pizza is sure to please the whole family. Chocolate lovers unite as this pizza is sure to stuff every belly in the house. However, it also may prove to be quite over-powering, so please be sure to share this pizza at least four ways!

For those non-chocolate lovers, why don’t you sink your sweet tooth into the famous Jelly Bean Pizza? This colorful, sugary pizza really is just the thing for everyone. Sloth himself buys them weekly- though don’t let him know that you know that! This pizza is full of every flavor jellybean. Your taste buds will burst with the flavors of mayonnaise-flavored jellybeans to pineapple-flavored jellybeans; just hopefully not that combination in the same bite! Once you try a bite of this pizza, you will surely be hooked for life.


Some days might require extra or special meals, however. To celebrate an annual occasion, you should be sure to pick up a Happy Birthday Pizza! With its many bright candles, this festive dish works great as the final piece in a feast. Don’t let its appearance fool you, though – that cheese is actually icing, and that crust is really cake! No one can quite describe the filling, however, so if you figure it out, you’ll have to let us know!

By this time, if you’re thinking “Wow! Pizza is truly magical!” then you’d be right! There is even a pizza which cures Neopox, adequately named Neopox Pizza. But... err... mixing the medicine into this pizza does seem to have had some side-effects, if the stink-lines are anything to judge by. So we don’t quite think that any more medicinal pizzas will be attempted, making this the one and only not-so-tasty-but-still-amazing pizza!

And lastly, we come to a rather wasteful, yet fun, use of pizza! Should you find yourself in the midst of a fight in the Battledome without weapons, why don’t you try slinging some Maggot Pizzas or Worm and Leech Pizzas around? They’re sure to send your enemies scrambling!

As you’ve now seen, pizza has expanded from its humble beginnings to include such a large variety that you will never have to eat another food again! So long as you vary your choices, and don’t devour entire Chocolate Chip Pizzas alone, you should be quite fine. That's all we have until next time, when we will be discussing 126 different uses of ice cream. Have a pizza-tastic day!

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