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Stowaway Sting Avatar/Trophy Guide

by terabithian


One of my favourite games has always been Stowaway Sting. Last month I even got a silver trophy for the game. By writing this article, I hope to help other users get the avatar or a trophy by describing my own strategies for the game.


You guide Scrap with the arrow keys. Sometimes it can take a while to get used to the way he moves, so have a practice. The aim of the game is to change the crates (the floor of the level) to a particular color and collect treasure within the time limit.


There are a lot of treasures that you should collect throughout the game. These are:

Neopoint Bags: These are worth 20 points each, so make sure you collect them.

Diamonds: These are worth 50 points, so try to collect them if you can.

Round blue or green orbs: These change the color of the deck.

Clock: This will increase your time but it doesn’t appear that often.

Heart: This will restore your health.


Bad Crates: If you step on these, you lose some health. And if you stand on them too long, then you lose more health. There are a few levels where you have to step on them, but try to step over them as quickly as possible.

Thugs: These nasty pirates tend to get in the way quite often. And they sometimes step over neopoint bags and steal your treasure. Try to avoid them as much as possible. If they do steal your treasure, then just carry on.

Holes in the deck: There are often holes in the deck. Whatever you do, don’t step in them. Your game finishes the minute you do. It’s best to slow down around them.

Time: If you run out of time, you will die and your game will be over. Keep an eye on the time bonus bar. It will let you know whether you can afford to get those extra bits of treasure.

Hopefully with these tips and the following strategies I use for each level, you’ll be able to get that avatar, and if you’re lucky, a shiny trophy for your lookup.

Level One:

This level doesn’t need that much describing. The deck is basically a square. It’s a good level if you need to practice moving around. Once you have three neopoint bags, leave a square or two blank to get a fourth.

Possible neopoint bags: Four.

Hazards: None.

Level Two:

This is the level that introduces our first three hazards. Holes in the deck and bad crates that take your health away. There is one thug you need to watch out for. Sometimes he steps on the neopoint bags. My advice for this level is to leave the two squares with a bad crate between them until the end and make your way around the board without losing any health. I do this because you are going to need as much health as you can for the next level.

Possible neopoint bags: 5

Hazards: Holes in the deck, Bad crates, 1 thug

Level Three:

This is the level you are going to need your health for. There are a lot of hazards to worry about. I tend to plan my way around this level before I go around it. Try to plan it so that you lose as little health as possible. You should be able to finish this level within the timeframe, but here’s a tip: if you leave your health until it goes pink, you will get an extra heart, diamond or orb.

Possible neopoint bags:5

Possible orbs/diamonds/hearts: 3

Hazards: Holes in the deck, 2 thugs, bad crates

Level Four:

This is the first level where if you step on a crate more than once, it changes from blue back to the original. A way of doing this is to jump back and forth over the squares. There are two thugs in this level and they can get in the way. Try to collect the diamonds and as many neopoint bags as you can. Another tip for changing squares back to their original color is to jump facing the wall so your squares change back.

Possible neopoint bags: 5

Possible orbs/diamonds/hearts: 3

Hazards: Holes in the deck, 2 thugs, bad crates

Level Five:

This might look like quite a difficult level, but once again plan your way around. This level is another one where you need to step over characters. Use the strategy for level four where you use the invisible wall to recolor squares you lost by jumping on twice. If you find that you keep jumping through holes in the deck, slow down around that particular area. Try to avoid as many bad crates as you can. I like to get the higher level ones first and then jump around the board to color the other squares. There are 3 thugs who will get in your way, but just avoid them. If you can’t see behind them, wait until they move.

Possible neopoint bags: five

Possible orbs/hearts/diamonds: 3

Hazards: Holes in the deck, 3 thugs, bad crates

Level Six:

Remember level three? Well, this is the harder version of that level. And you need to recolor any squares you step on twice. Plan out which way you’re going to go. If you collect as many neopoint bags and gems as you can, you should have enough for the avatar by the end of this level or the start of the next one. I usually don’t worry about getting extra gems and focus on finishing the level.

Possible neopoint bags: five

Possible orbs/hearts/diamonds: 3

Hazards: Holes in the deck, 3 thugs, bad crates

Level Seven:

This is the first level where you not only have to color the squares blue, you have to color them green by jumping over them. Use the strategy of jumping back and forth and using the invisible walls. If you’re only trying to get the avatar, don’t worry about the squares and just collect everything you can. I wouldn’t worry about the time. Just focus on finishing the level. My own strategy is to color the squares on one level, then focus on getting the squares that are higher up.

Possible neopoint bags: five

Possible orbs/hearts/diamonds: 3

Hazards: Holes in the deck, thugs, bad crates

Level Eight:

This is the last level in the game. And for good reason. It’s very hard to get this level completed in the time limit. You have to color all the squares green just like level seven. One thing about this level: It’s IMPOSSIBLE to finish it without losing some health. Make sure you get any hearts you see. My strategy for this level is to color all the outside squares green, then focus on the inside square. Try to get as many neopoint bags and diamonds as you can; that way, even if you don’t complete the level, you get as many points as possible.

Possible neopoint bags: 5

Possible orbs/hearts/diamonds: 3

Hazards: Holes in the deck, 3 thugs, bad crates that you have to step on

Hopefully, by reading this guide, you would have gotten some useful tips for playing Stowaway Sting and can get that pesky avatar.

Now off you go. Go and swab that deck; it’s looking rather filthy.

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