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Neopian Leaders: From Monarchy To Anarchy - A Study

by darkobsession


Most of us build neohomes in Neopia. We either choose a land to reside in, or at least we have a favorite one. There are lots of Neopian lands, and we choose ours based on many factors: its nature, weather, food, natives, etc. But did any of us ever stop to think: what about the leaders of this land? Are they good or bad? Are they just or greedy? Will they send the Tax Beast to my house daily and would they protect me in a war?

Well, I thought of all of that and more. The idea hit me on a hot Tyrannian day while I waited for the Wheel of Monotony to stop spinning (and the Giant Omelette to bake, for that matter).

After recovering from that sun stroke, I conducted a long and thorough research. I hit the Neopedia, and read for many days and nights. I also started collecting TCG cards, devouring the information scribed on them. I even consulted with the Island Mystic and Igneot. After many weeks, I have compiled the following list of Neopian lands and their rulers. The list includes all of the lands, and contains a quick review on the leaders, how they came to power, their hobbies, how to meet them, their strengths and weaknesses, and who their friends and enemies are.

I put the fruit of my labor between your hands, dear reader:


Ruled by Fyora, the Faerie Queen. Some people consider her the Queen of All Neopia. She is the fairest of all the faeries.

How to be granted attendance:

Fyora lives in the Hidden Tower in Faerieland. That’s where she sells her powerful artifacts, which are known to make Neopets invincible in battle. Only the most worthy gain access to the Tower, and have the pleasure of meeting Fyora.


  • Fyora is known to be kind, just, loving, caring and tender. She is the definition of the word “Goodness”.
  • She is a healer.
  • Sometimes, she is known to leave the Tower and give a quest to some lucky random Neopet, rewarding it with many status points.


  • Beware her wrath. Her spells are very powerful.


  • All of Neopia loves and respects her, especially the other faeries.


  • The Darkest Faerie: One of Neopia’s oldest villains. Fyora turned her into stone.
  • Xandra: A powerful sorceress who accused the faeries (including Fyora) of being arrogant and insensitive.
  • She waged a war that caused Faerieland to crash down. She was also turned into stone.
Fyora Day:

Second day of the Month of Relaxing


Also known as the Hunter, King Altador is a mighty white Lupe that ruled over the land of Altador for many years. He is a true hero in the eyes of his people and everyone who knows him.

How to be granted attendance:

King Altador resides in the Council Chamber. He is there all day long, granting daily gifts to those who completed the Altador plot.


  • Brave, wise, a real King
  • He revived the annual event known as the Altador Cup.
  • Sometimes he can be too good-hearted, allowing enemies to take advantage.
  • He still can’t put together a good Altador Cup team.
  • Queen Fyora
  • The other guardians (except for the Sleeper)
  • Tormund
  • Roberta


  • The Sleeper (aka the Darkest Faerie)


Because of the secrecy surrounding this kingdom’s past, no one knows exactly how or when King Kelpbeard rose to power, but it’s a known fact that during the Curse of Maraqua plot, he was fifty three years old. I assume that he’s been king for about twenty years or so. He is a blue Koi of an enormous size.

How to be granted attendance:

King Kelpbeard likes to keep to himself. He is only approached by his advisors.


  • He guides his people well.
  • He helped rebuild his city after the first destruction.
  • he led the resistance against Captain Scarblade’s attacks.
  • Lack of trust in others, especially the “surface dwellers”
  • Not listening to Isca and Caylis warnings
  • Garin, Jacques
  • Isca, Caylis
  • Pirates, especially Captain Scarblade


Old and grumpy, this blue Skeith known as King Skarl has shown exceptional leadership skills during times of crisis. He led his kingdom through two wars in the recent years and emerged victorious. He holds certain contempt against his brother, Hagan.

How to be granted attendance:

Bored, Skarl sits on a big chair in his hall all day long, listening to joke after joke from countless Neopians who are trying to entertain him in exchange for some NP or a meal (and occasionally an avatar). He takes some breaks to eat, naturally!


