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Ten Best Vacation Spots In Neopia

by sarmay77


Also by gwendarwen

Are the humdrum talks of daily life getting you down? Do you need a break? For many Neopians, the month of Relaxing marks the beginning of vacation time! Today, we will be counting down the top ten vacation spots in all of Neopia! So, grab your wobbly pencil and your Fyora notebook and get ready to RELAX!

10. Is the summer heat getting to you? Well, stay away from our number ten destination, then, because it’s hotter than... well, hotter than the Lost Desert! Coming in at number ten is Moltara!

Why Moltara, you ask? Well, we’ll tell you. Soon. Not quite yet. We’re trying to build suspense here. Is it working? No? Oh. Well, moving on!

Moltara boasts some of Neopia’s finest vacation thrill-seeking rides, as well as some thrill-seeker’s delights. Where else can you go cave gliding and tunnel tumbling, and then pop over to Molten Morsels for a crock of delicious Root Stew and a Blazing Stone Mug of Borovan? Or, for the lighter appetites, how about the Hot Onion Salad and Geared Teacup of Borovan? After lunch, a quick dip in the Magma Pool (if you can sneak past the guard!) will really keep your vacation sizzling!

9. Perhaps if Moltara is a little too warm for your summer recreation, Terror Mountain would be more to your liking? Ski the slopes with Cliffhanger! A little old-school entertainment if there ever was! But be careful! If you miss your guess too many times, it’s off the side of the mountain with you! While you’re there, you could stop in and visit Taelia, the snow faerie, and see if you can lend her a hand. For a few bits of food, she will reward you with a little gift. If you’re lucky, you might even get a SNOWBALL! Then, head down to the valley and use your shiny new snowball in a Snowball Fight with the faeries of Neopia! (No yellow snowballs, please! If you try it, you better watch out on your next faerie quest!)

After your snowball fight, a treat from the Ice Cream Cart should hit the spot! If you’re feeling a little bloated after your dessert, a few laps of Rink Runner will provide the perfect workout. We suggest that only the most experienced of spelunkers tackle the Ice Caves. But if you do decide to adventure in the caves, be sure to bring an industrial sized hair dryer, as there are rumours of a very large ice worm dwelling within them!

8. An island vacation might be just the thing. Mystery Island, that is! There’s so much to see and do that it’s NO mystery that this destination is included in our top resort lands! Now, you might be thinking, “Hey! I’ve been to Mystery Island! My pets train there all the time!” What? No? You weren’t thinking that? Well, are you now? Ok, let’s just assume you were.

Wait! There’s much more to Mystery Island than the training school! When you start your day in your Tiki hut, your first stop should always be the Island Mystic. How can you know what to expect if you don’t get your fortune told by him? You’ll soon find that you can’t get through the day without finding out what he has to say. Depending on your fortune, you might feel like pressing your luck and spending the morning getting lost in the Lost City of Geraptiku! While you’re there, be sure to visit the colouring pages and get your art on, since the whole of Geraptiku can be rather grey otherwise.

Upon your return to the main island, wouldn’t you love to try some beach volleyball? Or maybe just take a relaxing stroll along the beach. If you prefer to be guided, take a Tiki Tour! That will give you many more ideas on how to spend your vacation on the tropical island!

7. Did your parents ever drive you halfway across the world, looking at boring sites when all you ever dreamed about was a land with giant carousels and giant castles? Well, you can live out that dream now! Roo Island, coming in at number seven, is just what you’ve imagined! A huge castle is set atop a hill within walking distance of a quaint, old-fashioned carousel merry go round! A spin on it will cheer up even the most melancholy of pets, and help to ward off that dreaded random event that turns your sweet neopet blue!

If you’re out and about at night, drop by Deadly Dice and visit with Count Von Roo, but be careful! He doesn’t always play nice!

After browsing the souvenir shop, you might just decide to live on Roo Island forever and ever. If you do, drop in to Roo Island Properties, and see what you can do about building a neohome right there!

6. Is the Roo Island castle not big enough for your liking? Well, don’t fret, because our next land hosts two, yes TWO castles, complete with kings! In Brightvale, the wise old King Hagan will receive you and grant you the opportunity to impart some of your own wisdom you’ve gained on your travels. If he deems your wisdom wise enough, you’re in for a real treat! We won’t spoil the surprise, but there are those who will avidly agree! While in Brightvale, spin the Wheel of Knowledge for a chance at some fabulous prizes. Oh, and when it says the grand prize is wisdom from King Hagan, don’t believe it. The REAL grand prize is Spin Again!

From Brightvale, a quick hop across a bridge is all it takes to enter the miraculous land of Meridell. Okay, maybe not miraculous, exactly, but entertaining, to say the least. Be sure to stop in and see Illusen in her glade. She’ll send you on a quest, but if you’re quick about it, you’ll be rewarded! Next, shoot an arrow at Punchbag Bob’s apple, if you’re lucky! Count potatoes! Bet on racing turdles! Kiss a mortog! Hmmm... come to think of it, skip all that and head for the castle, where King Skarl challenges you to make him laugh. If you’ve ever visited another place where there are royal guards, and you’ve tried to make them giggle, you get the picture. It may not be easy, but even if you offend King Skarl greatly, the results will surely make the trip worth it!

