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500th Issue Special: 5OØ NeoQuest Questions Answered

by teleplay


Board 16 is a small board cramped between the ‘NC Mall’ thread to the North and ‘Neohomes’ to the South. It popped up one day in late 2001 when the Neopets Team felt it necessary for there to be a board where NeoQuesters could talk about their love for the game. But unlike its peers, the NeoQuest Chat moves very slowly, often going several hours without activity. Its neighbours often wonder why there is such a necessity for there to be a board about ‘NeoQuest’ at all. What is NeoQuest?

I know that a lot of people out there do not know exactly what ‘NeoQuest’ is or why it has its own board. Other games don’t have their own boards; they are discussed in the general ‘Games’ section. The NeoQuest series are very involved role-play games (RPG), and in each of them, you are the hero and you must trek and fight and regain certain things to help people in need.

I have taken the 50 most commonly asked questions or made mistakes and have answered them to the best of my abilities. Some of the information I present to you is general knowledge at the NeoQuest Chat and some of the other tidbits come from the ‘Rules’ section of the games. Please check out the Rules before and during your time playing the games. They were created to answer some basic questions.

I divide the guide into several sections to make it easier for you to locate answers. The 50 questions are divided into these three sections: ‘Questions that can be answered before starting your games’ (introduction to the games); ‘Questions that are asked during the play of the games’ (often game-specific questions); and ‘Questions asked in retrospect’ (or ‘what-if’s or other options to the game you can tackle once you have played the game through).

If you have any questions or concerns that have not been answered to your satisfaction in this article, you are more than welcome to Neomail me.

Some answers for the most perplexed of NeoQuest players.

Just a heads-up for all the readers:

  • I will be abbreviating NeoQuest and NeoQuest II to NQI and NQII respectively.
  • The act of playing NeoQuest is ‘NeoQuesting’ or ‘NQing’.
  • Although the (original) NeoQuest does not have a ‘I’ after it, I will be adding it here to differentiate it from the second game.
  • If I plan on referring to the NeoQuest Chat Board, I will abbreviate it to ‘NQC’.
  • Experience will be shortened to ‘EXP’.
  • People who play NeoQuest (especially experienced players) will be called NeoQuesters (‘NQers’).
  • Some questions will be general (i.e. the modes) and some series specific (i.e. currency used); please pay attention so that you are not confused. :)
  • Sometimes I will put in extra notes in brackets which guide you guys to other points I have made/ will be making.
  • Some points will not be questions. They may be mini-rants. I promise nothing.
  • If you are looking for certain keywords such as ‘level’ ‘difficult’ or ‘avatar’, then Ctrl+F to search for them in the article. :)

Onto the questions!

Introduction to the games...

These are some questions that can be answered even before starting your NeoQuest games.

1. What is NeoQuest (NQI)?
NeoQuest was announced in the News on October 15, 2001 (making this October 15th its ten-year anniversary!). The News informed us new adventurers that NeoQuest was, ‘a role-playing game where your Neopet controls the hero, a white Lupe, and tries to defeat the evil Jahbal’. To outline the main premise here, your (active) pet guides a young Lupe (known to us as The Lupe Hero from the Trading Cards) through the ancient world of Neopia as it existed a thousand years ago. Neopia has been overrun by corruption and the Lupe Hero must defeat monsters along the way to regain artifacts which help him learn not only the plot but also to upgrade his weapons and armour. In the final battles, the Lupe Hero comes face-to-face with the villains who contributed to the downfall of Neopia. With your help, the evils will be over-thrown and Neopia can go back to rebuilding itself for a brighter future.

As is with every RPG, the Lupe Hero will gain EXP from fighting monsters and bosses and will level up thusly. Certain items will be dropped by certain creatures which will help you make armour and weapons.

From time to time, you will be faced with NPCs (Non-Playable Characters). Many of them make some sort of small-talk with you, but others are very valuable. The Lupe Hero can be healed by certain NPCs and others can upgrade his weapons or armour (if given the right items).

2. What is NeoQuest II (NQII)?
NeoQuest II (or NQII) was officially launched on January 29, 2004. The News passed it off simply as a game ‘where you play Rohane, a young Blumaroo who has left his home in search of adventure ’. (Of course, we NQers have found out that it’s so much more than that.) You start off with a single player, Rohane, in a tiny Meridellian town by the name of Trestin Village. Rohane has just bid farewell to his mother and has started off his adventure. As you move on through the game, Rohane fights monsters and gains EXP to level up and defeat bosses that are terrorizing the townsfolk. With the help of his companions, Rohane saves the people of Terror Mountain, Lost Desert, and... well, I don’t want to give away the whole plot. ;) But our heroes find out that their adventures overshadow immediate dangers and that they are in more peril than perceived...

NQII follows the common RPG; you gain EXP from monsters and bosses and level up. Certain members in your party are specialized with certain abilities. NQII is different from its precursor, however, in that your party has four members instead of just one. You can buy potions and armour/weapons from towns and you can stay at inns to heal your party.

3. Why should I play NeoQuest? o_o
Well, you should play the NeoQuest series because they look appealing and you’re drawn to their plots, interesting characters and villainous villains. If that doesn’t really interest you, they give out pretty cool trophies and NP and item prizes (NQII only). You can also get avatars from the games; one from NQI and three from NQII (Note: I will be talking more about NQ-related avatars later on. Check point 30.)

Disclaimer: Hogging the library computers to play NQ and quell your NQ addiction *may* get you in trouble with the librarian. If this happens, neither I, nor the creator of the NeoQuest series or the NeoQuest Chat can be held responsible.

Oh, Little Timmy, you are in too deep.

4. Do I have to play/complete NQI to start on NQII?
No, they are unrelated games so you don’t have to play them in any order (other than the modes Normal then Evil! then InSaNe!). Most people have games in both NQs going simultaneously.

5. An Introduction to your party: Spelling the party’s names.
If you’re willing to play a game that you will be investing more than one hour of your life to, the least you could do is spell the characters’ names correctly when you ask about them at the NQC, right?

  • Let's start with Rohane; it’s R-O-H-A-N-E, not ‘Rohan’, not Rohain, not ‘Rawhide’. Just Rohane.
  • Mipsy gets called Mipspy, Missy, Mops, whatever you can think of. You spell her name M-I-P-S-Y and can call her Mips if you so wish.
  • Talinia has so many unrelated names! She is called Taliana, Talynia, Talnuya, possibly Tuna? If it helps you at all, her name is similar to a feminization of the word ‘talon’ (hooked claw of a bird), except with an ‘i’ instead of an ‘o’’. Many NQers call her Tali as an affectionate nickname.
  • V-E-L-M makes Velm! That’s pretty much it.

