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NC or NP? Building the Perfect Outfit - Part One

by agedbeauty


Also by sinistrous

We all know customization is a huge part of the site, but there is a perception that to customize effectively or nicely you need neocash wearables. Don’t get us wrong; we love neocash. (Our wallets maybe less so, but *we* love it!) Our closets have lots of NC items, and yeah... our Kacheeks make them look goooood. We’ll admit it – we’re mallers!

But is neocash the only way to customize nicely? No way! There are a lot of really nice neopoint wearables out there. Previously, Fuz (sinistrous) and I discussed neopoint wearables that should be in your closet, regardless of whether or not you use primarily neocash items. For the next few weeks, however, we’re going to bring you a slightly different approach.

Is there a neocash wearable that you just love, but it’s either way too expensive (oh weewoo bath, why ARE you so elusive?) or you just can’t buy neocash (oh, why must I live in a country with no mall access? That sunken ship bg is lovely!), or maybe just a little too short on cash to get neocash right now? Think this means the look you want is out the window? Think again!

We combed through our closets and hundreds of wearables to bring you a series of articles dedicated to finding YOU a neopoint alternative to the neocash wearable you love. This week in NC or NP, we’ll talk about backgrounds, which are the starting point for customizations. Read on!


1. Glowing Light Sky Background vs Scenic Mountain Top Background

When the Glowing Light Sky Background was released in JubJub Power Bounce, people went crazy – and with good cause. It’s truly a lovely bg – the northern lights are just gorgeous! But if you love the look and not the cash-item status, take a look at Scenic Mountain Top Background. Same lovely lights – but only 40k!


2. Terror Mountain Winter Background/ MME4-B1: Sparkling Snow Background vs Winter Landscape Background

For a lovely winter look, there’s no doubt that Sparkling Snow is a gorgeous BG, and Terror Mountain has a good amount of fans as well. All that pretty whiteness may make them seem essential for a well-put together winter look, but if you can’t stomach the price tag (or even if you can), take a look at the neopoint alternative – Winter Landscape Background. At only 8k, we considered it a perfect alternative!


3. Snowager Background vs Ice Caves Background

Snowager Background is an older background and can be tough to find, but it’s also a pretty one; all that lovely blue-white ice! But if you need a neopoint alternative for the same look, take a look at the Ice Caves Background. For under 1500 NP, you get the same lovely blue-white ice tones and the Snowager. It earned the “good enough for us!” stamp of approval!


4. Gloomy Winter Day Background vs A Grey Day Background

Without a doubt, Gloomy Winter Day Background is one of the most popular neocash items. It’s so wonderfully dreary! But take a look at the neopoint alternative, A Grey Day Background. We think it’s equally depressing, and at less than 30k, a much better bargain.


5. Sunken Ship Background vs Underwater Shipwreck Background

Under-water is generally a neglected area... poor Maraquan pets! But Sunken Ship Background is one of those pretty neocash buyable backgrounds that doesn’t retire from the mall. However, we think Underwater Shipwreck Background is an even prettier option – although it will run you between 300-500k, for those who can’t or won’t buy neocash, it’s a perfect alternative.


6. Holiday Fireplace Background or Cosy Cottage Holiday Background vs Holiday Home Background

For the indoor Month of Giving look, Cosy Cottage Holiday Background is a classic, and Holiday Fireplace is a new favourite from this past season’s JubJub Power Bounce uber prizes. But for around 11k, Holiday Home Background is a perfectly adorable neopoint alternative to these popular neocash favourites.


7. MME3-B1: Magma Pool Background vs Magma Pool Background

If your pet needs that firey molten look, the MME3 bonus Magma Pool Background may seem like the obvious choice. But for only around 65k, we think the neopoint alternative of the Magma Pool Background is actually a better option... those bonus backgrounds get pricey!


8. Summer Fireworks Background vs Fireworks Background

Does your pet demand fireworks? Well, we love Summer Fireworks Background; it’s a cute neocash background with attractive colors and pretty fireworks. But if you love the look but can’t/won’t trade for a neocash item, Fireworks Background is a great alternative. Although it will run you 100-120k, it’s a fabulous neopoint alternative for that summer celebration look!


9. Shenkuu Warrior Training Grounds vs Mystery Island Training School Background

Is your little warrior demanding a place to train? Shenkuu Warrior Training Grounds is a lovely place for them to work out – but if neocash isn’t for you, we’re pretty sure the Mystery Island Training School Background is an equally lovely place. At around 12k, the price tag is pretty nice too, so we vote this neopoint alternative as the way to go!


10. Sparkling Waterfall Background vs Idyllic Nature Scene

Sparkling Waterfall Background is without a doubt one of the prettiest neocash backgrounds. But for an equally pretty neopoint alternative, Idyllic Nature Scene blows us away – we’re pretty sure the artist who did this one should get a raise! And while it’s about 75k now, it’s also on the new side – so if this is the look you want but don’t want to spend neocash on, we think this alternative is fabulous.


11. Halloween Prank Background or Haunted Manor Background vs Jhudoras Bluff Background

We love the Halloween Prank Background and the Haunted Manor Background because their colors are so wonderfully under-stated. They can give you that spooky look, or just a dark evening look. But for a similar look without the neocash element, Jhudoras Bluff Background has that same lovely muted tone and darkly mysterious aspect. While it will currently run you around 200k, we definitely prefer it to its neocash counterparts!


12. Tunnel of Trees Background vs Spring Path Background

If you need that cherry blossom look, you may have fallen in love with the Tunnel of Trees Background – we know we did. You can almost smell the cherry blossoms in the air when you look at it, and it sure is the essence of spring. But the neocash price tag can be alarming, particularly as it’s very popular at the moment. We fell head over heels for our neopoint alternative, the Spring Path Background. Same lovely cherry blossom look, but no neocash. Ta-da! Right now it will run you about 350k, but it’s coming down nicely in price and we expect it to drop further. It is worth noting that it is currently zoned as a background item instead of a background, which does preclude some garlands but opens up some interesting layering for bgs that have a lower fg element in them.

Well, that brings this article to a close! I hope we’ve opened your eyes to some truly lovely neopoint alternatives. Join us again next week where we’ll provide neopoint alternatives for some popular clothing items. Til then... happy customizing!

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