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11 Icons We Don't Want to Forget

by lil_princess_of_evil


In the history of Neopets, we’ve seen a lot of unique characters. Characters are continuously popping up all over the site. For every shop, site event, and activity on Neopets, there is likely a character with a story to tell. While some of them have faded with time, others continue to remain a strong memory in our hearts. This is a collection of the ones that have outlasted time.

11- Mr Coconut – Starting off as simply a Neopets editorial question about poor Caption Contest entries, Mr. Coconut became a regular in the end of our editorials for a good period of time. Shortly after, we started seeing him everywhere. He had his own board icon. People were reciting the caption everywhere. Many of us were disappointed when he was taken down. Clearly TNT could feel our disappointment because he was recently brought back for issue 500. We hope we can see more of Mr. Coconut in the future, but for now, Goodnight, Mr. Coconut!

10- Yurble Foreman – The Yurble Foreman has been a running joke among plotters. His first appearance was in the Lost Desert Plot as a foreman and a chef that liked to complain, and little did we know, it was definitely not his last appearance. He showed up as a complaining Janitor in the Altador Plot. Yet, we never tire of seeing him in our plots. We always wonder what he will show up as next.

9- Tarla - I know, you are probably thinking, “Ugh, Tarla”. Especially when you remember the days we spent refreshing for her constantly just so we could win a few items? I most certainly do remember. While Tarla may not be the most popular character on the boards after that stunt, you can’t deny that you still get giddy and flock right back to her when you see her toolbar flash. Let’s just hope she doesn’t decide to take another vacation for a while.

8- Dr Sloth – Dr. Sloth is arguably one of the most well known villains in all of the land of Neopia. He’s had an appearance in many plots. Reason why I put him in 8th? He hasn’t shown his face in quite a while. I guess the Space Faerie is keeping him occupied. His six fans on the Virtupets board stay continuously loyal to him, even making their own plans for the return of Dr. Sloth, and even those of us on the opposition are left wondering, “Will we ever see a resurgence from him? “

7- Jeran – We haven’t seen much of Jeran now that Meridell and Darigan Citadel have ceased their feuding for the time being, but many still remember the heroic tale of this dashing Lupe. It’s so obvious why we like him: He’s noble, brave, and strong. Everything we like to see in a hero. He also cares deeply for his family. This is one character I hope to see again in Meridell’s future.

6 – Fyora – The faeries always have commanded a bit of respect, but Queen Fyora definitely commands the most. As leader of the faeries, Fyora has to keep a firm but cool head on her shoulders, and I say she does it quite well. She is responsible for keeping the safety of Neopia, and ensuring the Darkest Faerie stays in her stone imprisonment. The well respected faerie always appears cool headed and rational, even in times of crisis. She is responsible for some of the coolest items in Neopia. Not to mention, she’s been ruling for hundreds of years and still has time to look as pretty as she does. It’s no wonder she gets her own day on the calendar for us to celebrate. Any faerie fan should definitely place Fyora high on their list.

5- Ylana Skyfire – I was hesitant to put Ylana on here, because, admittedly, not much is known about this powerful Acara. She first appeared as a bounty hunter appeared in our most recent Sloth plot a few years ago. Hired to get rid of the Cybunny Scout, Ylana captured many of our hearts with her unique personality. She’s cunning, charismatic, and loyal to only a paycheck. We can even see TNT’s affection for her too as she definitely has one of the most useful cards in the Dueling Decks game.

4- Stone Pie –While not really a character, this icon became a phenomenon on the boards almost more so than any real character. We all remember the horrific day when the pie, I mean the faeries, were turned to stone. If you lurked the boards at all during this time, you would have see that the Stone Pie definitely made an impact on the players. When they weren’t spending time trying to figure out the next plot step, they were making it known that they wanted the pie restored to its original glory. TNT definitely got a bit of plot prize inspiration from the Stone Pie fanatics too. Thankfully, the pie had been restored to its former glory, and many rejoiced.

3- Brynn/Hanso – This cute couple also graced us with their presence in the Plot that brought down Faerieland. Many of us knew they were meant to be from day one, but we had to wait impatiently for them to finally realize it themselves. Even after the plot, the Brynn and Hanso fan club still can’t stop talking about them. Why do we like them so much? They simply complement each other so well. One is witty and mischievous, and the other is brave and honorable. It’s like having your cake (well, pie), and eating it too.

2- Xandra – I’ll admit, I was definitely not a big fan of this speckled Xweetok in the beginning, but she definitely gained my respect when the unimaginable happened. She managed to crash Faerieland. Whether you were able to predict her as the bad guy in the plot, or not, there is one thing for sure: She definitely did it with a bang, and the image of her crashing Faerieland will forever be a memory in our neo-lifetimes. Some even took her side and suggested her to be one of the best villains of Neopian history. Have Dr. Sloth or Lord Kass ever caused Faerieland to crash?

1- Señor Malo's Hair – “Look in the mirror. Now back to me. Now back at your mirror, now back at me. Sadly, you aren't me... but don't you wish your hair was as great as mine?” Yes, Señor Malo, I think it’s safe to say we all do, ever since you graced us with your presence as the Moltara representative in the Altador Cup V. How many of us didn’t pick Señor Malo in the Altador Cup V staff tournament, simply because of his hair? Why there isn’t a Señor Malo’s Hair Action Figure is beyond me.     

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