The Lupe Hero is a hero (H-E-R-O) who just happens to be a Lupe (L-U-P-E). Right. Excellent.

6. An Introduction to your party: The gender of the Lupe Hero (NQI) and the NQII party
Yes, people ask. :)
NeoQuest I: “You play the role of a Lupe who has been transported back in time and must find his way in this mysterious and magical world.” Even though the Lupe Hero takes the name of your active pet when you are playing the game, he will always be a male Lupe. Don’t worry; this does not alter the gender of your own pet if they are female. :)

NeoQuest II: For a sense of equality, the party you roam NQII is comprised of two males and two females. Rohane, the valiant protagonist, is a sword-wielding young man, joined by the young sorceress Mipsy, then the female archer Taliana and lastly by health-conscious healer Velm. He demands that you eat your vegetables.


7. An Introduction to your party: the Lupe Hero’s Skill Information.
The skills you can choose for the Lupe Hero are specialized in a certain aspect (for example, Spectral increases your defence) and with a combination of skills, your Lupe Hero can have an evenly matched offence and defence.

With NQI skills, you must invest in the previous skill before investing in the next one of the same list. For example, you need to invest in ‘Fire Weapons’ before you are allowed to put a skill point into ‘Firepower’. This is called a prerequisite. The first skill in a skill tree doesn't have any prerequisites, so you can always raise those as high as you want (max. 10).

The more skill points you invest in a certain skill, the higher the chance for it to occur during battle.

Fire Magic
Focuses entirely on the offensive.
Fire Weapons: Randomly does fire damage on top of your physical attack.
Firepower: Adds a boost to successfully-executed fire-based attacks such as Fire Ball and Wall of Flames. This includes any other attacks done by fire-based special powers, and fire-based damage shields.
Fire Ball: You can cast a Fire Ball instead of attacking; it does fire damage.
Wall of Flame: Opponent takes damage from Wall of Frames every time they physically attack.

Ice Magic
Focuses mostly on causing damage, with some disabling ability.
Ice Weapons: Randomly does ice damage on top of your physical attack.
Heart of Ice: Randomly freezes opponent; they are unable to attack for one round.
Snowball: You can cast a Snowball instead of attacking; it does ice damage.
Glacier Strike: An attack which does several times normal damage. Takes three rounds to charge and perform. If you do any physical attacks during these three turns, Glacier Strike is cancelled.

Shock Magic
Focuses on stunning and disabling opponents, with some defence.
Shock Weapons: Can randomly stun opponent for one round.
Disable: Your attacks can reduce opponent’s defence.
Fortitude: You become more resistant to heat, cold, and stun.
Shockwave: Your attack can create a Shockwave, stunning and doing damage against them.

Spectral Magic
Focuses on defence, with some counterattack.
Spectral Weapons: Increases your defence.
Evasion: Increases chance of dodging physical attacks.
Absorption: Allows you to convert the monster’s attack into health, healing you slightly.
Reflex: Reflects opponent’s damage back to them.

Life Magic
Focuses entirely on healing.
Life Weapons: Higher chance of healing as you walk around. Chance increases if you are wielding a Life weapon. Healing potions also gain +1 health for every skill point you invest in this skill. Example: Weak Healing Potion normally heals for 10HP. If you invest three points in this skill, it will be 10HP + 3 = a Weak Healing Potion will now heal for 13HP.
Field Medic: You regenerate HP every round in battle.
Lifesteal: A fraction of the damage you do comes back to you as health.
Resurrection: You have a chance of returning to life when your HP hits zero. If it works, you will regain 50% of your health.

So these are the skills of NQI. They are pretty straight-forward. I recommend that you invest in Shock, Spectral and Life especially.

And um... laser eyes? *gulp*

8. An Introduction to your party: the NQII Party’s Skill Information.
It is best to read up on the skills of each of your party members. The ‘Skills’ link is located between the ‘Level’ and ‘Health’ columns above your game.

Rohane wields a sword and wears chain mail armour so we will simply call him a swordsman. He is your starting player so you will always get the hang out his skill points quicker. His skills revolve around his brute strength and increasing damage output.

Because Rohane has the highest HP amongst your party members, you can invest in a skill called ‘Battle Taunt’, which causes the enemies to focus their attacks on the taunter (Rohane) rather than the rest of the party.

‘Damage Increase’ and ‘Critical Attacks’ especially are two very important skills for you to invest in. ‘Damage Increase’ ensures that Rohane’s damage against monsters will increase; ‘Critical Attacks’ often allows Rohane to hit them with a Critical Strike- this is when he hits for more than the normal melee damage. So, ‘DI’ increases the constant and ‘CA’ is like a very appreciated (and random) bonus.

‘Combat Focus’ is a skill that, when activated, gives a boost to Rohane’s defence. The downside is that his attack is decreased, so if you are a person who relies more on a member’s defence rather than their offence, this might be for you. This skill is not one that you necessarily need to use in the game, but in the end, it is the player’s choice.

‘Stunning Strikes’ is a skill that has a random chance of delaying the enemy’s attack. So if Rohane’s attack makes contact and you have invested in this skill, there is a chance that Rohane will delay that monster’s turn. The up-side to this is that your own party may be able to get some turns in before your enemy has the offence.

*Both Tali and Rohane have a skill called ‘Magic Resistance’. As the name suggests, this allows for them to gain some sort of resistance to magic, so if they are attacked, the monsters’ attacks might miss OR they might do a downgraded amount of damage against them. Keep in mind that Tali and Rohane use physical weapons like swords and arrows, whereas Mipsy and Velm use magic.

Rohane’s best defence is usually his impeccable offence and he is quite the heavy hitter. He is the archetypal hero and your party’s brave leader. But more than that, He Is A Dude With A Sword, and we’ve all seen enough movies to see how those are. Dependable? Of course. With him in your party, you are set to save Neopia. :)


Mipsy is your sorceress and Rohane’s right-hand lady. She depends entirely on magic and is a rather weak hitter without her wand. Her magic is quite powerful, though, and a few of her skills are quite beneficial to your entire team.

‘Direct Damage’ (DD) and ‘Group Direct Damage’ (GDD) are Mipsy’s signature skills. The difference between the two is that with ‘Direct Damage’, a bolt of magic is aimed at a single monster, whereas with ‘Group Direct Damage’, the magic is divided and can hit a maximum of four monsters. ‘DD’ usually hits for higher damage since it is a single concentration of Mipsy’s magic, though some prefer ‘GDD’ because it weakens more monsters in one go. When maxed out, ‘DD’ dishes out 100 damage; ‘GDD’ can do a maximum of 64 damage per monster in the fight (so 64 x 4 = 256 damage in total in four-monster battles).

