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Top 10 List of Lists

by lil_princess_of_evil


Neopets has a list for everything you can think of somewhere on Neopia. Lists have a lot of uses. With a list, we know what is hot, what is not. With lists comes a chance to generate your own user statistics, and there is just something so attractive about statistics, real, falsified, and otherwise. So to keep up with the list trend, this is a list of everyone’s favorite lists on Neopets.

10 – Neopet Popularity List – I know what you’re asking, “How does the list of top pets only make number 10 on a website devoted to them?” Well, here is why. I like Myncies. I like Shoyrus equally as much as Myncies. Shoyrus make the top of the list and Myncies don’t. My Mynci is now super sad that she is only number 14 on the list. Any list that makes my Mynci sad shouldn’t be in the top 10, right? Well, it is still kind of cool to see what pets are being created more than others.

9 – Avatars List – I’ve discovered 285 avatars and I can only use one?! How do I choose which one represents me? You know you have spent lots of time in agony playing that one game over and over to finally get that avatar and never use it. The avatar list gets number nine on the top 10 list of lists because of all that suffering we go through in those games just to get that rare avatar we have no use for, but it’s still so shiny!

8 – Neofriends List – Having a few good neofriends make Neopia seem significantly more fun. If you don’t believe me, try getting a few for yourself. Just make sure that you’re actually willing to talk regularly. You will find it makes Neopia much more motivating to explore. I love the fact that I can see who is online to talk to at any given moment of my day.

7 – One Player Challenge List – Did Boochi just zap your favorite pet? If you are a Battledomer, or maybe just want to get that silly Brain Tree back for making you spend 50,000 neopoints on a quest just to get 100 neopoints in return, this is the list for you. There’s nothing like going to that One Player Challenge list and exacting the revenge you know you have wanted, but to go the Battledome and lose is just awkward. With this list, you can avoid those errors. This list gives you all of the information you need to beat those one player challengers. It shows you those relative strengths of each of those players, and how many times you have won or lost to them in the past, because we all know it is very uncouth to continuously exact revenge on one single enemy. Not a Battledomer? Well, there is always Punchbag Bob. He is always willing to take on a challenge, and won’t send you to the Healing Springs afterwards.

6 – Board Smilies – Clearly these were made for those of us who just get bored of reading all the time. Board smilies sum up everything we have to say and everything we just can’t put into words into one little image! How cool is that? And we have a whole list just for them! Smilies galore! Just make sure not to go too crazy with them. There is a limit of how many smilies are appropriate for one sentence.

5 - Neopedia – The ultimate collection of everything you need to know about your favorite heroes, villains, or other famous tales. If you have to be up to date on all of the latest neopets happenings, this is definitely the place to look.

4 - Neopies – Only the coolest award event in all of Neopia. The Neopies are the awards for the best of the best, and best of all, it is our chance to shine. Since we choose the winners, we get to decide the best of the best from the list they gave to us. Why is this not number one? Exceedingly long acceptance speeches get old really quickly.

3 – TNT Staff Standings – This one includes any TNT staff standings for any game, not just the Altador Cup. You know you have a favorite staff member out there that no matter how poorly they do, you just keep supporting them! It’s awesome to see our creators hard at work making our world fun, but it’s more fun watching them making fools of themselves, I mean enjoying themselves, at our expense! Plus, just looking at Senor Malo’s hair makes all of the TNT staff tournaments so worth it. *ogles* How DOES he get his hair like that?

2 – High Score Listings - Is there anything better than seeing your username posted all over the page? If you are a narcissist like me, you want everyone to know that you are the best. The High Score list for each game gives you that chance. Where else can you boast about your 1337 skills on neopets? We spend hours upon hours playing that one game that we initially liked, but no longer like because we have played it for so long. We also get a super nifty trophy alongside our name if we make it in the top of the list.

1 – Altador Cup Standings – Is there any reason to question why this is number one? We as a group spend hours upon hours playing games just to see our team be at the top of this list. We can see board posts months in advance of Neopians making their perfect list of their predicted final standings. A lot of people stay up every night past midnight, refreshing on that page just to see if their team won or lost for that day. There are tons of pet pages devoted to making their own standings known to Neopia. It also helps that this was written during the Altador Cup? As an added bonus, the Altador Cup gives us many lists to look at: List of wins, daily standings, and top goal scorers.

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