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Infamous: Which Neopian Villain Are You?

by katiecoo802


We all have that tiny little part of us that wants to take over the entire world and have thousands of loyal minions bowing before our almighty power, ultimate power! Bwahaha! Oh, erm, excuse me. As I was saying, we all have that urge once in a while to take part in trickery (or world conquest), and for this reason so many of Neopia’s villains are just as admired as they are feared. However, in order to begin your plan for wickedness, you first need to figure out what kind of bad guy you want to be. How do you do that? Learn from the greats, of course! But what Neopian villain’s style do you identify with most? The quizmaster is here to help you find out!

1. First things first, how many minions will you be wanting?

A. Just enough to get me what I need, when I need it. Oh! And someone to do my hair.

B. I require an entire race at my command!

C. An entire army.

D. I’ll take whatever I can get.

2. Speaking of minions, what’s most important in a follower?

A. Working under a strict deadline and endless groveling.

B. Machine-like efficiency and the sort of loyalty you can only get from brainwashing.

C. Total loyalty and willingness to die for the cause.

D. Depression, desperation, and general hopelessness.

3. So now that you’ve got your minions ready, what’s your plan of attack?

A. Subtlety is key—no one will ever be able to prove it was you.


C. A direct and devastating attack against my arch-nemesis.

D. Cynicism and a general air of malice.

4. All good villains have to be well-equipped for battle. What’s your choice weapon?

A. My potions and powerful spells.

B. My super-awesome-totally-shiny-ultimate-laser-beam-of-DOOM!

C. All I need is my fierce will and deadly Sword of Skardsen.

D. An endless chain of waiting-room music.

5. What petpet friend do you feel would be a perfect companion for you?

A. Bartamus are so sleek but totally sinister.

B. Oooh, maybe a lovely Pink Babaa or—I mean, an evil Wheelie Bot!

C. A Chumablah seems fit to do my bidding.

D. A Snoogy would be appropriately dreary.

6. How evil do you personally consider yourself?

A. -Smirks-


C. I am a denizen of darkness, all the forces of wickedness bend to my will.

D. Well, I hate all happiness, so where does that put me?

7. Every evil-doer needs an iconic ensemble. What makes up your villainous wardrobe?

A. I’m always up to date on the latest trends, but make it my own with my distinct color palette.

B. My pitch-black cloak will intimidate all who come before me!!

C. Something dignified and regal, to show that I’m a born ruler, but still menacing.

D. Eh, I don’t really care what I look like, probably just something functional.

8. What is your arch-nemesis like?

A. A know-it-all goody-goody who constantly gets in my way.

B. Ha! Pathetically optimistic and noble, though admittedly a worthy battle opponent.

C. A slobbering idiot.

D. Nurturing and sympathetic, pah! It makes me almost as sick as her cutesy Pink color!

9. Who is your greatest inspiration?

A. The Darkest Faerie (before she blew it, of course).

B. What?! I am the greatest super villain of all time! I am only inspired by my own genius and evil!

C. I must admit I did quite like the style of Captain Scarblade, though he obviously relied too much on fighting and not enough on strategy.

D. There’s something about the random but heartless nature of the Tax Beast that appeals to me...

10. At last we come to the most important question of all: What is your evil laugh?

A. It’s really more of an elegant cackle.


C. A deep, menacing chuckle.

D. Heh heh heh...

Got all your answers down? Excellent, look below to tally your score!

Mostly As: Jhudora

You seem to be channeling the queen of wickedness herself! Vain, deceitful, and manipulative, you know how to get what you want (and look good getting it). No worries, though, you won’t have to lift a finger for your take-over; you’ll happily give out small pieces of magic to get others to do the dirty work for you. You’re very good at getting your way and not getting caught, but be wary of those you step on to gain power...

Mostly Bs: Dr. Sloth

The evil Dr. Frank Sloth returns! Muahahhaha! Some may call you insane, but they’re obviously just jealous of your unbeatable intelligence and ability to build just about any kind of laser. You are bent on conquering all of Neopia, and won’t settle for control of space. With an entire population of Grundos at your command, ultimate power can be yours at last! What’s that? The Grundos are free now? Uh oh...

Mostly Cs: Lord Kass

Let us all bow our heads in a moment of silence for the no-longer reigning but still inspirationally evil Lord Kass. A brilliant orator and war general, Kass was able to recruit thousands of followers through his grand speeches and cunning strategies. Just like Kass, you are brutal but shrewd, making you an unbeatable combination of brains and brawn. Oh, and there was that whole betraying Lord Darigan and being defeated by Jeran thing, but I’m sure that won’t happen to you!

Mostly Ds: Dr_Death

You’re much less interested in a ruthless, maniacal approach to world domination and seem to prefer the subtle route... death by despair! A perpetual rain cloud, you are both pessimistic and cruel, taking others down a peg just when their hopes start to rise. You plan on taking over Neopia by destroying all hope, and that creepy smile doesn’t hurt either. With all those people abandoning their original pets for shiny painted or Limited Edition ones, it’s only a matter of time.

Now that you have your result, please remember that these guidelines are for harmless trickery and informational purposes only! If you do feel the unquenchable need to commit a hostile takeover, I suggest games like Habitarium or Neopian Battle Legends as a way to channel that energy. After all, none of you are really evil, right? Right?!

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