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Dress Like a Tyrannian!

by agedbeauty


Ugga, ugg ugg.. Ugga! Ugg ugga ugg. Ugg!

Oh excuse me, I didn’t see you there. I was just helping my pets get ready for Tyrannian Victory Day, so was talking with some Tyrannian locals about the local fashion.

What? Oh. No, that’s not an oxymoron – and for Tyrannian Victory Day, what’s more appropriate than dressing like the locals? Besides, dressing like a Tyrannian can be a lot of fun! For a little bit at least.

What? You have NO outfit planned for Tyrannian Victory Day? Here, take my notes from our shopping trip! I already bought what I need, so you can keep them.

1. Wheel of Monotony Background

Origin: Neopoint (wheel prize)

Price: 7-9mil

Notes: Tempting, but my pets looked horrified when I suggested it. They started muttering something about “Tyrannian torture” and “bored enough” as they adamantly refused it. Strange pets. So next background, please!

2. Tyrannian Cliffs Background

Origin: Neopoint (new game challenge prize for Ugga Drop)

Price: 17k

Notes: Good price, but who goes to Tyrannia for the cliffs unless you’re there for the Ugga Drop competition. My pets agreed, so we’re on the same page. Next background, please.

3. Destruct-O-Match Cave Drawings Background

Origin: Neocash

Price: n/a

Notes: I liked it a lot, but my pets started babbling about dressing like Tyrannians, not living like them... picky pets. On to the next background, I guess.

4. Giant Omelette Background

Origin: Neopoint (r67)

Price: 300 NP

Notes: Can’t complain about the price; only a little more expensive than an actual omelette. But my pets refused; said they’re sick of omelettes. I tried to tell them they had to wear it, not eat it, but no go. So moving on to the next background.

5. Tyrannian Volcano Lair Background

Origin: Neopoint (r92)

Price: 99-100k

Notes: Even with the price tag, I thought we had a winner when both my pets and I said this background was hot. But when I went to hand over my neopoints, my pets gave me a funny look. I guess they thought hot was a bad thing. Time for the next background, I suppose!

6. Tyrannian Destruction Background

Origin: Neocash

Price: n/a

Notes: I love this background! It’s a romping stomping good time. But somehow my pets didn’t agree... they seemed a little worried about getting smooshed or something. Apparently I have a family full of very picky pets. Maybe they’ll like the next background.

7. Tyrannian Concert Hall Background

Origin: Neopoint (r95)

Price: 95-100k

Notes: A little pricy, but cheaper than the r101 version. As a bonus, my pets all agreed it was a good one, too. How can you go wrong with music, I guess! So it looks like a winner, but let’s find a cheaper alternative too. I’m not made of neopoints, you know.

8. Tyrannia Sunset Background

Origin: Neopoint (r101)

Price: Free!

Notes: This is a view of the Concert Hall at sunset. No music, but you can’t beat the price tag! My pets declared it a suitable alternative, so there you go. The perfect background for Tyrannian Victory Day.

9. Tyrannian Fake Fur Toga OR Species-Appropriate Tyrannian Paintbrush Clothing

Origin: Neocash (or neopoint for paint brush clothing)

Price: n/a (or 200k if you opt for paint brush clothing)

Notes: Some kind of actual clothing is a must for your pets. No customization except for a background just won’t do. None of my pets are a species that gets paint brush clothing from the Tyrannian Paint Brush (such as Gelert, Usul, Chia, Meerca, etc) so neocash item it is. It’s okay, I can barely tell the difference between the two.

10. Tyrannian Wings

Origin: Neocash

Price: n/a

Notes: These wings are a good match to fit in with the locals. If my pets wore wings I would seriously consider these.

11. Deployed Parachute

Origin: Neopoint (r101 – AoTA plot prize)

Price: 300 NP

Notes: This could be good for playing Ugga Drop. For some reason my pets vetoed jumping off cliffs, though, so I guess I’ll pass... for now.

12. Tyrannian Racing Goggles

Origin: Neopoint (r101 – Daily Dare Prize)

Price: 10-12k

Notes: These are great for playing Ugga Smash! But my pets vetoed crashing motorized vehicles into other motorized vehicles too... I must have strange pets. I’ll have to come back for these when my pets aren’t shopping with me.

13. Tyrannian Hair Bone

Origin: Neopoint (r101 – Daily Dare Prize)

Price: 1,000 NP

Notes: This is the perfect accessory to go with the toga we picked up earlier. My pets didn’t object either... then again, they might have been too busy being horrified at me for suggesting jumping off the cliffs or smashing vehicles together, but that’s okay. I got one for each of them.

14. Hair Bone

Origin: Neocash

Price: n/a

Notes: This looks just like the Tyrannian Hair Bone, but is a neocash item. It’s also smaller, and harder to tell just how Tyrannian this makes your pets look. At this point my pets realized I bought them hair accessories already, but it’s too late for them to protest. They did manage to veto this one, though.

15. Pteradactyl Plushie

Origin: Neopoint (r101 – Daily Dare Prize)

Price: 3,000 NP

Notes: The perfect plushie for Tyrannian Victory Day! And my pets all love plushies, so it was a double win. I actually had to buy a few of these because they each wanted one. Winner!

16. Tyrannian Lunch Bag

Origin: Neocash

Price: n/a

Notes: Another great handheld for Tyrannian Victory Day! As a bonus, my pets seem to have stopped protesting my purchases, and barely looked twice at this one. I think I’m winning!

17. Destruct-O-Match Stacking Blocks

Origin: Neopoint (Daily Dare Prize)

Price: 4-5k

Notes: These match Destruct-O-Match, obviously, so are a great way to fit in with the locals. And my pets all love it when we play Destruct-O-Match, so I thought these were another winner.

18. Tyrannian Bonfire / Campfire

Origin: Neocash / Neopoint (r88)

Price: n/a / 23-25k

Notes: Believe it or not, it gets cold in Tyrannia at night. A bonfire or campfire is pretty essential. My pets had no reason to object to this either; we opted for the neopoint version, so away went my hard-earned neopoints.

19. Lava Fountain Toy

Origin: Neopoint (r101)

Price: 40-45k

Notes: My pets weren’t much of a fan of this, but they seemed to have run out of energy to protest my purchases. At least I thought it was a neat looking wearable, definitely appropriate for living near the volcano in Tyrannia!

20. Panicked Tyrannian Citizen

Origin: Neocash

Price: n/a

Notes: I just loved this little guy! He’s so cute; what an adorable panicked little Tyrannian Kacheek. He was a must-have for sure, and even got a half-hearted chuckle out of my pets.

21. Tyrannia Petpet Garland

Origin: Neopoint (r101 – Burger King prize)

Price: 20-25k

Notes: There aren’t many Tyrannian garlands, so this one was a no brainer. I forked over my neopoints and to the relief of my pets was done shopping.

There you go! I hope you enjoyed my notes. For some reason my pets didn’t seem to, but I’m sure they’ll have more fun when I dress them up on Tyrannian Victory Day. Don’t you think so?

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