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Picking the Perfect Petpet

by sacred_w0lf


You just got your spiffy new pet recently and you want to spoil it silly and buy a petpet! Why spoil it with a petpet? Well, of course when you’re away from the computer, your pet needs to be occupied, so what is better than having its own little companion? However, choosing the correct petpet can be a difficult process with all of the options the Rainbow Pool has to offer petpets. You have to take a lot of factors into consideration before you buy your pet a petpet spur of the moment, such as species, cost, color and personality. We can’t have your pet hating its companion, now can we?


First, try to narrow down the species of the petpet you want. You can do this by visiting the Rainbow Pool and looking at all of the options. Pick some of your favorite species and jot them down on a piece of paper. Some popular petpets that almost everyone adores are weewoos, kadoaties, miamice, gallions, snowbunnies and babaas. Pick some of your personal favorites. Whether you’re more into the cute, scary, fluffy, or scaly type, there is a petpet right for you and your pet out there! If you’re into cute petpets, I suggest the weewoo, snorkle, kadoatie or miamouse, and if you’re into the fluffy type, I suggest a babaa, snowbunny, or furwitch. If you want a totally different genre of petpet, such as scary, I recommend a lil frankie or werhond and reptilian petpets include cobralls and krawkadons. Instead of genres, you can also look into petpets that match similar real life pets. If you ever wanted to own a dolphin, you’re in luck with the delfin, or if you wanted to own your own panda, a pandaphant is a must. TNT has come up with hundreds of petpets for you to choose from, so you can find your perfect match. So go through and list some of your favorites that you would consider buying for your oh-so-spoiled pet.


Next to consider is the color of your petpet. Your male pirate pet won’t enjoy having a faerie petpet as a companion, so make sure they match. Of course, your pirate (for example) doesn’t have to have a pirate petpet! It’s nice to match, but it doesn’t have to be exact. Try color coordinating as well, such as a grey or robot petpet for your pirate or a pink or faerie petpet for your plushie pet. If you are interested, though, in an exact color match, you can also try matching by accessories. For example, pirate Eyries have the same headbands as the pirate snowbunnies; coincidence? Color plays a big factor when purchasing a petpet. Of course it is nice to have that petpet that you want, but if the color options do not match your pet, then you can cross that pet off the list as well. Also, not all petpets come in all colors, so some petpets will not work with your pet at all. Don’t be surprised when your favorite petpet species doesn’t match your pet.


Personality is another big thing to consider when choosing the right petpet for you and your pet. If your pet has a happy, joyful character, I’m sure he or she wouldn’t appreciate a grey petpet. Or if your pet wants to rule Neopia *cough* a meepit or Darigan petpet may be needed. Personality overlaps with the decision for color a lot. Going back to the pirate example, if you want your pirate to be a fierce captain, then maybe grey is not your best choice for a petpet. You don’t want a sad pet bringing your captain down when he or she is in the middle of commanding a ship, but you may want to consider a robot petpet to follow his commands. Though grey may match the pet itself, it may not match the character you’re trying to make.


The next step in picking out the perfect petpet is the cost. Not all petpets can fit into everyone's budget, unfortunately. But there are petpets out there for all price ranges.

For example, a kadoatie is roughly 5 million neopoints, while a gallion ranges at about 22,000 neopoints. So, now go through your list of your favorite petpets and see which ones you can afford. This way you can eliminate some from your previous list that are too expensive for your bank account. Make sure you factor in the color, though, when buying a petpet. Sure, you can afford your petpet as a basic color. Say you want that cute dragon type petpet called a gallion. As a basic petpet the gallion is 22,000; however, if you want a faerie gallion, that will cost you a lot more. **Buying tip! It is cheaper to buy the petpet already painted via the Trading Post than to buy the petpet yourself and then paint. Only do this if there the painted petpet you want is not up for trade.**

Do your research and budget yourself. There is no rush in buying a petpet, so if you have your eye on one and can’t afford it yet, take the time to earn some neopoints and save! Don’t get too discouraged if the petpet of your dreams is out of reach, but rather keep it as a goal to work up to.

In conclusion of this wonderful article, you should be able to find your right petpet now that you and your pet absolutely, positively adore. You have all the steps now to continue on your journey alone and I wish you the best of luck for your selection process! Once you get your petpet, I am sure that that your neopet will be fully occupied and content while you are away from the computer *shifty eyes* to whatever the real world is. Though... you may have to consider investing into a petpetpet to keep your petpet at bay.... but that’s a completely other story that has to be discussed on!

***Disclaimer: If you buy a meepit, please buy at your own risk and know the chances you are taking with this petpet. I am not to blame if your meepit decides to take over your pet, you, the internet or even the world. I am also not at fault if your mutant kadoatie decides to randomly steal 5,000 neopoints from your friends. Thank you.***

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