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Dressing for the Discovery of Meridell

by agedbeauty


Also by sinistrous

Blow the horns, heralds! Citizens, unfurl your banners, grab a Turkey and Potato Dinner, shoot off a couple arrows – that’s right, it’s the anniversary of the Discovery of Meridell! Meridell, homeland of the Ixi and the Draik, is a rustic land full of many wonders – who knew there were so many varieties of cheese! But even beyond the wonders of so many types of cheese that one can roll down a hill, there’s a lot to do in Meridell. Beyond games like Kiss the Mortog and Extreme Potato Counter, there’s around a dozen avatars that can be earned in Meridell – Illusen’s Quest, Extreme Potato Counter, Invasion of Meridell, two Skarl avatars, Turmaculus, and many more. You can also pick berries, eat lots of filling rustic food – and if you’re lucky, you might even restock a Draik Egg! The especially adventurous can even hatch that Draik Egg and keep the Draik as a pet. Meridell is certainly a land worth celebrating, and on this day, Neopians far and wide remember when Meridell was first found. Take a moment, reminisce – and then celebrate!

What will YOU do to celebrate the Discovery of Meridell? Will you go play some Ultimate Bullseye II? Count some potatoes, rummage in the dump? Perhaps go on a quest for Illusen? Perhaps you’ll go through the old logs of the epic battles Meridell fault in their two wars with Darigan, or try to cheer up poor King Skarl with a joke. Whatever you decide to do, you’ll need the perfect outfit – and that’s where we come in! Fuz (sinistrous) and I have worked hard to compile the perfect list of wearables for your pets to wear on the anniversary of the Discovery of Meridell. So please, enjoy the fruits of our labor as you nom on some fruits of Meridell (personally, I like Aqua Berry – so pretty! – but Fuz likes Dorkleberries... go figure!). Without further ado, we present our list of Meridellian wearables:

1. Regulation Meridellian Knight Superpack

Origin: Neocash

Price: n/a

Notes: This is a quintessential way to commemorate the Discovery of Meridell. After all, a medieval land needs medieval knights – and this superpack provides all the necessities for a knight. Lance? Check. Shield? Check. Chainmail, helmet? Check, check! If you’re looking for one-stop shopping, this one’s a sure bet.

2. Meridell Entrance Background (or Meridell Stone Wall Background)

Origin: Neopoint (r101 / r101, free)

Price: 300,000-400,000 neopoints (or free)

Notes: Both versions of this background give you a good solid “Meridellian” feel. However, while the Meridell Entrance Background is a bit nicer, we both prefer the Meridell Stone Wall Background. What can we say... free is free, and we like free! And our neopoints. Preferably when they stay in our banks.

3. King Skarl Throne Background

Origin: Neocash

Price: n/a

Notes: Where better to go on the anniversary of the Discovery of Meridell than Skarl’s Throne room? This rather stunning background is a prize for completing the Skarl NC map in Neopian Battlefield Legends, and it practically screams Meridellian pride. Can you go wrong on this background today? We think not!

4. Rubbish Dump Background

Origin: Neopoint (r68)

Price: ~100 neopoints

Notes: Ah, one of Meridell’s most... laudable... features. How many of us have stumbled into the Random Event where we black out and wake up in the Rubbish Dump? Hmm – on second thought, while this is an intrinsic Meridellian feature, maybe this background isn’t the best one to recommend...

5. Commemorative Battle For Meridell Garland

Origin: Neocash

Price: n/a

Notes: With its bright colours and historical import, this lovely garland commemorates an important part of Meridell’s history. The two Meridellian wars did much to shape our view on the medieval land, so it seems only appropriate to remember them on the anniversary of the Discovery of Meridell!

6. Flag and Arrow Garland

Origin: Neocash

Price: 12,000 neopoints

Notes: This handsome garland was a Daily Dare prize, and rightfully evokes thoughts of Meridellian archery when you look at it. For a Meridell look with a Bullseye twist, this one is a good bet!

