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Top 5 Next Stamp Album Pages

by sick_swimmer


Oh, the stamp album. The ultimate temptation for collectors such as myself. How I am ever supposed to save up neopoints with new stamps constantly being released? With the most recent additions to the stamp album, the Moltaran, Maractite Coins, and Qasalan pages, I began to wonder what might be next for the album. What might be the next treasures I am hunting for at the post office? I have accumulated five major possibilities for excellent new collections that I am sure Neopian Collectors everywhere will flock to purchase.

1. Neopia Central 2

Anyone who has taken a quick trip around Neopia will tell you that the world filled with the most features and excitement is clearly Neopia Central. It then astonishes me that only a single page has been dedicated to this important land. Where is my Faboo Uni Stamp? What about the Catacombs? The Soup Faerie must be getting quite depressed seeing all of her sisters in Faerieland getting pretty stamps with their faces, while she has lost her chance long ago. And of course this page would lead to no doubt the most deserved and cherished stamp of all. How excited do you think the Chia Postmaster would be if he was stocking his shop one morning only to reveal a shiny new stamp with his face on it? I think given how quickly one can brainstorm 25 new stamps for the region, it only makes sense for this to be the newest addition.

2. Rare Items

Long ago the album introduced the Battledome page, which featured various rare and sought after battle weapons. I then began to wonder if this concept could be taken further to include some of the most sought after and impossible to find items in the Neopian market. There are items like the Xantan Plushie of Death and The Golden Bringer Plushie which are impossible for one to track down and purchase. It is then perhaps only fair that we Neopian Collectors can instead cherish a thin paper representation of the item. The page could easily be rounded out with items which require notorious wealth or luck to purchase such as those from the Smuggler’s Cove, The Hidden Tower. Furthermore, there are plenty of R99 and R100 items that any Neopian would trade their lives for. Perhaps it would only serve to make Neopians drool over impossible to find items, but I personally believe that would only add to the fun of collecting.

3. Mini Worlds

A few years after I joined the Neopian world long ago, the mini worlds Roo Island and Kiko Lake were discovered. More recently a third, Lutari Island, also appeared. While none of these places hold enough attractions to fill a stamp page on their own, I believe that together they would create a nice addition to the album. When King Roo sends letters of royal importance (in Roo Island, the latest Dice-a-Roo scores may or may not qualify) he is currently stuck with using the Dice-a-Roo stamp. Well I believe it is about time he received an official King Roo stamp. Perhaps (but probably not) this will aid him in the direction of becoming a more... how should I put this... focused monarch. Kiko Lake is traditionally a tourist location, with their famous shops and glass bottom tours. I would assume that the residents of the lake would be most pleased for the extra advertisement involved in distributing stamps based on the various exciting locations. Lutari Island sadly is currently isolated from the rest of Neopia... but once the storm subsides, I would most certainly think a series of stamps based on their lovely homeland would aid in the re-establishment of the Lutari Island economy. Come on, TNT! These small worlds need the help!

4. Brightvale

If I were King Hagan, I would be absolutely outraged! The far inferior and filthy land of Meridell receiving not one, but TWO stamp pages while the nearby land of Brightvale is still begging for one??? You would think that as the land full of scholarly wisdom and love of reading and writing, Brightvale would be top priority for a series of stamps to call its own? King Hagan is still forced to adorn his royal letters with stamps of his great fool of a brother while slowly slipping into sadness. Furthermore, given the amount of unrest and battle that has only recently taken place in the land with the Faerie’s Ruin, the kingdom has a great desire to commemorate the Battle of Brightvale with a stamp or two! The Brightvale Guard was forced to calm a small riot when the people of Brightvale saw that the stamp of their beloved Captain Brynn was stuck in the “Other Too” page! The Angry Orange Yurble Librarian was quoted saying, “SON! I AM DISAPPOINT!!!”

5. Krawk Island

As one of the oldest worlds in all of Neopia and home of one of the most popular paintbrush colors, Krawk Island has, without a doubt, been the most ignored world by the Stamp Committee. As it is a land filled with criminals, pirates, and an all-star Yooyuball team, one can easily think of many things to honor with a nice stamp. Captain Threelegs, who many suspect is secretly an avid stamp collector, has been seen shaking his pegged arm at ships carrying cargo destined for the Neopian Post Office. The Smugglers have been left aghast at the lack of a unique Smuggler’s Cove Stamp for them to pawn of for loads of Dubloons. Most worrisome is the fact that small armies of Pirate Neopets have been rumored to be planning heavy assaults upon stamp filled cargo ships in retribution for their lack of representation. Hurry, TNT! End this madness before it is too late!

And that wraps up my list for now. I am unsure of when my next article will be released, as Dr. Sloth has placed me on his wanted list for not suggesting an entire page dedicated to the kind overlord. So I salute my fellow Neopian collectors as I join them as we endlessly spin the Wheel of Extravagance with the hope of earning a shiny stamp or avatar.

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