‘Group Haste’ and ‘Damage Shields’ are skills beneficial for your entire party. If ‘Group Haste’ is cast by Mipsy, it ensures that the attack frequency of the group rises (meaning that their turn in an attack comes by sooner). ‘Damage Shields’ provide a wall of magic which will hurt any enemy who physically attacks the party when this has been cast. This only works for physical- (i.e. close-combat)-attacks like the ones Rohane dishes out, since that is when the enemy needs to be close enough to hit the party. Monsters who use magic to attack will not be affected by Mipsy’s ‘Damage Shield’.

‘Slowing’ is another skill that can be cast by Mipsy which can slow the targeted monsters. It is similar to Rohane’s ‘Stunning Strikes’ because they both delay the monsters' turns. This allows for your party to get more time to attack.

*Both Mipsy and Velm have a skill called ‘Innate Defense’. As the name suggests, this increases their defence so they are better able to block damage against them. Velm and Mipsy are both quite weak characters who use magic primarily to shield the party, so this helps them boost their own defence.

Mipsy can dish out a great deal of damage and she is a formidable ally to Rohane near the beginning of the game. She is, however, quite frail and you need to take good care of her. Make sure you have stocked up on Healing Potions and a few Resurrection Potions. Don’t be alarmed if you find Mipsy’s health in the red from time-to-time. Happens to the best of us.


I would not be lying if I told you that Talinia is one of the coolest characters in the game. She is an archer and a very good one at that, though her state near the beginning of the game can throw a few players off. Tali gets much stronger later on and she can dish out a bit of damage. Like Rohane, she relies on raw power and can use multiple arrows if you invest in the right skills.

‘Increased Bow Damage’ is exactly like Rohane’s ‘Damage Increase’. When you invest in this, Tali’s damage input increases. I would recommend that you invest in this.

‘Multiple Targets’ is like Mipsy’s ‘Group Direct Damage’; she attacks with more arrows in one turn the higher her skill. She will start using four arrows when her skill has been raised to 11. You have to wait a bit until you can activate this again in a battle.

Pew! Whoosh!

‘Ranged Attacks’, ‘Shockwave’ and ‘Slowing Strike’ all have the same premise; they stun or slow down the enemy. With ‘Ranged Attacks’, the enemy is slowed when they attack Tali. ‘Shockwave’ is a skill that works randomly, but when it does work, it stuns all opponents that Tali has attacked in that turn. ‘Shockwave’ is just like Rohane’s ‘Stunning Strikes’ but a bit weaker. ‘Slowing Strike’ is a skill which allows for Tali to slow down her opponents with every successful hit. When she strikes the monsters, they are slowed a certain percentage (depending on the amount you have invested in this skill). These percentages add up. So, if Tali hit a monster for 2% and it is her turn again, she will add 2% more and the monster will be slowed down by 4%.

*Both Tali and Rohane have a skill called ‘Magic Resistance’. As the name suggests, this allows for them to gain some sort of resistance to magic, so if they are attacked, the monsters’ attacks might miss OR they might do a downgraded amount of damage against them. Keep in mind that Tali and Rohane use physical weapons like swords and arrows, whereas Mipsy and Velm use magic.

Talinia’s skills primarily revolve around increased offensive output and stunning or slowing her opponents. Grouped with Rohane, Tali is an offensive powerhouse and will be sure to bring foes to their feet. And she says the most motivational of things.


Velm is your party’s healer. He is not a very strong fighter but he makes it all up with his healing and defensive magic.

Velm’s ‘Healing’ and ‘Group Healing’ are very similar to Mipsy’s ‘Direct Damages’; ‘Healing’ can only be used on a single party member whereas ‘Group Healing’ can be used on all members of your party. ‘Healing’ can heal an individual party member 150 HP when Velm’s skill is 15. ‘Group Healing’ can heal the entire party 90 HP each (90 x 4 = 360 HP in total for your entire party). You absolutely *should* invest in either of these skills.

‘Group Shielding’ is a skill that increases the defence of the entire party so they are less susceptible to monster or boss attacks. When this skill is 15, it raises their defence by 30.

‘Mesmerization’ is a skill that, when used, will increase the monster or boss’s waiting time to attack. This increase by quite a lot (for example, from 2 to 19 seconds), so your party may get more turns in.

‘Celestial Hammer’ is an attack that does both damage and can stun the opponent. It can stun for 3 seconds when the skill is 15.

*Both Mipsy and Velm have a skill called ‘Innate Defense’. As the name suggests, this increases their defence so they are better able to block damage against them. Velm and Mipsy are both quite weak characters who use magic primarily to shield the party, so this helps them boost their own defence.

Velm is your primary healer and is not very strong, so he is in charge of defending ‘the base’ as one would call it. He can usually hold his own since he can heal himself, but watch that he is not slowed down too much by the bosses. If Velm is defeated, you will have a difficult time healing, shielding and hasting your party all at once. Velm also helps you keep a strong depository of healing potions so all you have to worry about is using them against the final boss.

Innate Haste decreases time between attacks and this is a skill shared by all four party members.

All right, that’s the NQII party’s skills explained. :) Hope I was able to simplify things a bit.

9. I just started on it and was wondering if the games were Random Event-friendly.
They are both non-flash games, so yes, Random Events will pop up from time to time. If you don’t want Boochi to zap your pretty active pets, I’d recommend that you change your Actives when you are playing NQII.

10. Is There a NQ time limit?
Nope! I have several friends who finished their games in 1000-plus days and others who finished in less than a week! You should be NQing when you have the time to do it. Though TNT has started to erase inactive NQI games... (Note: Please read over point 45 about inactive NQI games.)

11. How do I save my progress?
Both games automatically save, so all you have to worry about is saving Neopia from the vampire bearogs. :)

+= ???

12. I think I might need help with my NeoQuest games but I don’t know where to go for help!
You are always welcome to hang out at the NeoQuest Chat Board! It was launched on the 17th of October in 2001 so you may have seen it on the Boards List page. All of the people there are very nice and friendly and are more than willing to help. Just make sure you follow the general board etiquette. Read the boards that have been created before making your own—we may have already answered your question.

Questions which can be answered during playing...

These are some game-specific questions which are often asked when playing the game.