7. Meridell Petpet Garland

Origin: Neopoint (r101)

Price: n/a

Notes: If you need a neopoint Meridellian garland to celebrate the Discovery of Meridell, this isn’t just the best choice with its cute petpets from the medieval land – it’s the only choice!

8. Ultra Fashionable Potato Sack

Origin: Neopoint (r101)

Price: 1 NP

Notes: For the quintessential Meridellian look, you really can’t beat a Potato sack. And this one is Ultra Fashionable! Plus, you can’t beat the price. Win/win – until your pets refuse to speak to you for putting them in a burlap sack.

9. Straw Hat

Origin: Neopoint (r90)

Price: 30,000 neopoints

Notes: Meridell is definitely a land under the sun; they may not be as hot as the Lost Desert, but farming under the beating sun is definitely pretty hot. Nothing keeps the sun off your face like a Straw Hat – just ask the farmer at the Pick Your Own or the Kacheek at the Rubbish Dump!

10. Illusen Wig

Origin: Neopoint (r82)

Price: 95,000 neopoints

Notes: All right, this isn’t strictly Meridellian, but what’s an article about Meridell wearables worth without a nod to its residential Earth Faerie? Not much, that’s what!

11. Muddy Boots

Origin: Neopoint (r101)

Price: 80 neopoints

Notes: They may not be super fashionable, but what can you expect to happen after you tromp through farmland in the middle of the summer? Muddy footwear, that’s what.

12. Shiny Meridell Shield

Origin: Neopoint (r101)

Price: 5,000 neopoints

Notes: For the Meridellian Knight look without the neocash aspect, we like this shield a lot. With its bright blue and red colouration, it’s the perfect shield for the anniversary of the Discovery of Meridell!

13. King Skarl Balloon

Origin: Neopoint (r101)

Price: 1 NP

Notes: It’s King Skarl! On a balloon! How very festive for the day of the Discovery of Meridell. We’re sure King Skarl loves being a balloon. We’re 95% certain he won’t throw you in the dungeon if he sees you with it. Honest.

14. Ultimate Bullseye II Quiver

Origin: Neopoint (r101)

Price: 2,000 neopoints

Notes: Ultimate Bullseye is one of those notable Meridellian games that you either love or you hate. If you’re good at it, you usually love it – and if you’re not, you usually hate it. But for the Discovery of Meridell Day, even if you hate it you have to admit it’s the perfect touch for a festive outfit!

15. Baby Haystack

Origin: Neopoint (r101)

Price: 15,000 neopoints

Notes: Aww look, it’s a baby haystack! It’s so cute! And ahem. Yes, very Meridellian. This haystack comes from the Rubbish Dump, although we’re not sure why – we think it’s pretty adorable, and goes well with the farming look so popular in Meridell. And for 15k it’s pretty cheap – and sooooo cute!

16. Wind-up Turmac

Origin: Neopoint (r101)

Price: 20,000 neopoints

Notes: As one of Meridell’s largest and most prominent features – in more ways than one! – we couldn’t leave the Turmaculus out in an article full of Meridellian wearables. The Wind-up Turmac is an animated neopoint trinket sure to impress you with how cute it is – and fortunately, it’s a good bit smaller than the Turmaculus himself.

17. Toy Bullseye

Origin: Neopoint (r101)

Price: 40,000 neopoints

Notes: If Turmac Roll isn’t your Meridell game of choice for trinkets, what about a nod to Ultimate Bullseye?

18. Old Stone Wall Foreground

Origin: Neopoint (r86)

Price: 20,000 neopoints

Notes: All right, we have to admit that we’re not totally sure why this item screams “Meridell” to us – is it the crumbling architecture, the whimsical looks evocative of medieval castles? Whatever it is, we absolutely love this piece – for the Discovery of Meridell day and beyond.

19. Pile of Dung

Origin: Neopoint (r101)

Price: 1 NP

Notes: Your pets may not appreciate this recommendation, but hey. You want the most Meridellian wearable there is? It’s got to be... a Pile of Dung.

Have fun celebrating the Discovery of Meridell – we hope you enjoyed our list of Meridellian wearables!

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