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How to be Neo-Royalty – on the Neoboards

by darkobsession


After my first article got published in issue 503, I gave myself a huge pat on the back (twisting my arm in the process,) and headed towards Terror Mountain to celebrate by having a Slushie or two. After the initial brain freeze, I had a sudden revelation. I’m sure most of us yearn to have our own land where we can be King or Queen, ruling over our loyal subjects with tenderness and care - or with an iron fist of pain and agony, depending on one's personality, that is. I know I dream of that all the time, especially after a heavy meal of Steak And Egg Pizza, washed down with a Black Cherry Ixi Drink.

Well, since we can't achieve this dream for real, we can still pretend. How, you may ask? Easy: by using secret avatars on the neoboards. Yup, avatars can help you impersonate your favorite Neopian king or queen, so (again) I went back to the references, such as old NT issues and archived news (by now you must think I’m crazy about researching, no? well, you’re right...) It appears TNT really admires Royalty, so they released quite a few of those avatars. Eventually, I compiled a list of avatars you can use to reflect what kind of Neopian Royalty you want to be. Of course, as usual, they are divided into categories.


First, we have the avatars which feature a King or Queen of Neopia:

Fyora and Faerie Queen Doll

They are both well wanted avatars, even when deemed by many as too pink or girly, but I beg to differ. I can simply claim guys can wear pink too. Your inner colors are what’s important, and these two avatars will reflect your beauty, kindness and purity. After all, they represent Fyora, the Queen of all, so use them if you have the chance to. After all, they are not at all easy to obtain.

King Altador

If you imagine yourself as brave, valiant King, this avatar is for you. King Altador himself stands proud here, overlooking a waging fierce battle, and ready to strike the final blow against an unseen enemy.

King Kelpbeard

Do you like swimming with Koi? Ever dreamed of having your own underwater kingdom? This avatar featuring King Kelpbeard will help you achieve that dream. It also reveals a bit of the ancient language of Maraqua. Cool !

King Hagan

A word to the wise: This avatar should only be used if you don’t mind being called a book worm. But it also reflects the sense of pride in you, albeit with a hint of haughtiness, as Hagan’s picture is the only display here, making him the center of attention, as usual.

Moody Skarl

Skipped a meal? Having trouble sleeping? Dreaming of the ultimate riches you have in your bank account? This avatar is for you. It shows King Skarl in three different moods, and you can use it to express one, or all of them, depending on how you are feeling at the moment. You can also just use it to repel unwanted visitors, at the price of being called "childish" and "immature." You shouldn't care, though.

Lucky Blumaroo

King Roo was able to spare one minute of his time to take this picture of him playing Dice-A- Roo, so it would be awarded to those who proved their worth at the game. If you’re the gambling type, or you just feel lucky, go ahead and use this avatar, but it will not guarantee you winning the jackpot at the Pawkeet Slots (trust me, I tried).


It’s cute, it’s pink and it comes with a bit of mystery revolving around Nabile's look. If you’re a commoner girl aspiring to marry a rich Prince and be a Queen yourself one day, this is your obvious choice.

Stamp Collector – Lost Desert

This avatar is really fit for a king. First, it's one of the very sought after Collector series, and it features the extra rare stamp of King Coltzan III in his prime. Second, it is adorned with gold. Third, if you actually own this avatar, it only means you’re as rich as Coltzan, perhaps even richer. So go ahead and display this avatar with pride; you are true Royalty material.


There is another category of Royalty in Neopia, however, and that is Royal pets. Since the tricky Lab Ray and the powerful Rainbow Fountain are unable to turn your pets Royal, we know those pets are really lucky to have owners that cared enough to buy them a Royal Paint Brush. For the Royal pet owners and/or lovers such as myself, there are a few avatars that will help you show your affection for this rare and regal breed of Neopets, while looking like Royalty yourself, and they include:

Acara - Angry Prince

Rich, spoilt, and with the temper to match? Say no more. Show your inner “you peasants won’t tell me how to live my life” attitude with this avatar. It’s actually hilarious in its seriousness.

Usul - Royal Boy

Nothing says attitude and class like this avatar. It’s an elegant portrait of a Usul prince, looking upwards, as if pondering the future of Neopia, or how to trick Snargan in Double or Nothing.

Korbat - Royal Boy and Royal Girl

These cute avatars were originally designed for Neopians to display their love for Royal Korbats, or Royal pets in general, but the mischievous brother and sister featured on these avatars were responsible for a huge mix up upon delivery to TNT, causing confusion and lots of havoc in the office. It has not been resolved yet, so now, if you’re not careful enough, you might end up with the wrong gender as an avatar (and you can only get one of the two, ironically.) Lesson to learn: don't paint your pet Royal if they're under 6 years of age.


Royals seem to be the ones with the ever-so-changing moods. Maybe it’s the pressure of the lifestyle of the rich and famous, always being under the spotlight, or maybe it’s because they’re just spoilt rotten. This avatar features a Royal Girl Bruce who lost her golden comb, and thus is furious at everyone. Use this avatar with caution, it might scare your friends away.


Our third and last category contains a few avatars which might not be Royal by exact name or nature, but have a certain air of nobility to them.

HT Rich, Richer and Richest

These three elusive avatars speak for themselves. They just show others that you’re rolling in NP. Go ahead and use them if you feel like it. Just because you’re not a King, doesn’t mean you can’t act as one.

Bon Appetit

To be used in a similar manner to the above-mentioned avatars. If you can afford dining at Kelp enough times to earn this one, then you sure live like a King (and we wonder how King Kelpbeard got this big).


In the extremely rare event of it landing on your lap, you should display the flag of your favorite kingdom with much delight. Even if it’s not your favorite kingdom, it will be once you receive this avatar.

Blumaroo Court Jester

Congratulations, you made Skarl laugh so hard he snorted gruel out of his nose. Now why didn’t you take a picture of that instead?


I believe the Nightsteed is also a descendent of Royalty, just like his friend Jazan.

Captain Scarblade

By using this avatar you’re proclaiming “Arr! I be the king of the seven seas, ye scallywags, savvy?!” - or something equally piratey.


He deemed you worthy of using his image on the NeoBoards. ‘Nuff said.


Remember, you can always customize your font to go with your Royal avatar. You can use Royal colors such as purple, gold, azure, viridian green, sky blue, pink, scarlet, crimson and gold red (but keep it readable, please). Also try to make your siggy express the purpose of your Royal avatar. Be original.


N.B: I didn’t include old, retired avatars in this list, such as “Darigan-Redeemed” or “TCG-Wanna Play” avatars, since the new players won’t be able to obtain them.

N.B 2: Please, TNT, make a Jazan avatar.

Thank you for reading, and have a truly regal adventure with Neopets.

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