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The Kad Family

by moulinrouge21


Recently, after (attempting) to feed those greedy Kads, I was intrigued and amused by each Kads’ names. In between feeds, I thought more in depth about them; this was when I decided to dig deeper into each Kad’s background and find out why they were given these eccentric names. Admittedly, it took some work. Certain owners didn’t want to divulge such information, so I did as much snooping as possible (and which was legal). After gathering up my research, another light bulb popped up above my head, and it dawned on me that all the kad feeders out there deserved to know a little about the cute Kads they were feeding. So, without further ado, here are a few names and explanations for all you kad lovers to read!

Snookiepoo - The name tells you a lot. A spoilt little Kadoatie who always gets his way. Usually adorned with diamond encrusted collars and regularly attends Kadoatie manicures. This Kadoatie is well known asking for food from the top range, so be prepared to splash the cash if you decide to feed him! Snookiepoo often gets sniggered at by the other Kads. Perhaps this is by his strut he does in his cage, or the constant whining after finding another split hair. Deep down, Snookiepoo has a kind heart, but a heart easily led by money and jewels.

NotAHasee - Poor NotAHasee. As a baby, NotAHasee was very hyper, running around, climbing up trees until one time, pin the tail on the Gnorbu went terribly wrong and he flat out walked into a tree. Knocked unconscious for a while, NotAHasee woke up with obnoxious giggling and a talent in catching doughnutfruit when they randomly passed in the sky. He often dreams of jumping on seesaws and earning neopoints this way. Firstly named Paul, his owner decided NotAHasee was much more appropriate as that is what he started answering to because his owner repeated it so much.

Mr. Insane - See the gormless look in his eyes? I’d watch out, he’s either deciding what you’d taste like or how best to cook you. Known well for his insanity, crazy outbursts of gibberish and random stupid acts, Mr. Insane was born with a screw loose. Sometimes you can hear him muttering words such as “well done” or “rare”. But his scatty being is what makes him loveable, perhaps not when he’s licking his lips at you, though...

Abracadabra - This Kadoatie has had an exciting life. Often used as the guinea pig when his owner attempts to try out new spells. Transformed into many a petpet (the least favourite being a Slorg), Abracadabra often wonders in his spare time if he was always a Kadoatie or is now stuck as one. (WARNING: This Kadoatie is known to spontaneously known to change appearance due to hiccupping; he will return to his Kadoatie form within the hour).

Snarkie - Don’t ever expect this Kad to give you a loving look or lots of hugs and kisses. Snarkie keeps herself to herself, but doesn’t mind sticking her nose into other Kads’ business. Her sarcastic looks are known to make lesser petpets cower and is not afraid to put her two cents in.

(As far as we are aware, Snarkie has no relation to the TNT staff member Snarkie.)

- Yep, this Kadoatie has no name, which as you can imagine was hard to research. From what we can see, this Kad has no proper name, proper owner or proper home... She just turns up at the Kadoatery from time time crying expected to be fed... No record of this Kad have ever been found; it’s almost like she doesn’t exist...

ROFL - Just try and stop this Kad from laughing. Forever rolling on the floor laughing, either from others jokes or even his own reflection. Usually suffers from hiccups due to the excessive laughing. This Kad only just manages to swallow his food before cracking up with laughter. He does attempt to tell his own jokes, but doesn’t usually finish them before he’s off laughing again. If one is ever feeling down, then this Kad is the right one to hang out with. His infectious giggling will put a smile on your face instantly.

E= Mc2 - An extremely clever Kadoatie. Hear him doing multiplications and subtractions in his sleep. E= Mc2 is supposedly distantly related to the Kad who famously helped the scientist figure out this equation. E has been teased for his overlarge brain (he does algebra for fun). However, his plans for world domination have been found in one of his previous cages, so beware; otherwise, he may be having the last laugh...

DR. SLOTH - An escapee from Dr. Sloth’s clutches, this Kad was lucky. However, being involved in evil schemes at such a young age has made this Kad slightly evil. Bursts of evil cackles are known to happen from time to time, but this Kad is believed to be harmless. DR. SLOTH was apparently Sloth’s favourite apprentice at one point, but after the brain washing started to wear off, DR. SLOTH escaped. However, it seems not all Sloth’s mind tricks have disappeared.

Lady Wigglebottom - Unfortunately Lady Wigglebottom does have an overlarge bottom, which protrudes immensely when she walks. However, she’s not put down by this at all and it seems her motto is: If you’ve got it, flaunt it. (Note: May need two people to fit her in the cage).

Chibikadoatiekawaiibaka - Bought as a baby, the owner was deciding on a name when she gave a tremendous sneeze. Her sneeze sounded something like Chibikadoatiekawaiibaka and now this is the only thing the Kad will respond to. Can be a tricky name to get your tongue around but good luck trying.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading more about the Kadoaties that you feed. Together, they are a rare bunch and I can understand why there is such competition to feed them (along with the spiffy avatar also). Perhaps in time, we will have a new group of Kadoaties turn up, crying to be fed. In which case, I shall be waiting eagerly to research their creative names and update you all. Obviously, I could not put all names in this article, but if there is a specific Kad name you would like to know more about, then feel free to neomail me! Thank you and good luck feeding.

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