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Illusen the Kadoatie #1: Escape from the Kadoatery

by skittyfan100


I munched away at the delicious Petpet Food in my bowl. What was more yummy than beef stew with asparagus? Nothing!

     As I ate, I wondered what was in store today for me and my master, Oblivia the Usul. Maybe a nice walk through the park, or a trip to the petpet supplies store for a new toy, or maybe a boat ride in Kiko Lake....

     Oblivia came running into the kitchen, her long purple hair swishing everywhere. A briefcase was in her hand, but I didn't know why.

     Her owner patted her head and said, "I see you're all ready for the trip!"

     Trip? What trip?! They didn't even give me a chance to pack!

     I walked up to Oblivia and looked at her with big blue eyes. That's "What's going on?" in petpet to Neopet language.

     Oblivia picked me up and said, "I'm sorry, my little Kadoatie Angel, but we're going to visit Aunt Allie in Terror Mountain and I know you don't like it there, so we're gonna put you in the Kadoatery!"

     My ears twitched. Sure, I hated being in Terror Mountain, but nothing was as bad as the Kadoatery. Sitting in a cage for weeks begging for food and getting it from greedy people who don't care about you but just about a stupid avatar... who wants to do that?!?

     "Your ears must be twitching with excitement!" said Oblivia happily. "We better go there right now!"

     I flung my arms and legs around like crazy as Oblivia carried me out the door. As we got near the Kadoatery, I began to mew loudly like that Mutant Kadoatie in the random events. I mewed so loudly, a red Grarrl threw a bag of neopoints at Oblivia and yelled, "Shut that Kadoatie of yours up!"

     Oblivia looked at the bag of neopoints, then at me.

     "I know you're excited, Illusen, but please, keep quiet!"

     I calmed down and let her carry me in the Kadoatery. But on the inside, my guts were jumping up and down like the Blumaroo from Bouncy Supreme!

     Oblivia placed me on the front desk and said, "This is Illusen. I'm going to Terror Mountain for a week. Can you keep her here?"

     A Green Ixi with blue eyes looked up from a copy of the Neopian Times and smiled.

     "Of course we can take her in!" the Green Ixi said with a smile. She picked me up and began to carry me through the hall.

     "Goodbye, Illusen! Try not to beg for anything too expensive!" said Oblivia. She waved, then left.

     I shook with fear. I had never been away from Oblivia ever since she got me from the Mystery Island Trading Center!

     The Ixi opened up a cage in the middle of a wall of cages and dropped me inside. She put up a sign that said "Illusen" above the cage. She looked at me.

     "What are you hungry for?"

     I replied with a soft mew.

     "You want a Rest In Peace Of Chicken, don't you?"

     She wrote "Rest In Peace Of Chicken" under my name on the sign.

     I was shocked. How did she know I was craving a Rest In Peace Of Chicken?!

     "Here it comes!" yelled the Kadoatie in the cage next to me.

     "Here what comes?!" I yelled.

     Every Kadoatie had their eyes glued to the clock.

     "3... 2... 1!" yelled the Kadoaties.

     The clocks large hand moved to the 12, and the doors burst open! Crowds of neopets rushed in, all of them holding food and neopoints.

     A RoyalGirl Bruce walked up to my cage.

     "I can get you a Rest In Peace Of Chicken really quick!" she said.

     She ran out of the Kadoatery, her giant bag of neopoints bouncing in the grasp of her flipper.

     I lay down in my cage and took a quick nap.

     When I woke up, the same RoyalGirl Bruce was waiting in front of my cage. Her bag of neopoints was replaced by a piece of chicken on the bone, shaped like a tombstone, with R.I.P written on it. Now that's a Rest In Peace Of Chicken!

     I mewed happily as she slipped it through the bars. I was so hungry, I ate the whole chicken in one big bite!

     "Wooooohoooooooo!!!" cheered the RoyalGirl Bruce.

     The Green Ixi walked over to her and handed her the Kadoatery Avatar. The Royalgirl Bruce ran out of the Kadoatery yelling, "I got it! I got it!"

     This made me feel used. She didn't care for my tummy, she just wanted a stupid avatar.

