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Most Anticipated Events Left in Y13

by mythem


Also by babygirl122187

With the long days of summer (or winter) break dwindling away, you may be wondering, “What else do we have left to look forward to? With more than half of the year already past, won’t we just see more of the same thing?”

Wrong. The end of the year on Neopets is a most spectacular time. While we will still have some days without special meaning, believe us when we say that they will become welcome breaks from all of the humbug and excitement! Sooner than you know, you’ll be welcoming in the next year, looking back and thinking, “How could time have flown so fast?” and more importantly, “I can’t believe that I thought these months would be boring!”

So allow us to stop your negative speculation with a brief taste of the events to come and effectively begin the race toward the new year:

1. Poogle Day and Jetsam Day

Limited Edition Species Days: These happen not only to be some of the PCers' favorite holidays, but also species-lovers as well. These are the only days per year that everyone – boys and girls, faeries and minions, and even Dr. Sloth himself (although he would never admit it!) – has the opportunity to create a limited edition Neopet for free! We have both Poogle Day coming up on the 19th Day of Gathering (August) and Jetsam Day on the 10th Day of Collecting (September).

Poogle- and Jetsam-lovers unable to afford the costly Morphing and Transmogrification Potions should watch the “Create a Pet” page carefully! There will be opportunities to nab these beautiful pets strewn out all through the day, giving you a chance to add another lovely pet to your family. If you are a Pound Chat regular, you may also enjoy Species Days for the purpose of pet trading! Several Neopians will be creating new limited edition pets in hopes of trading for their dream pets. While some people trade right away, many more keep these pets to zap with their lab ray. Poogle Day is especially popular with the high demand for MSP Poogles (as the colour is lab-ray only!). There is also the chance that another colour could be released for these species!

Furthermore, we celebrate these occasions in more elaborate ways! Battledome savvys will enjoy free training for that species all throughout the day, which can come in quite handy (especially at 8 dubloons per session). What a smashing good deal! But if battling and trading aren’t your thing, perhaps you’d like one of the new species-related items released. Which will we get? A new plushie, book, stamp, food, or piece of clothing? As you can see, TNT makes sure to include something for everyone on these marvelous days.

2. The Faerie Festival

The Faerie Festival, which falls on the 20th Day of Gathering (September), is a splendid time for many. On this special day, we celebrate all of the faeries. Several exciting new things are released, often including the ability to paint another Neopet or Petpet species Faerie! Neopians around the world are able to participate in games and sometimes win faerie-related prizes. This day extremely pleases the large amount of faerie-item collectors as new faerie-themed items are released into Neopia, too. Since last year the faeries were all turned to stone, we are hoping this festival proves to be as exhilarating as ever!

3. Punchbag Sid?

Punchbag Bob’s cousin Sid sometimes honors us with a visit around October – so Acers and BDers be alert! However, his visits aren’t guaranteed and don’t last long, so should you be quick enough to catch him, please spread the news!

4. Halloween

Halloween comes but once a year, on the 31st Day of Collecting (October). Luckily for us, NC Mallers often celebrate Halloween all month long! With the most-anticipated event of the year, TNT always has special Halloween celebrations in the NC Mall. Whether it be 13 Days of Trick or Treat Halloween Bags, new Halloween JubJub Power Bounce items, Halloween Mystery Capsules, or Halloween Goodie Bags; each year proves more exciting than the last!

Luckily for non-NC fanatics, there are other ways to join the excitement. Similar to Species Days and the Faerie Festival, many times another Pet or Petpet will be drawn in the Halloween colour. Several new spooky items should be showing up as well, for those collectors whose galleries are not quite so *PINK* as the faerie’s.

We would like to suggest a visit to the Haunted House, if you have a strong enough will to brave its dark corridors. Lastly, why not give Edna a special visit? We never know what to expect come the spookiest day of the year! Err... except for the Haunted Woods Site Theme, if you can manage to stay up ‘til midnight with a tummy full of Candy Peas and Haunted Pumpkin Bars. We wish you good luck – you’ll need it.

5. Neopets 12th Birthday

The 15th Day of Storing (November) will be Neopets 12th Birthday! We will be celebrating a dozen years of site continuation, in which Neopets has earned over 1,000,000,000,000 page views! So, be sure to be on your best Neoboard behavior and take the day to reflect on all the myriad memories you’ve made thanks to the hard work of TNT! Perhaps you could even submit a poem, piece of art, or other creation in the prior weeks to show your appreciation.

On this day you can get the seasonal avatar and Goodie Bag, and remember that the Birthday Site Theme may increase your chance of receiving Random Events! Those with NC will also love the Birthday Mystery Capsules! Last year this capsule released several of the old Commemorative items and we look forward to what this year’s capsule has to bring!

On the same note, we look forward to the possibility for another year of the Great Mystery Capsule Adventure! This event, which takes place in fall, features several Mystery Capsules. Each of these capsules represents a different Neopian land. Prizes were awarded last year to those Neopians that bought one of each kind of capsule. Another prize was awarded for those that ended up winning the limited edition item from each type of the Capsule Adventure Capsules! Just the thought of opening all these new capsules makes our knees weak and mouth water. (Really, we’re not addicts!)

6. The Advent Calendar

This is one of our very favorite events. The Advent Calendar runs from the 1st through the 31st throughout the Month of Celebrating (December). Every day, you can visit the Advent Calendar page to watch a charming animation and collect free prizes! (However, watch out for that Rod of Supernova! It’s known to be quite tricky.) On certain days, you will also be able to collect avatars with your daily prizes – the Plastic Fir avatar appears every year on the first, but the Seasonal Attack Pea avatar varies.

If that isn’t enough encouragement to visit the Advent Calendar daily, consider this: By collecting your prizes every day, you may be eligible for the Winter Site Theme! Like the Halloween Site Theme, this opportunity only arises once per year, so if you don’t have it yet, you’d best be sure to grab it!

OH! And remember! While you’re traveling home with your shiny new presents, don’t go lurking through Terror Mountain, and PLEASE beware the Snowager! (He didn’t get all of those items himself, per se... )

Once again, be sure to keep an eye out for more Snow and Christmas Neopets and Petpets! Also watch the NC Mall for their Annual Stocking Stufftacular . Neopians will have a chance to hang their stockings in the mall and wake up to some pretty nifty presents!

7. Neopets Holiday Dream Pet Giveaway?

Last year, Neopets allowed people to select one pet and choose a new colour and/or species combination that they’d like to see their pet morphed into. A few lucky winners were chosen, and on the Day of Giving (the 25th Day of Celebrating) their wishes were granted! So, here’s to hoping this event occurs annually!

8. New Years Eve

And finally, we come to the very last day of the year, the 31st Day of Celebrating (December) a.k.a. New Years Eve! As it will be the last Day of the Month of Celebrating, you’ll be able to collect your final Advent Calendar Prizes to see whether or not you received the Winter Site Theme!

Also, Neopets has been releasing absolutely beautiful New Years Backgrounds in the different lands of Neopia. As they’ve only covered 7 lands so far, more might be on their way this day! Personally, we’re hoping for Brightvale and Krawk Island. As these backgrounds have become some of the most popular items ever created, we can only hope for more!

Now, aren’t you excited for all of the special events to come? And just to think, these are only the ones we already know of! We have a sneaking feeling that perhaps another plot might be in order... or perhaps that’s just the Pant Devil trying to distract us! D: *runs off to defend Neohome*

After all, who knows what tomorrow may bring?

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