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The Guild Rivalry

by skittyfan100


"Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!"

     I slapped my hand on the alarm clock and went back to sleep. An hour later, I regretted that action.

     I darted out of bed.

     "I'M LATE! I'M LATE! I'M LATE!" I screamed. I was the assistant to the guildmaster at a Wockies only guild. The guildmaster (A pink Wocky) wanted me to be at the guild early this morning, and now I was late!

     I brushed my teeth super fast and threw on a red T-shirt and blue jeans. Then I ran through Neopia Central to Cute City.

     I finally arrived at the guild. I fell flat on the ground and panted hard. Then the Guildmaster walked out, with a surprised look on her face.

     "Oh, Guildmaster, I'm so sorry...." I said through huffs and puffs.

     "It's all right, Rosabel, we have bigger problems...." She pointed across the street. I slowly turned my head and saw a big building in the shape of Wocky's head, just like our guild! The only thing was instead of pink, it was painted black with gold music signs on it.

     "What's that?!" I said as I climbed to my feet.

     The Guildmaster cringed. "They're the Wockies Only Music Lovers Guild," she said. "They already have twice as many members as we do!"

     I was angry now. "I'm going over there." I began to walk towards the guild, but the Guildmaster grabbed me by the back of my shirt.

     "Let's ignore them for a while. We have work to do," she said. She walked inside the guild.

     I cringed, then followed her inside.

     Later, we were locked up in the guild Council bedroom (the Wocky head's right ear) doing paper work for the guild.

     "She hasn't been coming lately, but every time she does, she seems really sorry," I said.

     "Maybe we should have a brief talk with her on Saturday," said the Guildmaster.

     "Perfect!" I said happily. Then, our paper work was disturbed by a loud yell.

     "All right, you kittens!" yelled an unfamiliar voice. "Where's your guildmaster?!"

     Me and the Guildmaster rushed down to the entrance. Standing at the door was a purple Wocky with a red electric guitar in her hands, wearing a jeweled necklace and a red dress.

     "That would be me," said the Guildmaster.

     The purple Wocky looked at me.

     "Who are you?" she snarled.

     "I'm the guild assistant," I said boldly.

     "Then get outta here. This is between me and her," she growled.

     I wanted to stay with the Guildmaster and look brave, but the way she growled at me made my spine shiver.

     I looked at the Guildmaster, and she pointed her head at the staircase, telling me to leave. So I quickly ran up the stairs to the guild Council bedroom and kept the door open the crack. I stuck my ear through the crack and listened closely.

     "Why are you here?"

     "I've come to warn you. We're the biggest Wocky guild, the biggest music guild, and soon, we're going to be the biggest guild ever. All your guild members will join us, even your little assistant."

     "I would never!" I whispered in an angry voice to myself.

     I heard a door close, so I knew it was safe. I ran down the stairs and put my arm around the Guildmaster.

     "Don't worry, nothing she said was true."

     "I know," she said. "I want to forget about her. Let's get back to our paper work."

     So we returned to our paper work. But within a few minutes, it was disturbed by bad news again.

     Three of our most loyal members came up to the guild Council bedroom, each with a serious face.

     Xwee, a blue Wocky and a former Xweetok, walked up to the Guildmaster and said, "I'm sorry, Guildmaster, but we want to switch over to that guild across the street."

     "What?!" I yelled. "But why?!"

     "No offense...." said Star, a yellow Wocky with orange stars on her cheek. "But this guild is kinda boring. We hear the other guild playing music and having fun. We want to go there."

     My and the Guildmaster's jaws dropped as they signed some "Leave Guild" papers we left on one of the beds, then ran outside. We looked out the window and watched them get welcomed into the other guild by the Guildmaster.

     "That's it!" yelled the Guildmaster. "Tonight, we're having a meeting!"

     That night the Guildmaster and I were locked in the Guild Council room. Yes, what you thought was true. Everybody quit in the last two hours, and it was just the two of us now.

     "Oh, Rosabel, this is horrible!" cried the Guildmaster. "One day, I'm the leader of the best Wocky guild ever, and the next day, it's all GONE!"

     She flopped on her bed, bursting with tears. It broke my heart to see this. The Guildmaster was my best friend, and she really did work very hard for this guild to be what it was today.

     "I'll be right back," I said. I went down to the kitchen. Whenever someone was sad, I would play around with food and try to make something that tasted awesome and original.

     I rolled out some dough and laid it at the bottom of a pan. Then I took all the fruit I could find and stuffed it in the pan. I rolled out more dough and put it on top.

     "It looks like a really weird cake..." I said to myself. I put in it the oven, waiting fifteen minutes, then took it out. It was puffy with steam, so I poked some holes in it with a toothpick to let the steam out. Then I cut it into eight pieces.

     I took it up to the guild council bedroom, where the Guildmaster was still crying.

     "Hey, Guildmaster, try this!"

     She got up slowly, her face red and wet with tears. She took a piece of it and slowly chewed. The tears suddenly disappeared, and were replaced by a huge smile. She took a big gulp, then said, "Rosabel! I think this can help us win our members back! What's it called?!"

     "Ummm... pie!" I replied.

     The Guildmaster and I stayed up all night making hundreds of pies. We made hundreds of different flavors, trying every one until our stomachs grew by an entire inch!

     By the time the sun rose, we had almost one thousand pies!

     "Guildmaster, are you sure these pies will help us win our guild members back?" I asked her through huffs and puffs, as I was so tired from making pie.

     "Of course!" she said. "Trust me, these pies you made are much better then their ear-breaking music!"

     We loaded all the pies into one giant box, then pushed it over to the other guild across the street.

     I banged on the door really hard. Soon, the purple Wocky from the other day came out.

     "What do you guys want?" she hissed. "We have all your members now. Why aren't you closing up your guild yet?"

     "Because," I said, "I want every member in your guild to try my new creation. If they don't like it, we'll close up the guild right away."

     "Since I know such a failure guild could never be talented at making food, I'll happily take that offer," she said confidently.

     We shook paws, then the Guildmaster and I pushed the box inside the guild. There were stages everywhere, with Wockies screaming songs and pounding away at instruments like there was no tomorrow. I had never wished more that I had ear plugs with me.

     "STOP THE MUSIC!" screamed the purple Wocky. Everyone immediately stopped playing.

     "Who wants to try my new invention?" I said. "It's called pie, and it's the most delicious dessert you'll ever have!"

     All the Wockies jumped off the stages and hurried over to the box. The Guildmaster and I climbed on top of the box and threw pies all around. Everyone caught them and gobbled away at them. Soon, everyone had a big grin on their face.

     "I'm so coming back to that guild!" said Xwee.

     "Me too!" "Count me in!" "Me three!" "I wanna join too!" "I'm leaving this guild!"

     Soon, everyone was screaming about how they wanted to join or come back to our guild.

     "WAIT!" screamed the purple Wocky. "Wait here! I can make great pie too!"

     She ran into the kitchen and came back a few minutes later, holding a big plate of pie. Except, the pie was burned and crumbling.

     Some Wockies took pieces of the pie and ate it. In only a few seconds, they all spit it out.

     "Gross!" screamed a blue Wocky. "This tastes like mud!"

     All the Wockies ran over to our guild. The Guildmaster followed them so she could sign them all up. I stayed behind.

     I walked over to the purple Wocky, her jaw dropped to the floor.

     "You should have known," I said. "A good guild has lots of members, but a great guild gives them delicious pie."

The End

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