13. Help! How do I move around the screen, I’m stuck!
The compass adjacent and to the right of your NeoQuest “screen” is what you must click on to make your party move throughout the game. You need to click on the arrow to go in that particular direction. This is the only way to move through the game.

Click the arrows to move in that direction.

14. What does it mean when it says ‘Normal’ (walking) mode? What is Hunting and Sneaking? Why doesn’t NQII have a Sneaking mode?
Normal, Sneaking or Hunting are your walking modes, which determine the chances of monsters attacking you.

In Normal mode, monsters do attack once in a while but not as often as in the Hunting mode.

‘Hunting mode’, as its name suggests, means that you are on a prowling lookout for monsters to battle. This is usually the mode to choose if you want to gain EXP and level up as quickly as you can. Your voyage will be slower (since monsters will be attacking more frequently) but you can gain quite a few pretty levels. Hunting mode also allows for you to gain gold that the monsters drop in NQII. I usually play through my NQII games on Hunting mode and have quite a bit of gold left over before the final boss.

Now, unlike NQII, NQI has a ‘Sneaking’ mode option which allows for the Lupe Hero to trek very long distances without being detected and attacked by monsters. Personally, I think this was a good choice for them to put into the original game and leave out of NQII. ‘Why is that’, you might ask? In NQI you have a sole party member and the game would get overwhelming if you were constantly being attacked by monsters, wouldn’t it? The Lupe Hero can only use the Healing Potions that are dropped by monsters and he can’t go into a town to buy some more. Ergo, he gets to sneak around and save himself some stress. In NQII on the other hand, you have a four-person party (unless you decide to play with an incomplete party), the ability to pick up Healing Potions from monsters AND towns and you are blessed with your own Velm the healer. Also, if you think about it, Rohane’s armour *must* make quite some noise. I doubt you could sneak around with that metal man.

Having a Sneaking mode on NQII seems like it would just be making the game way too easy, though I do understand it when new players complain about the game taking too long without it.

15. I’m in the beginning of my NQI game. I need someone to create my armour/weapon for me and I don’t know where they are! Help?
It is not so obvious, but there are other residents in Neopia City.

  • Eleus Batrin, located in the middle tile, is your main story teller and will be creating your Str-6 wand.

  • Lummock Sendent is located in the top-right tile and he can create you another str-3 starting wand if you are not happy with your starting choice. Certain skills and wands complement and even boost each other's skills (such as Life wands allowing you to heal while walking around), so if you think you made a mistake and want another wand, Lummock is there for you.

  • Boraxis the Healer is located at the top-left tile and as his name suggests he will heal you to full health. Don’t shy from using his healing services!

  • Morax Dorangis is located at the bottom-left tile. He can create you a Def-3 Energy armour, the Energy Shield or a Def-3 Magical armour, the Cloth Robe. You should definitely invest in one of these in the beginning of your game until you can get an upgrade from Choras Tillie (it does not matter which one you chose to go with at this point).

  • Choras Tillie will be your last armour upgrade in Neopia City. He is located at the bottom-right tile and can make you Def-6 armour. You have a choice between the Magical armour Magic Robe and the Energy armour, Mirrored Force Field. Again it doesn’t matter which one you choose at this point.

These are the only ones I will be covering mainly because this is one of the only town-like establishments where there are more than one wand/armour makers and it can get confusing for players.

Neopia City.

16. ‘I am trying to enter a Cave/Ruins/Town etc. and I can’t. Help!’ OR ‘I am trying to talk to a NPC and I can’t start a conversation with them! What is up with that?’ (NQI)
You have to stand right ON the square with the entrance or exit and click the "Go!" link that will show up under your compass to enter or exit a location. Same thing goes for the NPCs; you have to stand on the square with them to get a conversation started. A bit daft, aren’t they?

17. Are there any NPCs (Non-Player Characters) I need to talk to or can I ignore them all?
This is... a very difficult question to answer. NPCs were added to both games to help you out to some extent. In NQI, there are several important NPCs who help you upgrade weapons and armour (and one who gives you an avatar). In NQII, some NPCs allow you to rest at their homes free of charge. Sometimes you can do little ‘quests’ for discounts at shops (for example, in one town, a child goes missing and finding them allows you to get discounts). Some NPCs tell you more about the plot so you have a clearer understanding of your situation and what you need to do. Others are just there to be silly (though you do learn what a glottal stop is from one!).

I imagine that most of you are using some sort of walkthrough, one which tells you which NPCs to talk to. If you are not, my advice is that you talk to all the NPCs in a town in NQI. In NQII, I’d say talk to everyone if you are interested in finding out how to get a discount. If you couldn’t care less about getting discounts, then just talk to the shop owners and that’s it.

18. How do you buy things? What currency do you use in the games?
The only way you can upgrade your wands or armour in NQI is by bringing very specific items to certain NPCs. Healing Potions are dropped by various monsters and bosses throughout the game.

In NQII, you use gold which is dropped by monsters or bosses you defeat in battle. With this gold, you can upgrade your party’s gear and sleep at inns. If you are short on gold, you can sell some of your stuff, such as extra or useless weapons you may have. If your entire party is defeated in battle, you find yourself at your last resting spot and you lose half of your gold (In InSaNe! mode you have to restart your game).

19. Where Can I Buy Healing Flasks/Armour/Weapons etc.?
In NQI, the only option you have of collecting Healing Potions is by taking them off of defeated monsters. Weapons are made by various Non-Player Characters (NPCs) you encounter in the game. They will ask you for specific items to create your desired weapons or armour.

In NQII you will usually come upon villages or the like, which will have an armoury, weaponry and a potion store. You will not have to go out of your way to get them as these villages are usually on your way to the next boss.

20. Is there much point in Mipsy having stronger wands? Someone told me not to buy her a wand from the stores. Why?
The thing about Mipsy is that she is not a very strong hitter unless she is doing magic. Because of this, you should be equipping her with wands that have bonus skill points (example: you can pick up a ‘scratched wand’ in the first Chapter of NQII. This adds one bonus point to the skill ‘Direct Damage’ indicated by a +1). When you go into any town to stay at an inn or upgrade your armour and weapons, you may have noticed that they equipment you can buy does not come with these bonus points, so there is no point in upgrading Mipsy’s wand by buying them from towns. Just wait for bosses and monsters to drop wands with good bonus skills. This is unlike Tali and Rohane who are quite strong with both un-skilled weapons and those that add bonus points.

21. I heard that monsters drop weapons/armour. Is this true? (NQII)
Monsters do drop weapons and armour in NQII Evil! and InSaNe! mode but *not* on Normal. These are quite random encounters, though.

