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The Conspiracy Files – Krawk Island

by hidden_0_o


Hello, Neopia! Allow me to introduce myself. I am Ameyaline, but you may call me Mea. I am an investigative reporter at your service and my latest inquiries attempt to identify who is behind the recent unexplainable events in Krawk Island. I am certain that the sinking of the island is an inside job and my research points to some possible suspects. Allow me to share my theories with you.

1. The Food Club Pirates

After years of being forced to eat while greedy Neopians take bets on their abilities, these pirates are quite fed up with their treatment. Sure, you may think that they are being fed for free on a daily basis, but on their part, they feel as if they are obligated to sustain themselves eating the same plates (even when it it’s known that they don’t respond well to some of these dishes) every day, three hundred and sixty-five days a year, for years and years with no end... Sinking the island gives them at least some relief of this heartless punishment and now that the Food Club is closed, they can finally enjoy something other than the ordinary food they are served with.

2. Draik Inhabitants at Krawk Island

Any living Neopian knows that there’s a great rivalry between Draiks and Krawks: the two most exclusive and coveted species on face of Neopia! Draiks and Krawks are symbols of status; possessing either one shows the “worth” of their owners. However, only one of these species can be the best. With an island named after them, Krawks seem to take the cake in this dispute. Krawk Island is not exclusively inhabited by this species, and among its other denizens, Draiks, fueled by jealousy, have a clear motive for sinking the island and depreciating the value of its namesake species.

3. Monty and Grimtooth

Monty and Grimtooth are the pirates from Bilge Dice. And before you ask, no, Deadeye is not in it. Though seemingly ordinary pirates, the Meerca and the Krawk may pull more influence than you recognize. They clearly have some sort of ins with TNT, for there are two avatars, two random avatars awarded from their game.

Let me tell you a story you will not find in your Neopedia articles: years ago, Monty met Grimtooth while trying to deceive him for a few dubloons, but in his attempt to gain a few bucks, Monty discovered the Krawk to be a perfect partner in their shady deeds. The hooks representing a union between the two pirates, they set out to carry their plan: to amass a great wealth from Bilge Dice and take off before angered players inspected the dice that suspiciously gave them so many “sixes” and occasionally “fives.” Now you may ask, why did they need to sink the entire island? Well, Monty and Grimtooth found themselves deeply invested with their brainchild, the Bilge Dice game, and realized they could not leave it with Deadeye in charge. A transcript from a super-duper-ultra secret source reveals that the Meerca had told his partner “Deadeye is a joke! We cannot let him destroy our work.” So the two partners decided to go out with a bang, or a plummet if you prefer to call it that way, and sank the island to preserve the image of that game where you will never get a ten win streak.

4. The Buried Treasure

Yes, I am talking about the Buried Treasure itself. That chest has something fishy about it, as if it has a life of its own. I mean, the treasure moves across the map as the day progresses. Do you find it coherent that pirates are constantly dislodging the chest? Digging up and burying this heavy bounty every living, breathing second... Of course not! If I were a pirate, I would rather have it found than go through this troublesome process. I have been trying to track down the Buried Treasure to investigate its motives, and I have studied the patterns of its movement. But then, BAM! Krawk Island is gone. Is the timing just a coincidence? Or is this the doing of the devious chest? With the entire island buried underwater, it will be able to continue doing its mysterious business in secrecy.

5. Captain Hackett

This fellow is the owner of the Golden Dubloon and he is unhappy. Serving gourmet food was his joy, and while his restaurant blossomed during its first years, thanks to the competition, primarily in the shape of the Maraqua eatery, the reputation of the Golden Dubloon has dwindled. To add insult to injury, Hannah’s departure has contributed to the diminishing number of customers the restaurant receives. Thus, Hackett could have very well orchestrated a stratagem to attract more visitors. Kelp edging out its competitor by having the beautiful oceanic scenery outside its windows would no longer have this advantage if the Golden Dubloon and the island were submerged.

6. Hannah

Hannah is an attention seeker. Here’s my conclusive evidence: read her name backwards: “Hannah.” She is so self-centered, she had to put additional emphasis on her name. Missing the fame she earned from her first adventure which begot the game Hannah and the Pirate Caves, the most played of her franchise, she decided to re-conquer that prestige. Since, Hannah has visited Terror Mountain and Kreludor seeking to equal or surpass her glory with little success. If the icy and outer space setting wasn’t enough to attract attention, she would have to return to her origins: Krawk Island. However, she wouldn’t be able to do away with “Hannah and the Pirate Caves II”. The solution to bringing attention to herself while enticing her pirate-loving fun base would come in the shape of “Hannah and the Underwater Caves”; the setting changes a bit, but KI enthusiasts would still support her. Check and mate; that is, if this plan hadn’t been uncovered by my journalistic investigations.

7. General Intereg

Who in Neopia is Intereg? According to Neopedia, he’s the guy who gave his life to save Krawk Island. That’s kind of a big deal, isn’t it? Yet, how many of us know Intereg? He’s not a household name like Coltzan or Hagan despite his feat of defeating Rokaar (cue in the “who?”) While Coltzan’s ghost is honored with a shrine with daily visitors, Intereg’s spirit does not receive the same respect. His name doesn’t even ring a bell as if chapters in KI history got erased, but why not re-stage these events with modern-day Neopians witnessing it first-hand with the General (in ghost form) once again saving the pirates?

What’s more? During that time period, KI mysteriously disappeared for a day. No explanations whatsoever. It could be that the plummeting of the island is not the action of a novice, but rather someone like Intereg, who may have caused the first KI disappearance...

8. Captain Threelegs

Another pirate who is unjustly unappreciated, Captain Threelegs, has been offering a cheaper alternative to training. While it takes longer to complete a course in his academy, the lower costs are very important to Neopians who aren’t that rich. If Threelegs were to sink the island and this training alternative ceased, all Neopians would flock to Mystery Island, causing the already expensive codestone prices to elevate even more and decreasing the quality of the training as the old Techo tries to cope with the rising demand. Battlers would surely miss Threelegs then and regret undermining his academy.

9. Gavril McGill

Gavril McGill... Am I the only one who finds this guy extremely shady? Why is he the sole survivor? How did his shanty avoid the fate of the rest of the Island? Why is he confiscating whatever you find in the remains of KI? Why is he not sharing what he finds in his old books? So many questions that are unanswered, or unanswerable without revealing him as a villain, which surely he is.

10. They are all in it!

The sinking of the island brings about profits for all these characters. No conflicting interests, so who knows if they are all conspiring together? With the island gone, Monty and Grimtooth take off, Hackett transitions into the underwater restaurant business, the Buried Treasure takes its secrets with it, the Food Club pirates get a break from being force fed the same dishes, Hannah and Intereg may resurface into stardom as heroes, and so on.

And while you may think I am paranoid or unreasonable, my theories are not unfounded. All of the possible perpetrators I have identified in my research have motives to submerge KI. They may be working alone or together; I am not sure, but I will continue investigating this and I welcome you to join my efforts. I'll keep you tuned as new findings surface.

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