  • Fair: Meridellians all love their King.
  • Smart: He plotted a defense against Darigan’s invasion by proclaiming a royal summons and sending Jeran on a counter-attack.


  • Greedy: He was responsible for stealing Lord Darigan’s magical orb.
  • Glutton: He is always hungry.
  • Moody
  • Bored
  • Lazy
  • Easily hypnotized: He has very low immunity to enchantment.
  • Jeran, Lisha
  • Tormund, Roberta
  • Kayla
  • Lord Darigan (ex-enemy)
  • Lord Kass
  • The Court Dancer
  • The Darkest Faerie


Ruled by King Hagan, Skarl’s older brother, and the complete opposite of him. He is also a Skeith, albeit a green one.

Hagan is not your typical king. He is a scholar who values learning and knowledge to the utmost degree, and can even take drastic measures to ensure his people are all getting an education. He looks down upon Meridell and Skarl, accusing them of being simple minded.

How to be granted attendance:

Much like his brother, Hagan is willing to let any Neopian into his chamber at most times of the day (except when he takes a break to go study), provided that they have new wisdom to lay upon him. His rewards are usually books and some NP. Not to be outdone by Skarl, he also grants an avatar to an exceptional few.


  • Wise
  • Educated
  • Loves peace and quiet
  • Haughtiness
  • Arrogance
  • He banned his team from participating in ACIV until they learned to balance between work and play!
  • He doesn’t seem to have any, except for books, that is.
  • He doesn’t seem to have any, either.

Darigan Citadel:

It was once a peaceful land, and the strange-looking Korbat, Lord Darigan, led his people to peace and prosperity, that is until their magic orb was stolen by Skarl, and the hideous transformation started. Darigan waged war, falling under the enchantment of the Three which turned him into a Spectre. He vowed revenge and destruction upon Meridell. Instead, he was banished, forced to hide far away. But when Lord Kass took over and initiated the second war on Meridell, Darigan redeemed himself by showing his true colors, and became the ruler of the Citadel once again, this time banishing Kass, and signing a peace treaty with Meridell.

How to be granted attendance:

Lord Darigan is currently very busy in his chambers, rebuilding the Citadel. If you try to see him, you’ll be shooed off.


  • Redeeming himself


  • Delusions of Grandeur: Getting corrupted and trying to harvest all the orb’s powers for himself


  • Galgarroth
  • Master Vex
  • King Skarl (ex-enemy)
  • Jeran (ex-enemy)
  • Lisha (ex-enemy)
  • Lord Kass


Princess Amira took the throne after her father, King Coltzan III, was murdered in Y3, and her sister Vyssa, who was next in line, stepped aside in her favor, preferring a more relaxed life.

She didn’t take the title of Queen, since most Sakhmetians believe the ghost of Coltzan still resides in his Shrine, and they visit it to ask for his assistance as if he’s still the real king.

Amira is an Aisha. Beautiful, elegant, cultured, and refined, she feels bored and burdened with official responsibilities, always looking for new excitement. She may have gotten more than she wished for at the hands of Jazan, though.

How to be granted attendance:

Amira doesn’t go out much, and doesn’t meet many people due to the many admirers and suitors constantly pestering her. She spends most of her time in her room, painting pottery or playing music.


  • Strong-willed


  • She is impatient and seeks a different life of excitement outside the palace.


  • Brucey B - who discovered the Lost Desert
  • General Dacon
  • Jazan (ex-enemy)
  • Princess Sankara - who assassinated King Coltzan
  • Razul



King Jazan and Nabile are the only “royal couple” in Neopia, and they both have a very interesting back-story.