5. When asked, “Pirates or ninjas?” do you respond by lifting your eyepatch, stomping your peg leg, and exclaiming, “What AAARRRR you talking about?” If so, Krawk Island might just be your ultimate vacation destination! Whether it’s hunting for buried treasure, stalking the Smuggler’s cove, dodging mines in Dubloon Disaster, or throwing Bilge Dice with scurvy old pirates, you’ll find something to do here! Be sure to check out the Food Club if you enjoy the gambling life! And if you don’t, well... go away! They don’t want you there until they see the color of yer dubloons!

4. Some people like faerie tales and unicorns. Some like rainbows and happy little squirrels. If you don’t, the Haunted Woods might be more to your liking! What says, “Relaxing Vacation Resort Spot” more than a giant, gnarly tree with a pulsating brain, a globby, blobby, slimy monster desperate for food, graveyards, and a witch’s tower? NOTHING! That’s right! For the kiddies, there’s always the Deserted Fairground, where they can waste, erm, spend their neopoints on such wonders as the Coconut Shy, where the owner does NOT glue the coconuts to the poles, the Cork Gun Gallery, where the cork gun is NOT rigged, or even Bagatelle, where the board just LOOKS crooked, but isn’t, really. Yes, the fine, upstanding citizens here certainly put the “fair” in Fairgrounds! (Note that the authors firmly state that the Deserted Fairground workers offered no compensation, nor threats to the authors’ safety or the safety of their neopets in exchange for this glowing review.) (If you are reading this, send help! We have been taken captive by the meepits!)

3. Now that we’ve escaped from the Haunted Woods, erm, we mean now that we have reluctantly moved on from the Haunted Woods, we highly recommend, as our next vacation destination, the newly remodeled, bright and shiny Faerieland! Yes, that’s right, folks, Faerieland. After all, it is a world of clouds, rainbows, and poppies... yes... poppies... Umm. No, no poppies. But there might just be a brick road somewhere around here.

Your first stop, if you are a prepared traveler, just has to be Jhudora’s Bluff. Otherwise, we cannot take responsibility for any damage that may occur due to the wrath of Jhudora. That’s all that we will say about that. Just do her quest. Quickly. And then run. Fast. Possibly even to the Healing Springs, if necessary.

Once that preliminary task is accomplished, you’ll find yourself with a world of wonder facing you! The Rainbow Fountain beckons! The Wheel of Excitement glistens in the sun! Hey, after Jhudora, even Poogle Races are looking good!

Take a walk down into Faerie City, where you can shop at one of their fine establishments, pop over to colouring pages for some new materials on which to work your marker and crayon magic, or spend some time popping Faerie Bubbles! If you find yourself missing the dreary world of work, the employment agency offers quick temp jobs every 10 minutes to worthy candidates. But you’re on vacation, so don’t overdo it!

While you’re in the city, rumour has it that there is a tower hidden here somewhere. Why not poke around and see what you can find?

2. From a city in the clouds, we move to a land on the bottom of the ocean. Our number two pick for a relaxing getaway is Maraqua! This peaceful land is home to sea creatures great and small, almost all of which are friendly and helpful. Almost. You’ll get the occasional grumpy Koi or angry bubblebee, but all in all, these critters mean no harm. If you have a seashell collection, or wish to start one, there’s no better place to get them than right from the source! Collectable Seashells sells shells by the shore! Erm, score! A short swim away, you’ll find the Maraquan Ruins, whose fame is known throughout Neopia and beyond! Live out a reenactment of epic battles in Attack of the Revenge, dive down into the Bubbling Pit, or, for the less adventurous type, head to the underground cavern where the fish, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, are always biting! (Ok, when we say, “always” we really mean “hardly ever” but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go anyway!)

1. We’ve now come to the part that everyone has been waiting for... the unveiling of our number one vacation destination in all of Neopia! Is it the fabled Lutari Island? Kiko Lake? The Lost Desert? No! It’s Altador! Home of the Altador Cup, and sure to be this season’s hottest land! Neopians from all over will travel here to take part in the games, so why not head for some less-visited stops on your way? If this is your first visit to Altador, you might just find that there is more to do than you bargained for! The janitor seems to have spotted a button. Everyone likes to push buttons...

If you’re a bit more familiar with Altador, pay a return visit to the king, for he continues to reward those who helped to put Altador back on the map!

Before you leave, you might want to spend some time star gazing in the astronomy tower. This land is known for its clear nights and bright lights! Look closely, for you can even see the Space Station through the telescope!

Well, that about does it for this edition of the Ten Best Vacation Destinations! We hope you have found some new spots and you have been inspired to revisit some old favorites on this world we call Neopia!

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