     I poked my head through the bars and said to the Kadoatie next to me "You do this every day?!"

     The Rainbow Kadoatie stuck her head out and said, "Yep. It's a living. Well, at least until our owners pick us up."

     I put my head back in the cage and sighed.

     "This is gonna be a loooong week....."

     For the next few days, the cycle repeated over and over again. I would ask for a food, then I would get it from a rich, greedy neopet who just wanted the avatar.

     When Friday rolled around, I couldn't take it anymore.

     I waited all day, and nobody brought me the Chokato Toffee Apple I wanted. By the time the Kadoatery closed and the sun went down, I was starving!

     My stomach growled so loud, it echoed through the dark halls.

     "Nobody fed you either, huh?" said the Kadoatie next to me.

     "Yeah. This Kadoatery is a really tough place."

     "Just go to sleep and hope tomorrow is better."

     I tried to fall asleep for what felt like hours. But my stomach kept growling, and my anxiety kept growing. Soon, I snapped.

     I grabbed one of the bars in my teeth and pulled until the bar snapped off. I did this over and over again until all the bars were broken off and my teeth were burning with pain. I jumped out of my cage and mewed loudly until every last Kadoatie was wide awake.

     "Attention, Kadoaties!" I yelled. "I am tired of us being locked in cages and misunderstood! Tonight, we escape!"

     All the Kadoaties mewed in agreement. They banged from side to side, dug from the bottom of their cages and chewed and scratched at the bars until every Kadoatie was free.

     "TO THE FOOD SHOP!" I screamed.

     The Kadoaties formed an army and crashed the doors down. We stampeded through Neopia Central, getting many strange looks from neopets on the streets. I think one even called the Defenders of Neopia!

     We crashed down the doors of the Food Shop, then began gobbling down everything we could grab. (One Kadoatie even tried to eat the Cash Register!)

     I saw the lock and the key on the floor, and I had a brilliant idea. I locked the door behind us so nobody could come take us away, then I used the key to open the storage room. It was glorious! An endless freezer with shelves that went all the way up to the sky. Every shelf was stuffed with all the food a Kadoatie could ask for. From a high shelf, a bag of Skeith crisps fell in front of me. I was ripped the bag open with my claws and crawled inside.

     I lay in the bag for hours, happily munching away at salty crisps. Soon, I came to the last one. Before I ate it, I turned it at a different angle and realised something. When you squinted your eyes, it looked just like an Usuki Usul, just like... Oblivia!

     I darted out of the bag. All the Kadoaties were still eating, and the shopkeeper Chia chef was banging at the door. His face was red with anger. Behind him, I saw Oblivia, whistling as she walked toward the Kadoatery.

     "Oh no!" I cried.

     I imagined Oblivia showing up to the Kadoatery, then crying so hard when she saw her precious Kadoatie was gone. I ran to the front door and crashed through it.

     "GET BACK HERE, YOU LITTLE FURRY RAT!" yelled the Shopkeeper.

     I shook glass out of my fur and kept running. I ran to the Kadoatery and sneaked past the Green Ixi. I jumped in my cage and closed it.

     The Green Ixi came over to my cage.

     "Well, at least one Kadoatie didn't escape," she said happily.

     Oblivia came in.

     "Ah, it's you!" said the Green Ixi. "Your Kadoatie was the only one who didn't escape last night. She must be a very good petpet."

     Oblivia opened my cage and picked me up.

     "She sure is!" she said happily.

     She put some neopoints in the Green Ixi's paw, then carried me outside.

     "Did you miss me?" she asked.

     I purred with delight.

     She rubbed my fur with disgust.

     "That's odd. Your fur is salty and greasy! I'll have to give you a bath at home," she said.

     I just smiled. I hated baths, but a quick bath was much better than a long week in the Kadoatery.

     As we past the food Shop, Oblivia said to me, "Boy, Illusen, I wonder what he's so angry about."

     I curled up in her arms and fell asleep, which was my way of saying, "I don't know."

The End

Mew meow meeeeeew! (Translation: My first time in the NT! Yay!)

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