Jazan is a Kyrii prince of an old Lost Desert kingdom, Qasala, and he is skilled in the dark arts. He is the son of King Razul, and believed he has the right to reclaim the throne of the Lost Desert to himself, thus asking Amira’s hand in marriage. Denied and bitter, he put a spell on Sakhmet, causing it to disappear. He was released from his own curse when he fell in love and married Nabile, a young, pretty Ixi thief who is a long-lost princess herself. She is actually Amira’s cousin. Jazan was able to defeat the spectre of his father, Razul, through the power of Nabile’s love.

How to be granted attendance:

It’s hard to meet them without a previous appointment. Jazan is a constant traveler on diplomatic missions while Nabile is working hard on rebuilding and improving the kingdom of Qasala.


  • They make a perfect couple, well suited for each other and for Qasala.
  • Jazan is a hopeless romantic.
  • Nabile is quick-witted.
  • Jazan’s shifty personality due to his dark past
  • Nabile loves fancy and shiny things. She always asks Jazan to bring her something from his travels.
  • Hosting the Wheel of Extravagance in Qasala. Yup, the one that costs you 100,000 NP to spin.
  • The Nightsteed: Jazan’s legendary and loyal Uni companion
  • Tomos: Nabile’s childhood friend and fellow thief
  • Amira (ex-enemy)
  • Dr. Sloth
  • Razul


One of the only three democratic communities in Neopia, besides Neovia and Tyrannia, Moltara elects its Mayor, currently a brown Chomby whose name is still unknown.

How to be granted attendance:

He is very friendly and stands by the entrance, welcoming visitors himself.


  • Warm and welcoming


  • He can’t shake hands at election campaigns because lots of people in Moltara are made of magma.


  • Clara Chatham
  • Roxton A. Colchester III
  • Jordie
  • Natural disasters/magma eruptions


A small town just outside the Haunted Woods, Neovia maintains a certain level of mystery. It’s (or used to be) governed by a Bruce, Mayor Thumburt, who was elected more than ten years ago.

He is not a nice guy, and he is known to mutate into a much stronger form after taking a magical potion in his pursuit of more power. He led a riot and chased Bruno and his family out of town. He was eventually turned into a moquot by Sophie.

How to be granted attendance:

Why would you want to meet with a petpetpet?


  • Great strength


  • Power hungry


  • Mr Krawley (with friends like that, who needs enemies)


  • Bruno and his family

Roo Island:

King Roo is a happy-go-lucky Blumaroo. He wears a funny jester’s crown, and spends all his time playing Dice A Roo.

How to be granted attendance:

Roo will gladly play Dice A Roo with anyone who challenges him. Beware, though; he never loses.


  • He made Dice A Roo known to the rest of Neopia.


  • He plays too much Dice A Roo - it’s become his life.


  • Blumaroos and fun-loving Neopians everywhere


  • None are accounted for; however, Count Von Roo annoys him for a whole hour each night, since the latter conducts his own dice game.


This is where my neohome is. It is the only Empire in Neopia.

Not much is known about the Emperor, an old red Gelert, except that he loves his kingdom and his daughters alike. He has many daughters, but we only know two of them, Lunara and Terrana.

Lunara is a Cybunny, and she is the oldest. As the heiress to the throne, she has many responsibilities. Her father is overprotective of her, and she’s not allowed to leave the palace, so she can only day-dream about life outside. She plays Godori, studies law and philosophy, practices calligraphy, and has mastered the art of graceful flower arrangements. She has a loyal companion, Umbra the Kazeriu, and a magical amulet that allows her to hear conversations from far away.

Little is known about Princess Terrana, a Gnorbu, except she trains all the time to become a warrior in the Shenkuu army. Her specialty is rock and mountain climbing.

How to be granted attendance:

If you’re a great Top Chop player, you get a chance to demonstrate your skills in front of the Emperor. It’s a very rare event, so better start training now.


  • Loving and gentle


  • Sometimes he’s too hard on Lunara, so much that she even tried running away from home.


  • The crew of the Cyodrake’s Gaze
  • The wise Gnorbu
  • Ogrin Master
  • None are accounted for, but it’s rumored that the Ninjas have a very old feud with the Pirates of Krawk Island.