22. Is there any benefit to owning more than one of the same sword (/armour/weapon)? Or is it just a waste of money?
Normal mode: I would say that it is not beneficial to own more than one of the same weapon/armour. On Normal mode, the only time you can get these (out of shops) is during boss fights and that should be enough for you (unless the boss drops some lame loot. Then you’ll have to upgrade your party in the shops).

Evil! And InSaNe! modes: Now, the thing about Evil! And InSaNe! is that monsters have a chance of dropping loot as well. This may be to make the modes a bit easier for the players. I have had several instances where monsters dropped quite a few of the same armour or weapons for my party. If that happens, you can sell the extra loot in the shops. Sweet, huh?

23. Chapters and levels are different things! (NQII)
This is a shout-out to all those people who are rushing to get their avatars or trophies. You obtain a new level by fighting monsters or bosses and gaining enough EXP to level up. You move onto a new chapter when you have defeated all the bosses in your path.

When you defeat the final boss of that chapter, you will automatically be taken to the page with a cutscene so you can see how your party did and what they have to do next. This happens AUTOMATICALLY so do not worry about having to do anything to initiate it besides beating the boss.

24. I heard that some bosses in NQI and NQII are skippable. Which ones are they?
NQI: the first ten bosses are skippable. Bam.

NQII: I don’t know if I can say straight-out which ones you can skip (as that would be giving away a lot of the plot), so I will give hints. :) There are four skippable bosses in total: the first boss in the first chapter; the first boss in the second chapter; the first and fourth bosses in the fourth chapter. Normally these bosses aren’t difficult so I wouldn’t recommend that you skip them (unless you’re going for the race trophy).

Just a heads up: the fourth boss in the fourth chapter is quite annoying, but he passed away recently, so we’ll give him a break.

*sigh* *twirls moustache sadly*

25. Normal? Evil!? InSaNe!?!? What is this I don’t even—
Both NeoQuest I and NeoQuest II are comprised of three different modes or difficulty levels. You will always start on Normal mode, which is the easiest, and you must complete this to move onto Evil! Mode. Once you complete Evil!, you can move onto InSaNe! mode. Please note, you HAVE to complete them in order; you cannot skip from Normal to InSaNe!

26. What is the max. level you can be in the games?
NQI: The max. level is 50. Past this, you do not gain any EXP since you will not be able to level up.

NQII: The max. level your party can be is 60. You will not gain any EXP after you party has reached this level. If a member of your party is lagging behind EXP-wise, that’s fine. Not everyone has to reach the final level at the same time.

You can pick up dropped items when you have reached the max. level, just not gain EXP.

27. Some people told me not to max out my skill points until the end of the game. Why do I have to wait that long?
You don’t have to wait until the end of the end if you don’t want to. :) The idea behind waiting that long is that the bosses in Chapter 5 drop off your final armour/weapon upgrades before you face The Final Boss *dun dun dunnn!*. These items usually some with skill ‘boosts’ (so for example, an item might give you +2 skill in Direct Damage); because these items give you boosts in certain skills themselves, it is good to wait until you see what you need to ‘fill in’ the rest to even out your skills. If you max all of your skills and then receive these items, your skills can’t go past the maximum of 15 and the boosts they give are null.

When you wait until the end to receive your final stuff, you can put your extra skills in other areas to maximize your character’s output.

You better hope to get some of us before the final boss!

28. Do I have to be so-and-so level to beat so-and-so boss because the guide tells me to be?
Nope! Guides are created for you to check your progress on. Don’t be afraid to deviate from a guide and play how you feel most comfortable. Level guides, especially, confuse a few players because they tend to defeat bosses a few levels below the recommended number. You have to remember that guides are made for the general public, so there are some very cautious players who are scared of dying even on the simplest of difficulties. These people may follow the guides vehemently whereas others will take more chances with their games. It is your game to play so don’t be afraid to listen to your gut instinct.

29. If the game glitches...
This is a complete nightmare for NQers, especially those who have never come across it before. Here are several questions to see what exactly the problem is:

Where are you in your game? What is your *exact* location?
Have you cleared your cache? Has this solved the problem?
What mode are you playing on?
Can you move at all? Are monsters able to attack you?

I will not be going over how to clear your cache in the guide since different browsers have different methods of going about this, but there are some pet pages which tell you what to do.

People who are not suffering from any glitches (they don’t think) but have gotten lost in their current location: Sometimes, people make wrong turns in maze-like caves and lose themselves. If they are not using maps, this becomes alarmingly annoying and the player will want to tear out their hair. If this is a situation where you’re just lost, we can direct you to maps which can help you get out of the rut.

People who have been transported to tiles where you cannot normally move (i.e. mountains, tables etc) and are stuck: I never understood why your party could not climb trees. That would be extremely helpful in understanding just where they are. But anyway, if you are stuck in this situation I’d say clear your cache. If the problem persists, then send TNT a ticket.

All the tiles are the same and you don’t know where you are going: There are times where all the tiles in the game become the exact same, and you don’t know where you are or what you are doing. In this situation, I would advise that you clear your cache and cookies.

All the tiles are the same and you don’t know where you are going (and clearing your cache has not worked): At this point, I would ask you what mode you are playing on, if you can move, and if monsters are able to attack you.

  • If you are playing on a mode OTHER THAN InSaNe! And you ARE able to move and monsters ARE attacking you, I would suggest that you attempt to be defeated by them and see if you can go back to your last resting spot. I know this sounds quite harsh but sometimes certain maps get stuck and if the problem is not with your cache it might just be the game glitching. So you walk about blindly and monsters attack you and your party is defeated. If you are sent back to your location and the glitch is gone, then that’s awesome. If not, then I’d say try clearing your cache one more time for good measure; if that doesn’t work, then you might want to send in a ticket.
  • If you are playing on a mode OTHER THAN InSaNe! And you are NOT able to move, then I would say, definitely send in a ticket. You are lost in limbo, my friend, and they don’t give you the option of going to your last resting spot via defeat like the above option.
  • If you are playing on InSaNe! mode and have gotten quite far in the game, then I would say: DO NOTHING. Send in a ticket and wait for TNT to get back to you.

Players keep getting white screens while playing: This happens from time to time and it is usually related to the Neopets servers. I would say that you should just take a break from your game and not put yourself in any jeopardy. The problem will most likely be dealt with as soon as possible (since the white screens affect all of Neopets and not just the NQ games).

