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The Jelly Chia: The Diary

by lux_aeterna1234


Day 1

      Today, Daddy told me to keep a "diary". I don't really know what's a diary, but Daddy told me I just have to write stuff down. So I decided to write stuff down now. I think Daddy is very nice to me. He tells me all the time that I look really good and he's glad I'm with him. I really love my Daddy.

Day 3

      Today, Daddy and I played some games. We jumped and ran around and it was really fun. Then, Daddy gave me something. It was like a magic picture thingy. Daddy called it a "book". Daddy said that if I read all kinds of "books", I'll be really smart, just as smart as him! So I looked at all the pictures and words inside the "book". The pictures were very pretty. The words were interesting. I really love my Daddy for giving me this "book".

Day 5

      Today, I saw something. It was something really pretty. It was really yellow and bright and glowy. Daddy said that it was "sunlight". He told me that "plants" need "sunlight" to grow. When I wanted to go into the sunlight, though, Daddy got angry at me. He said that if I went into the sunlight, I would disappear. I don't want to disappear, so I listened to Daddy. I really love my Daddy for protecting me.

Day 7

      Today, I saw something really pretty. It was bright like the "sunlight", and it was also very green. Daddy said it was a "lightmite", a "petpetpet". Daddy said that I should just leave it alone, though. But I disobeyed. I went and touched the "lightmite" when Daddy wasn't looking. When I touched it, it started to move a lot. It kept moving and moving and moving and moving. Then it stopped. Why didn't it move again? I don't know. But Daddy probably knows. He knows everything. I really love my Daddy for being so smart.

Day 10

      Today, Daddy got me more "books". He told me that I should read all of them. So I did. There were lots of things which were really pretty. I saw something orange and black. Daddy said it was a "gruslen", a "petpet". I asked Daddy if the "lightmite" and "gruslen" could be friends. He said they could develop a strong "bond". I asked Daddy what "bond" means. He said it's when two or more people really like each other. I told him that I think we have a really strong "bond" as well. He said that we do. I really love my Daddy for our "bond".

Day 13

      Today, Daddy said that he would be gone for a while. He said that he would come back very late. I said I understood. While he was gone, I played with the "shadows" that Daddy said we had. He said that "light" would cast "shadows" against "solid" objects. Daddy knows so much, and he teaches me so much as well. When Daddy came home, he gave me more "books". He really wants me to read a lot of books. So I read them. All of them were nice. I really love my Daddy for always bringing me things.

Day 15

      Today, Daddy said he wanted to teach me about "fragility". He said that "fragility" is when something can become easily broken. I asked him if we could just fix something if it was broken. Daddy said that not all things can be repaired once they break down. He told me how things such as pots could be repaired, but things like "plants" couldn't. I asked why that was. He said that he himself didn't know. I really love my Daddy for teaching me to about "fragility".

Day 17

      Today, Daddy told me that he wanted me to see something new. He brought out something even better than a "book"! The pictures moved like it was magic! Daddy said it was "neovision". He said that he wanted me to gain as much knowledge as I could. He said that if I do that, I would become really special. I was so happy! I wanted to become special for Daddy! I really love my Daddy for wanting me to become special.

Day 20

      Today, Daddy brought me even more "books". I asked why couldn't I just watch "neovision" instead of reading 'books". He said that "books" and "neovision" are equally important in a "proper educational upbringing". I said I understood. I read and read and read and read and read until I read them all. Daddy told me that he was proud of my effort. I really love my Daddy for always loving me.

Day 22

      Today, Daddy handed me something. It was soft and smelled really nice. Daddy told me that was "flower". He said that "flowers" were "plants" that are really pretty. I don't really understand all of it, but it was like I was smelling the best thing I ever smelled in my life. It made me feel all fuzzy inside. Daddy said the reason he gave this to me was because he wanted me to appreciate "beauty". He said "beauty" is the same thing as pretty, except even more pretty. I liked that word. I really love my Daddy for teaching me about nice things.

Day 24

      Today, Daddy said that I should focus on "exercise". He said that "exercise" meant that I had to run around and jump and do all kinds of things. I liked doing them, so I was really happy. Daddy said that my jumping was really good. I wanted to jump even higher than I had before, but Daddy said that too much "exercise" is bad for you as well. I really love my Daddy for caring about me.

Day 27

      Today, Daddy said that I was going to be playing all day! He said that he didn't want to be too "stressed out". So we played jumping and running and more jumping and more running all day long! Daddy said that he wasn't as "physically strong as me". He told me that it's because I'm different from normal neopets. I really love my Daddy for always having fun with me.

Day 31

      Today, something was wrong. Daddy was really quiet and he wouldn't answer me when I asked why. I wondered whether it was something that I did. At midnight, though, he woke me up. He took me to a pretty place under the "moon" and "stars". He asked me whether I thought they were pretty. I answered yes. Then he told me if I knew my original purpose. I didn't know what Daddy was talking about, so I said no. He told me that I was originally made to be the perfect "companion". He said that the reason he gave me all those things was because I was his best friend. But now, he said that I was also going to be his best meal. Daddy ran over to me, but I managed to pin him down. He was struggling, just like the "lightmite". He kept moving and moving and moving and moving and screaming and screaming and screaming and screaming. Then, he stopped moving. He stopped everything.

Day 32

      Today, I was alone.

Day 33

      Today, I was alone.

Day 34

      Today, I was alone.

Day 35

      Today, I was alone.

The End

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