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Choosing The Perfect Weewoo For Your Pet!

by sychologist


Weewoos are by no doubt one of the most adorable and beloved petpets across Neopia. And who can blame us for loving them so much? They come in such a wide variety of colors and we all go "ga ga" for doe-eyed, chubby little birds that look as though they couldn't harm a fly. I for one am a huge Weewoo fanatic, and I know many other people are as well. Here, Neopia, I will help you decide which type of Weewoo is best for you!

Christmas Weewoos are absolutely the most gentle Weewoo you can find. With their over-sized clothing and an over-sized hat covering half of their face, they are a joy to see. They would obviously make a perfect match for your Christmas neopet for the two to go caroling together relentlessly during the month of Celebrating, especially the lady-like ones (your Cybunnies, Aishas, and Flotsams, for example) who would absolutely fall head over heels for such an adorable little bird. They are also suitable for baby pets of all species, who will no doubt be overjoyed by having such an adorable fellow around.

NOT recommended for: Mystery Island painted pets. After all, they have a summer theme and enjoy warm weather, and a Christmas Weewoo no doubt enjoys the winter. That wouldn't make a match in paradise at all.

Faerie Weewoos are energetic sprightly little things who can be seen fluttering around at most hours of the day. They are obviously a perfect match for your faerie Neopet, so the two can race about Faerieland together and never tire of one another. Faerie Weewoos can also make a good companion for your Royal Neopets, considering all royal princes and princesses could use a guardian. And what better type of guardian than one who can keep an eye on the sky and the ground at the same time?

NOT recommended for: Darigan pets. Why would you match such a pure-hearted, faerie like pet with an evil Darigan one? That doesn't make any sense.

Grey Weewoos are miserable little fellows, and it's quite sad to see how they sulk around in their pose and in general all of the time. However, these pets would undoubtedly make a good companion for your Grey Neopet, considering both species spend a majority of their time sulking around. The best part of it is, since your Weewoo is grey as well, it won't overwhelm your Grey Neopet by being too talkative or too energetic. They could also make a good pal for Darigan pets, considering the devious evil personality of your Darigan pet would go hand-in-hand with the withdrawn, quiet personality of the grey Weewoo. Your Darigan could probably boss the little guy around without having any protests like it might get from a more free-spirited petpet.

NOT recommended for: Disco and Rainbow pets. The bright colors and over-whelming bubbly personalities of these two colors would probably terrify your poor little Weewoo, and we wouldn't want that.

Maraquan Weewoos are excellent swimmers and quite fast swimmers as well, so you'll need a Neopet that can keep an eye on them or they might swim away and get lost. Obviously, the best companion for a Maraquan Weewoo would be your Maraquan Neopet so they could swim together all of the time. Also, you'll need a Maraquan Neopet who can keep an eye on the little fellow and make sure he or she doesn't get lost swimming off in the water. They might also make a good companion for certain faerie pets, so long as the Rainbow Fountain Faerie doesn't get fed up with your Weewoo swimming around her pool all of the time...

NOT recommended for: Lost Desert pets. After all, they live in the DESERT! That's just cruel to your poor Weewoo (that, and the colors would completely clash).

Plushie Weewoos are made to cuddle and to snuggle with, as one can probably tell by their beady little eyes and plump, plushie-like little bodies. That's mostly their purpose, a snuggle buddy, and because of that I am going to say that they are best suited to be companions for your baby Neopets. Babies need something to cuddle with on scary stormy nights to help them calm down and get to sleep. However, plushie Weewoos would obviously also be great for your plushie Neopets! Nothing is more adorable than seeing a plushie and plushie combination throughout Neopia.

NOT recommended for: Grarrls and Skeiths of ANY kind. They'd probably tear up the plushie whether they did so intentionally or not.

Here we have it, number five. The Pirate Weewoo. Pirate Weewoos are cunning little fellows and need a pet that is just as smart and cunning as they are to make sure that they don't get into any kind of trouble. For that reason, the best and possibly only match for a Pirate Weewoo is your Pirate Neopet. Pirate Neopets are cunning, devious creatures themselves and so will be a good match for the sneaky, mischievous ways of the Pirate Weewoo.

NOT recommended for: Any type of Baby pet. After all, do you want to have your poor Baby crying and wailing for hours because their own petpet hid their pacifier and won't tell them where it is? I do not think so.

Finally, last but not least, we have number six. The Robot Weewoo. These are extremely intelligent, crafty little fellows who can probably solve just about any math problem or conundrum you or your Neopet may have. They are handy to have around, and make the best match to a Robot Neopet. After all, many other types of Neopet would probably get bored of listening to a Robot Weewoo drone on about mathematical equations and scientific functions for hours and hours every day, but a Robot Neopet will gladly sit there with your Weewoo and compute every possible function for the answer to what "x" equals.

NOT recommended for: Again, baby pets. No baby Neopet will understand the functions of different graphs and equations; they are too young to grasp it, and so a Robot Weewoo will not be able to keep your young baby entertained at all. In fact, your baby will probably get very frustrated because their petpet keeps talking about such complex mathematical equations which might as well be gibberish to them.

So there you have it, Neopia. A list of the most popular colored Weewoos and which one would be good for you and your Neopet. What's the one thing these Weewoos all have in common, you wonder?

Named after the rather haunting melody it makes. At dusk a chorus of Weee.. Woo... fills Krawk Island.

But, come on, they're such adorable little creatures... they couldn't possibly be evil, right?

*dragged off by Weewoos*

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