Players keep getting signed out while playing: This is an extremely sketchy situation. Like the white screens, being continuously logged out of your account can just be a server problem but most people do not want to take any chances. See if this is happening only while playing NeoQuest or other non-flash games. If so, it is most likely related to Neopets. If you are still a bit shook up over this, clear your cache and cookies and try playing again. If you keep getting signed out, I’d say you should take a break from the games for a few hours and see if the glitch is fixed then.

You can always just stop playing your game and wait a couple of days to see if the problem has been solved. My advice above is for those who want to get a grasp of what is happening and if their situation is common.

What’s this now?

30. Where are the avatars located? When do I get them?
NeoQuest I offers one avatar and NeoQuest II offers three, so if you’re patient enough to play through both games, you finish with four new avatars!

NQI offers an avatar after you defeat the Archmagus of Roo. He is located in the Temple of Roo and will be the fifth boss you have to face. When you defeat him, you will obtain the Clouded Gem. Trek back to the mouth of the temple where a lone Cybunny by the name of Erick is resting. Give him the Clouded Gem and he will turn it into a Coruscating Gem!

Erick (à la Columbo): Oh, there's just one more thing...

The first NQII avatar can be obtained in the Western Plains which surround the village of Trestin (your starting location).
The second and third avatars are obtained in the final Chapter of the game (Please refer to point #23 to get a refresher for what ‘chapters’ are). I don’t want to give away much of the plot, but these should be around the same area as the Devilpuss so you won’t have a difficult time finding them.

Plains Lupe: Erick, don’t start about your wife again...

31. I think I may need some guides. Help, please!
Calm down, it’s okay! Check the threads at the NeoQuest Chat. Some helpful oldies tend to post threads that link to pet pages with guides for both NQI and NQII. If you can’t see any on the first (or even second) pages, then wait a bit longer. Someone will come to your rescue. :)
Note: If all you need is a level guide, then we have a board floating around for that. You shouldn’t have too much trouble finding it.

Questions asked in retrospect or what-ifs and other scenarios...

These are questions which can be asked and answered after having played the game through once.

32. Why aren’t these games Flash? I’m so sick of clicking to do everything.
I personally don’t know anything about creating Flash games, but I’m pretty sure that Flash NeoQuest would take A LOT of space on the servers and would be near-impossible to play on the older computers. You would lose your place if you cleared your cache or cookies and glitches in the game would muck up certain parts. Some greedy players would try cheating in the game—I don’t know how but there are quite desperate people out there— and ruin the fun for everyone.

Certain aspects of the game would be lost if NeoQuest were turned into a Flash game. For example, we would lose the Random Events which many people like about the game. I don’t know if we could find out how long the games took us to complete. There is a possibility that your location in the game would be lost if you tried playing on another computer. Again, I don’t know anything about developing games so these are just some reasons as to why the NeoQuest series is not in Flash.

On top of this, the games were released in the early 00s, and Neopets was quite young. The staff had a lot more things to worry about content-wise. You never know; if they ever decide to release NQIII, it might be a Flash game.

33. Which do you think is better, NeoQuest I or II?
People seem to think that one has to be better than the other. This will always be a personal preference and I would advise that you come to your own conclusion about the series by playing it through once yourself. All I can say is that NQI has a stronger and interesting plotline whereas NQII is quite aesthetically pleasing (have you seen the Cloudbeasts? Gorgeous.) There are so many aspects of either game you would have to take into consideration when you attempt to compare them: party size, armour or weapons you are allowed, monsters, boss characteristics, graphics, easiness level... You shouldn’t base your own preference on someone else’s biases towards a game, though it is always fun to discuss the awesomeness of both as a group. Some NQers do pick between them but will continue to play both games for the fun of it.

Cloudbeast: *bats lashes*

34. Help! I made some skill errors/ want to restart my NQI/NQII game for some other reason! How do I reset my skills?
I would advise you to think very carefully before restarting your NQ games. The thing about making skill errors is that there are so many combinations with which you could play the games that there is no wrong way of playing. But if you feel as though you seriously mucked up your game, then here are directions to restarting them:

NeoQuest I: Go to ‘Options’. You will see text at the bottom like this: ‘Start new game: Normal | Evil | Insane’. If you have played on difficulties other than Normal, you can choose which difficulty you’d like to restart your game on.

NeoQuest II: Go to ‘Options’ and you will see text reading ‘Restart the game’. If you have played on difficulties other than Normal, you can choose which difficulty you’d like to restart your game on.

35. How do I see how long NeoQuest took me?
You should be able to locate the link ‘Options’ under the compass. Click that and it will show you.

36. Do you lose your bronze trophy if you start playing NQ I/II all over again?
Nope! :) Your trophies are upgraded as you defeat each difficulty. You start off with a bronze trophy which is upgraded to silver after defeating Evil! mode. Once you complete a game on InSaNe! mode, you trophy is upgraded to gold!

37. Are the prizes random? (NQII)
Yes! The prizes have, are and always will be random! It does not matter what your little sister’s baby sitter’s aunt’s veterinarian’s third cousin once-removed has heard from so-on-so and told you; NQII prizes are random. There is no time glitch that helps you get the best/worst prize for completing your game. Using the best weapons or even the second-best or third-best weapons does not matter. You will get the prize you receive by random draw. You may not be happy with the prize you receive, but that’s what the Trading Post is for, right?

38. Why didn't I get anything for playing NQII InSaNe! a second time? Is there a glitch?
You can only win prizes from NQII InSanE! once. I’m pretty sure you would have to be quite InSaNe! to play multiple games on that mode... heh. (But seriously, that’s some dedication to the game and I tip my hat to you.) The prizes you get from NQII InSaNe! are worth quite a lot and it would not be fair if a player was able to get fifteen NQII weapons and then tip the prices and cause utter MADNESS FOR ALL! *Muahahahha*!

Mr Insane: Say it with me now, MuhaHAAAAhahahaHAHHAAHHAHA!

39. Does anything change between the modes?
In NQI InSaNe! mode, you have to gain twice the amount of EXP to level up. Monsters are also more difficult overall and items are scarcer.

With each difficulty of your NQI game, another ‘final boss’ is added. You are not given time to take a break between them; if you are skilled enough to defeat one, the next jumps in at once.

In NeoQuest II, you are awarded 10,000 NP for completing Normal mode, 30,000 NP for completing Evil! mode and 50,000 NP for completing InSaNe! mode. You will win this amount every time you complete the game.

You are also awarded one of four Battledome weapons from each difficulty; the rarity of the weapon depends on what mode you have completed. You can win an item every time you complete Normal and Evil! modes but you only get one item ever from InSaNe!.

