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Three Important Lessons I've Learned from a JubJub

by coco_bella


Throughout Neopia, there are lessons that can be learned. For instance, the Pant Devil has taught myself, and many of our fellow Neopians, the importance of locking our valuables up. Likewise, King Roo has taught us that even though five neopoints seems quite insignificant, after an hour of the ever-addicting Dice-A-Roo, your bank account will be quite significantly lower.

However important these lessons are, three of my most memorable, and significant, life lessons have all been taught to me by a JubJub. And- in honor of these influential JubJubs, I am here to teach you these lessons, so that they may better enrich your life and further your love for JubJubs.

Lesson #1: Mr. Zambra and the Importance of Music (and Feet)

It was not too long ago when I read an interview that featured Mr. Jub Zambra. In the interview, he talked about how he was raised a poor JubJub on the streets, and how he began his musical career in order to feed himself. I know that I have witnessed music cure my pet’s bad moods, and make me feel sudden desires to dance or sing, but before Mr. Zambra, I assumed that was all it could do. However, I know that music can do so much more-- it can change lives in ways never expected. Not only in his story very heart-warming, it is an inspirational tale that confirms what many of us suspected- music can truly be the cure for everything.

But the lesson does not stop there. In addition to teaching us the importance of music, Mr. Zambra has taught us the importance of feet. Many of us have been led to believe that feet are only important when we want to travel. However, by witnessing Mr. Zambra play at his concerts, it is obvious that feet have been truly underestimated. It leads me to ask myself- “If a musical legend can create such wonderful music with his feet, what undiscovered talent do mine hold?”

Lesson #2: Jarbjarb and the Lesson of Unexpected Surprises

As many of the Neopians who have participated in a game of Tyranu Evavu with Jarbjarb knows, life tends to be very unexpected, and equally frustrating. I have heard many Neopians grumble as they leave the Tyranu Evavu table, angry that their 14-win streak was ended by a “2” that they expected to truly be higher than a 3. Likewise, I myself have been a little peeved when I was sure that the card would be “Evavu”, but it turned out to be “Tyranu”.

After I empathize with these individuals, or scold myself in my mind for guessing the incorrect answer, I stop and think to myself about how uncannily Tyranu Evavu mimics life. All too often, I purchase my lovely pet a petpet or toy that I truly believe they will love. Instead, when I return home, I am yelled at for buying the wrong thing. Likewise, I am also known to assume that “today will be the day I win big from the Fruit Machine”, only to end up without a win. While I acknowledge that I am prone to assumptions and expectations based off of odds and hopeful thoughts, I know that I am not the only one who has been in this situation. That is why I am sharing this lesson with you, my fellow Neopians.

And, while it is not my favorite lesson to have been taught, I am very thankful that Jarbjarb has taught me that the only thing to expect is to be surprised by the unexpected. Next, I hope he’ll teach me the joy of winning Tyranu Evavu... but don’t we all?

Lesson #3: The Shop Wizard and the Importance of Being Specific

Never have I realized that there were so many things in Neopia, until I forget to be completely specific in my requests for the Shop Wizard. In my eager quest to find a Snorkle for my beloved pet, I quickly discovered over ten Snorkle-related items that I was not looking for. When I asked the Shop Wizard why he was doing this to me, he reminded me that I was not specific enough... I had forgotten to tell him that I want items “identical to my phrase”, and not “containing my phrase”. Or, perhaps you had forgotten to inform him that you want a faerie eraser, and not a faerie snowglobe-- as I have done before, as well. By leaving out words, our desire for “identical” or “containing” matches, and our key price range, Neopians can find themselves spending much more time than needed... and perhaps more neopoints on things not needed.

Although it may seem to be a meaningless lesson, and perhaps very nit-picky, I have come to realize that the Shop Wizard is quite wise, indeed. If you read deep, deep, deep between the lines, you begin to realize that he is asking you to ponder a philosophical question that has trumped the wisest of Neopians: “If you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, how can you find it?”

...And there you have it-- the three most important life lessons that could be taught, and all of them from JubJubs. Perhaps there is room for a fourth life lesson (The Importance of Important JubJubs and Their Life Lessons), or perhaps you think I am being over-zealous in my admiration for these JubJubs. Either way, I strongly urge you to ponder these life lessons in your spare time.

“Why?” you ask. Well, by knowing how important music and feet are, by realizing that you can never know what to expected except for unexpected surprises, and by understanding that being specific and fully understanding your deepest desires are key to life, you will be able to become a much more successful Neopian that can contribute more to Neopia than you ever desired. Granted, we may never become musical legends, the aggravator of many Tyranu Evavu players alike, or the wizard of all Neopian shops. However, we can utilize these important lessons and become much greater than that. We can become talented, feet-wielding, never-expecting, always-specific Neopians. And that, my friends, is a goal we should all move towards!

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