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Krawk Island Missing! Neopians Head to the Seas!

by dizzyblackberry


Citizens of Krawk Island awoke early last Monday morning to the bizarre sight of Giant Killer Tentacles. As recently as last Thursday, the island was discovered to be completely missing! Your news team has gathered together all that has happened since the tentacles were first sighted, to keep you up to date and informed.

A sense of panic dominated the air on Monday as bystanders ran back to their houses, intent on packing and leaving the island for good.

Gladys Buccaneer, a life-long resident of the island, had this to say about the unprecedented event before she scurried off.

I allus knew, what with that fishin’ hole and those giant squid down in Marraka, that somthin’ bad wud happen soonah rather than latah. I’ve been packed for this fer twenny yers, an’ now I’m leavin’, jus’ like any smart Neopian be doin’ right about now.

The Neopian Times managed to track down Feldon “Dinksy” Collibridge, the newest member of the Krawk Island Yooyuball team. When asked if she thought the beast was perhaps unhappy with their standings in this years Altador Cup, she said,

Now, I dunno as that’s got anything to do with this. We played as well as we ever did this year. I haven’t lived here very long, but I don’t remember any strange tentacles comin’ down on the island after any other tournaments. It must be something else.

By the end of Monday, about half the population of Krawk Island had fled. The tentacles, though initially seeming quite menacing and horrifying, continued to simply wave about in the air. What this mysterious beast wanted, or was planning, was as of yet unclear.

Defenders of Neopia arrived late Tuesday, after a long week in Virtupets Station keeping the peace after their recent win in the Altador Cup. They toured the island and examined the tentacles, which continued to wave indecisively. They discussed sending down a team of divers to see if they could get a better look at the beastie, but ultimately decided against it, citing ‘personnel safety’ as their reason at a press conference early Wednesday morning. They remain stationed at the island, with patrols sent out every hour around the circumference of the island. The tentacles remained a ways offshore, with only the occasional fishing boat still anchored falling prey to their flailing.

Tourism in Krawk Island remained unchanged, however. Some sectors even claimed to have seen an increase in visitors since the tentacles appeared. Loretta Fontaine, waitress at the Golden Dubloon, attributes this to ‘post-Altador Cup depression’.

Aye, as soon I saw them tentacly-things risin’ out o’ the water, I said to meself, ‘Be seein’ plenny o’ tourists soon’. Those crazy Altador Cup fans need omething’ to take their mind off the fact that the season’s over and they’ll just have to wait until next year for that thrill. I suspect we’ll be seein’ lots more of ‘em before this ordeal is over.

When asked if she planned on leaving the island, Loretta replied,

No, not yet. If those tentacles get any more dangerous, the petpets will know. When the petpets leave the island, I’ll leave the island.

Wednesday of that week saw an influx of people back to the island. Most of these were, true to Loretta’s word, tourists coming for a better look at the tentacles. An impromptu business boomed, with those fishermen who had stayed behind taking their boats out, filled with tourists, to get closer to the tentacles. Most of these ‘tour boats’ accept all forms of currency, so there was no need to change neopoints to dubloons. Despite this, the National Neopian actually ran out of dubloons and had to turn away people seeking to exchange.

The Defenders of Neopia finally put a stop to these tours on Thursday after a Maraquan Acara was knocked overboard by overenthusiastic amateur photographers, right next to one of the largest tentacles. The water was so muddied from the activity of the boats and beast that he was unable to see to swim back. The Acara soon found that the suction cups on his own tentacles came in handy, and he was able to suction himself to the nearest tentacle and wait to be rescued. A team of elite Buzz flyers quickly retrieved him with help of a nearby fishing net. Another press conference was held, and the following statement was made by DoN: ‘If a Maraquan can’t survive in those waters, no one can.’

Following tightly on the heels of that incident was the beginning of a nasty rumor from abroad that Krawk Island had sunk. People standing on the island itself laughed heartily at the news, but the question remained in everyone’s mind: could Krawk Island sink? Professor Marsh with the Neopian Geological Society says no.

It’s a scientific impossibility. Krawk Island is anchored to the ocean floor by a thick pillar of igneous rock, just as all bodies of land are. To claim otherwise would be crazy.

Marsh was slightly dumbfounded when asked how the tentacles could surround the island if the beast could not be located directly under the island, but quickly replied,

If it is indeed one beast, then it must have its body on one side of the island with tentacles wrapped around the circumference.

He acknowledged, however, that a beast of that size could easily have the raw strength to crumble through rock, especially around a relatively small island such as Krawk Island. It seems, in that case, that the question of submergence is still on the table, even according to Neopia’s top experts.

Defenders of Neopia released a safety pamphlet for the weekend, which was mass distributed on Krawk Island as well as Mystery Island, Maraqua, and Neopia Central. The NT has been given permission to reprint the pamphlet for the increased safety of Neopia.

We recommend that all citizens of Krawk Island leave immediately. If you were planning a trip to Krawk Island in the next month, we recommend canceling or rebooking. The tentacles may seem harmless, but until more is known we cannot be sure. Should an event occur which will further endanger the island inhabitants, a mandatory evacuation will be performed to minimize casualties. In the meantime, anyone who finds himself or herself on the island should follow these basic safety precautions:

1. Stay out of the water. Tentacles of this size can easily create small whirlpools, rip tides, or minor tsunamis, none of which are good for your health.

2. Stay indoors. Though they may not be stopped by walls, they will at least be slowed down. Should an attack become imminent, this will maximize your chance of survival.

3. Keep to higher ground. This may save your life. The coasts of the island will be the first line of battle should anything happen, so stay as far inland and high up as possible.

4. Do not travel alone. If you travel alone, there is a chance that no one will see you get swept offshore by tentacles. Be sure to have a buddy along at all times.


The following Monday was a solemn day. A quiet procession of petpets was seen to be leaving the island, with the Neopians left on the island watching just as quietly. At the end of the parade was, true to her word, Loretta Fontaine. She gave one last sorrowful glance back to the island before boarding the boat, which ended up being the last taxi boat to leave the island.

Tuesday saw the violent reawakening of the tentacles, thrashing about and seeming ready for action. Buzz teams were dispatched, along with faerie and other Flying Pet teams, to the island to rescue the last inhabitants. Some were caught in the downdraft created by the tentacles furiously spinning, but all survived that harrowing day. Only a few stubborn pets remained on the island. Defenders of Neopia withdrew that night for the safety of their members.

No one could get to or from Krawk Island on Wednesday. Patrols continued to circle the area at a distance, but were unable to get very close. Darkness fell, and when the sun came back up on Thursday morning, the island was gone, along with the tentacles. All that remained was a single prick of land, with the last few residents huddled along its shores.

Citizens of Neopia, you are hereby called upon to board what ships you can lay your paws and claws on, and search the high seas for the remainders of the island! The future of our pirate culture depends on it! If you do not own a boat of your own, you may board one from Mystery Island. Water dwelling Neopians can find underwater search teams to join in Maraqua. Remember: be careful, be brave, and watch out for tentacly sea creatures! Neopia is counting on you!

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