In NQII Evil! and InSaNe! modes, monsters may randomly drop weapons or armour. Coincidentally, items in the shops cost more than in Normal mode.

In NQII Evil! mode, the monsters have 1.5 times more HP. On InSaNe! mode, they have double the HP. An example: The Rock Grarrl is a monster found in Chapter Two. Its HP on Normal mode is 115. On Evil! mode, it is 115 x 1.5 = 172 (rounded down); 115 x 2 = 230 HP on InSaNe! mode.

On both InSaNe! modes, if your party is defeated completely (i.e. everyone faints), then you have to start over from the beginning of the game. You have to be very careful on InSaNe! mode and make sure to watch your party’s health.

40. What happens if you die in NQI?
Thing is, you don’t use gold in NQI so what do you lose? Your EXP! The higher your level when you are defeated, the more EXP you lose, but you will never lose enough EXP to go down a level. Also, you will be sent back to Neopia City no matter what your current location.

If the Lupe Hero is defeated in NQI InSaNe!, you have to start over completely. The same goes for NQII, which I go over in the next two points.

41. What happens if one of your party members dies on Evil! ? And what happens on InSaNe! ? (NQII)
If this is a hypothetical situation where only one or two (out of your full 4-person party) is “defeated”, then nothing really happens. They’re just dragged around the map while your conscious party members gain experience and level up. This can really irk people who like it when their party have close EXP points (which means that they will level up relatively close to each other); my advice would be to carry around Regeneration Potions at all times—most NQers will tell you that you will need them most just after picking up Mipsy in Chapter 1! You can also stay at inns to regain all lost HP and to wake your defeated party member(s).

42. What happens if your ENTIRE party dies in NQII?
On Normal and Evil! modes, you lose half of your gold and find yourself awaking at your last resting spot (so if you took a little nap at the Adventurers' Camp and are defeated in the Lost Caves just afterwards, you will find yourself back at the Camp).

On InSaNe! mode, however, you have to restart your game from the BEGINNING: you’re Rohane will the smelly cloth armour bidding farewell to your mother as you start your adventure anew. You lose your EXP, you lose your party; it’s as if you just up and decided to delete your game. So you have to be VERY careful on InSaNe! mode and make sure that none of your party members are in the red.

Off to make Mum proud!

43. What do you mean by a no-(character) game? Don’t you need them all?! (NQII)
Well, yes and no. I would advise beginner players to play with a full party before trying out any no-character games. Besides Rohane, all other party members are optional to pick up. If you do not wish to have a certain member in your party (for example, Talinia), then you can just pass by them and continue on your way. If you change your mind and want to add them to the party, you can find them in different locations in every chapter. So, that’s what a no-character game is.

Some people play no-Rohane games which can throw new players off. How can you play a no-Rohane game if he is the protagonist? Simple: you kill him off (dun dun dunnn!!!) –Mipsy, Tali and Velm gasp- Now, okay, no, he doesn’t... he doesn’t “die” die. You just let the monsters hit him constantly while healing the rest of your party with healing potions. Once Rohane is defeated, you’re on your way to playing a no-Rohane game. Of course if you decide to stay at an inn, he regains his health points so you have to knock him out again, poor guy...

Why would someone decide to play a no-character game? NeoQuest II gets quite repetitive very quickly. To keep from getting bored, players come up with different strategies such as no-character games. Also, the fewer members you have in your party, the more EXP an individual receives and therefore the quicker they level up.

44. What is the point of fighting skippable bosses?
Some do it for the adrenaline rush, others for the EXP or items (if applicable) they drop. In NeoQuest I, the first ten bosses are skippable, but we wouldn’t recommend that you skip them; you would be missing out on some awesome plot and stories about Ancient Neopia. You also definitely need the EXP these bosses give once you defeat them. More importantly, though, is the fact that these skippable bosses drop items which are necessary for the Lupe Hero to update his armour and weapons. (Note: if you’re trying for the NQI/NQII Race Trophies and want to skip bosses/ want to know which bosses are skippable, please read over point #24.)

45. When I went to start playing NeoQuest I again to finish the game it didn’t save my game and I’m back at the start! (& I have more than one pet.)
You may want to check which active pet you are using to play the game. Each of your pets can hold a different NQI game so it is important to take note of which pet is where in the game. So that means that if you were playing your NQI game on NEOPET1 and switched to NEOPET2, then your game is still on your first pet and all you have to do is switch back to them to play.

46. When I went to start playing NeoQuest I again to finish the game it didn’t save my game and I’m back at the start! (& I haven’t played the game in over a year.)
TNT has started deleting games that are left untouched for over a year, to save space on their servers. If you do not have time at the moment to sit down and complete your current NQI game, I would advise that you defeat at least ONE monster before going back on hiatus. This ensures that your game will not be deleted for a year.

47. I died on InSaNe! mode and they restarted my game, what happened?
Please read over points 39, 40 and 42.

48. What do I do after I beat the game?
You dance and pat yourself on the back for being more patient than most of the people on Neopets! If this was your first time playing, I’d recommend trying to update your trophy to silver (and then possibly to gold!) ;) If you completed the game on all three modes, you can take a little break and play them on Evil! mode (NQII Evil! Mode prizes aren’t so bad).

With NQI you have the availability of being placed on a list for most games played on a certain mode! (To find this, go to the main NeoQuest I page, and click the link ‘Leader Boards’ located at the top.) If none of the options I have given appeases you, you can just stare at your shiny NQ trophies on your lookup. Ohhh, shiiinnny...

Such grace ;-;

Many players are often confused as to what they should be doing after defeating the final boss in NQI. When the final battle is over, the Lupe Hero is left alone in the Two Rings, so you would think that there is more to do, right? Not exactly. You cannot leave Two Rings once you have entered, nor can you go back to Neopia City to spread the news of your victory. So it is quite normal for you to be stuck in Two Rings after the boss battle. The game ends on an anticlimactic note, but you are more than welcome to start over again on another difficulty.

49. I’ve heard that there is a NeoQuest 3D game. Is this real?
Just a heads-up: 3D does not equal NQIII, so don’t expect an incredible RPG experience. NQ3D is not in 3D; it’s a classic text-adventure game. (Go North. Throw Stick. Do a jig.)

But yes, anyway, there is a NeoQuest 3D roaming behind a certain wall banner, in a Grumpy Old King’s castle.

*shifty eyes*

50. Does the purging of accounts make the race trophy easier? Would there be an open slot on that score table? Or would the score still exist and take up space?
* I did research and wrote up this question on April 5th, so things may have changed since I last checked. *

I checked the race trophy pages for NQI and NQII, as well as the ‘Most-Wins’ section and from my understanding, the accounts were simply frozen and have not been purged yet even if the account has been inactive for a long period of time.