Before the discovery of Neovia and Moltara, Tyrannia was the only democracy in Neopia. It is still the biggest and most important one, though. Governed by the Council of Elders, Tyrannia was the first Neopian land ever to fight off an invasion and triumph against the Monoceraptor army.

The council of elders is formed of Kyruggi, Grarrg, Tekeli-Li, Plesio, Sabre-X and Myncha. Each one of them has a job or two to keep. They meet in the Town Hall in times of need to plot and discuss everything together. Their specialties are as follows:

Kyruggi: Grand Elder

Grarrg: Tyrannian Battle Master

Tekeli-Li: Master of Spells and Potions

Plesio: Captain, Sea Division (also manages the Wheel of Mediocrity, where he’s bored all the time)

Sabre-X: Strategic War Division (and omelette supervision)

Myncha: Reconnaissance

How to be granted attendance:

You can meet the elders about town, checking on their people, running errands, or simply walking about.


  • Six heads are better than one.


  • The elders have a huge weakness towards the game of Go! Go! Go! You will find them all playing it most hours, Kyruggi being the most skilled one.
  • It’s also almost impossible to communicate with them, since they only speak Tyrannian. Ugga Ugg Ugg!
  • Brucey B - he also discovered Tyrannia
  • Sticks N Stones
  • Chomby and the Fungus Balls
(It’s always cool to have celebrity friends, especially rock bands.)


  • The Monoceraptor
  • The Beast in the Lair
*takes a deep breath*

Well, this is the end of my research - almost! Strangely, there are a few Neopian lands which don’t have a leader per se, but I still investigated them, and I came out with my own theories:

Haunted Woods:

It is widely accepted that the Brain Tree is the Supreme Being in the Haunted Woods, due to its superb intellect. You can pass by him, but be warned, he will ask you for information. His only friend appears to be the Esophagor.

Kiko Lake:

A small touristy place inhabited by Kikos, where Neopians go for boat rides and to buy some souvenirs. If they have a king, it was never mentioned. But really, do they even need one?

Krawk Island:

One word: Anarchy, or according to the Neopedia: Martial Law.

In this place, survival is for the strongest, whoever has the most dubloons, and the most skilled with a blade. Otherwise, you walk the plank, my friend. Currently, the most feared pirate of all is Captain Scarblade, but can he hold that title for long? Only time will tell.

Kreludor and Virtupets Space Station:

Years ago, these two satellites were controlled by the infamous Dr. Sloth. He is a megalomaniac tyrant, set only upon world domination. He enslaved the Grundos on Kreludor and used them for his evil plans. Luckily, he was fought by the Space Faerie and banished, not once but twice. Kreludor has since been free; the Grundos are now in control of their own lives, and VP station became a travel and leisure destination, but that can’t possibly be the end of Sloth, can it?

Mystery Island:

Much debate is conducted about who really rules this little piece of paradise. Is it the Tiki Tack Man from behind his mask? Is it the Island Mystic, who is able to predict the future? Or is it the mysterious Volcano? My personal guess is Mumbo Pango, the deity worshipped by the Cocos (including their chief, Umma Bunga), since he’s very big, powerful and always in demand of new food recipes. He is also known to like sacrifices, and many a TNT staff member was victim to the ritual.

Terror Mountain:

Taelia the Snow Faerie is the obvious choice here. It’s true that the Snowager is nicknamed the "king of worms", but that’s all what he is really, an ice worm.

Taelia, on the other hand, is a Faerie. She’s beautiful, kind, and powerful. Neopians love doing quests for her in exchange for some good rewards.


There is a deserted tomb which is thought to be of an ancient king or a powerful sorcerer, but no one knows for sure.

And last, but not least, we have Jell--------------- *BLAM* --- *is hit on the head*

*wakes up one day later*

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this. Now you have a better idea about who your own leader is. Personally, I’m going to pay Princess Lunara a visit to seek an ointment for my bump. See ya around...

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