There are quite a few ‘dead’ accounts on these tables, so I decided to check just how many of them would be eligible for an upcoming purge. (For those of you who don’t know, TNT runs a script in its servers which delete inactive or frozen accounts from time-to-time. This means that an account that has been purged is available to be created by another person and all of the old data on the account—including items, NP and pets—are deleted.)

The last time I checked, an account had to be inactive for at least 18 months to be eligible for the purge, so I included every 18+ month-old frozen account in my findings, regardless of when they were frozen. There is no way for me to find out when an account was frozen and going into that much detail would be too much work, even for me.

Inactive accounts are accounts which have not been frozen, but ones where the player has not signed in for a very long time. You can tell that an account is inactive when it reads, ‘Last Spotted: A long, long time ago’. These accounts are usually the ones that are purged.

These are my findings:

NQI Fastest Wins: Frozen Accounts


  • Of the 50 slots available, 18 of them have been frozen.
  • Of these 18 slots frozen, 11 are eligible for purging (their accounts are 18+ months old).
  • The oldest three accounts eligible for purging are: 107 months, 84 months and 78 months-old.
  • The youngest three accounts eligible for purging are: 27 months, 32 months and 35 months-old.


  • Of the 50 slots available, 14 of them have been frozen.
  • Of these 14 slots frozen, 9 are eligible for purging (their accounts are 18+ months old).
  • Two of these frozen slots are occupied by the same player (but with different pets); slots 19 & 28.
  • The oldest three accounts eligible for purging are: 123 months, 118 months (this user is occupying two slots) and 109 months-old.
  • The youngest three accounts eligible for purging are: 35 months, 51 months and 83 months-old.


  • Of the 50 slots available, 16 of them have been frozen.
  • Of these 16 slots frozen, 14 are eligible for purging (their accounts are 18+ months old).
  • The oldest three accounts eligible for purging are: 118 months, 103 months and 102 months-old.
  • The youngest three accounts eligible for purging are: 20 months, 30 (x2) months and 35 months-old.


NQI Fastest Wins: Inactive Accounts


  • 7 slots have not been frozen but are eligible for purging (‘Last Spotted: A long, long time ago’... ); slots 12 & 15 (which are occupied by the same player but with different pets), 23, 27, 29, 37, 43.


  • 6 slots have not been frozen but are eligible for purging (‘Last Spotted: A long, long time ago’... ); slots 6, 21, 33, 36, 38, 40.


  • 12 slots have not been frozen but are eligible for purging (‘Last Spotted: A long, long time ago’... ); slots 4, 7, 10, 11, 12, 20 & 34 (which are occupied by the same player but with different pets), 22, 27, 36, 44, 45.


NQII Fastest Wins: Frozen Accounts


  • Of the 10 slots available, 4 of them have been frozen.
  • Of these 4 slots frozen, 3 are eligible for purging (their accounts are 18+ months old).
  • The accounts eligible for purging are: 79 months, 43 months and 20 months-old.


  • Of the 10 slots available, 3 of them have been frozen.
  • Of these 3 slots frozen, all 3 are eligible for purging (their accounts are 18+ months old).
  • The accounts eligible for purging are: 20 months, 23 months and 52 months-old.


  • Of the 10 slots available, 3 of them have been frozen.
  • Of these 3 slots frozen, all 3 are eligible for purging (their accounts are 18+ months old*.
  • The accounts eligible for purging are: 30 months, 52 months and 93 months-old.


NQII Fastest Wins: Inactive Accounts


  • There are no inactive accounts on the Normal Race Table eligible to purge.


  • There are no inactive accounts on the Evil! Race Table eligible to purge.


  • 2 slots have not been frozen but are eligible for purging (‘Last Spotted: A long, long time ago’... ); slots 1, 4.

So from my ‘research’, we can see that there are quite a few frozen or inactive accounts which are qualified for purging. The problem is, I don’t know when the accounts were frozen and so they might not have been frozen for the 18+ months which makes them eligible for the purge. Also, I have heard from quite a few people that frozen accounts are not likely to be purged for one reason or another. I am not sure if this is correct. The accounts may not be purged simply to keep the pet on its current slot on the High Score Table. Maybe it’s just a huge coincidence that none of the frozen accounts with the Fastest and Most wins have not been purged, but I sincerely doubt this. So, purging an account *may* erase that Neopet/ account from the High Score Table, but there have been no instances of purging of these accounts thus far. I will keep a look out and update this answer if I find out anything.

And to answer your question regarding the purge and the easiness of the race trophies... I would say that no, purging accounts do not make the race trophy easier. This is because not all of the accounts on the High Score Table are eligible for purging, so there is still a limited timeframe that you have to complete the game to be eligible for a placement. Sorry it took so long for me to answer this part of the question (and sorry that this answer is so long!)

That’s all, folks!

*tap dances out of frame slowly*

Phew! We have reached the end of our Frequently- Asked Questions segment. For those of you who stuck until the end to read this mess of an article, I would like to thank you. For those who couldn’t read all of this, that’s okay. There were a lot of words.

This guide is a lot to take in, especially for those who have not tried playing either NeoQuest game but who are or were planning on playing them. To you guys, I just want to say: the games are actually easier than they seem. Seriously. You will get the hang of it in no time. Just try to make the game more about the adventure you’re having rather than the prizes (or avatars) you will get. If you focus only on things like avatars or trophies, you might miss out on the great adventures, witty characters and silly jokes. You might even quit near the end before you win a pretty trophy.

I strongly urge you to hang out at the NeoQuest Board when you are playing your game. You do not even have to post if you do not feel comfortable, but if you do have questions the people there are more than willing to help out. Take your games slow if you find them to be overwhelming. The trophies, prizes and avatars will be waiting for you.


You are all more than welcome to neomail me regarding this guide or the NeoQuest games!
Any kind of feedback would be highly appreciated and I will take everything you guys send me into consideration. If enough people ask for more answers, I can even create a second part to this guide.

51. What is behind the locked door in Techo Caves Four!?
;-; I don’t know!! *sob* It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma hidden deep within Mr Insane’s top hat.

Edit! Extra extra! Newsflash! Ding ding ding!: This door was mentioned in the 490th issue of the Editorial. Apparently, Mr. Insane is insane due to what is behind the secret door in NeoQuest.

“What’s behind you?!?”
Note: *I’ll never tell. Muahahha*
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