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Kari Knows Neggs: An Interview

by brgreat101


It’s that time of year where Kari the Negg Faerie, owner and operator of the fantastic negg trading shop the Neggery, escapes from the year-round blizzards of Terror Mountain to help Neopians from all over bring in and celebrate the beautiful spring season. To do this, she has devised a celebration of sorts: the Festival of Neggs!

In its second year running, the Festival of Neggs has garnered attention from many Neopets hailing from all around, mainly due to the fact that Kari has asked everyone to pitch in with setting up for the event through quests and tasks. Of course no help goes unrewarded in Neopia, and working with Kari has been no different. A wonderful assortment of prizes were handed out to those generous enough to help; we just hope you were one of the lucky few to get them!

Now, with the Festival underway, we are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to sit with Kari and discuss the finer details of everything that will be happening this year, along with a few other things I’m sure you’re at the edge of your seat waiting to know. So relax, grab a bag of Enchanted Popcorn, and enjoy!


Hello, Kari. Thank you so much for having this chat with us today! We know you’re busy with the Festival and all.

It’s no problem at all, dear. With my wonderful apprentice in the Neggery and the Festival running smoothly, it’s nice to step away for a minute and speak with you.

Oh yes, I have to say your apprentice is great. Tell me, what was your inspiration for this year’s festivities? What planning went into it all?

Well as you know, Easter and the spring season are a big influence on the activities for the Festival of Neggs. I planned most of the things around those two things! Of course, I can’t begin to thank all of the generous Neopets who helped me out from the beginning. What a tremendous relief they provided, and I’m so grateful for all of them. Thanks, guys!

This year the NC Mall has played a part in the preparations for the Festival. What made you decide to include these quests?

Oh, I just adore the NC Mall! Honestly, I can’t get enough of it. I knew that I needed the items from the mall but didn’t have a chance to grab them, so there were a few Neopets generous enough to help me with that!

That’s great to hear. You’ve awarded quite a few new neggs these past couple of years during the festivities. Have you noticed if these are popular at the Neggery or not?

Neopets LOVE to turn in their neggs, but honestly who wouldn’t? Neggs are great! However, I do encourage everyone to do what they please with the neggs. They are my gift to all of you.

You’re so sweet, Kari, and that really shines through. Speaking of sweet, what’s your favorite candy?

Most definitely chocolate. I adore chocolate so much. I think we need to take a break, actually...

*twenty minutes later* Oh hey, welcome back, Kari. You, uhh... you have some chocolate still on your face.

Oh my, how embarrassing! Thank you for pointing that out...

Right, so anyway, the Neggstravaganza has started up again this year and the prizes are turning out to be quite fantastic. Did you have a hand in creating any of the items?

The Neggstravaganza is so much fun! I love watching Neopets find the Neggs we’ve hidden. The items are all pretty special, and I did get the chance to see some of them beforehand. I hope you all like them!

How have the other faeries taken to the festival? Have they been of any help?

They’ve been so great. Illusen, who loves nature, has been a big help in deciding on some of the decor for the booths, and Jhudora has even pitched in to help with security (a lot of Neopets seem to be afraid of her for some reason *giggles*). Naia the Fountain Faerie has helped a lot, too, by giving some much needed color to the decorations and booths. She’s such a wonderful painter.

Now on to the nitty gritty question we all want to know. If you had to pick your top two favorite neggs, what would they be and why?

You’re really stuffing the negg in the basket with this question, you are. Deciding which neggs are my favorite has always been such a challenge for me. But, if I had to choose, I would say that the Mosaic Negg is my all time top favorite. It’s both beautiful and, well, a negg! My second would be... oh man, I can’t decide. All neggs are created equal in my eyes.

Are there any secrets you can divulge regarding the Festival of Neggs? Anything happen that may have been embarrassing or silly?

Well, there was the time that I was doing my regular walk around the festival, making sure everything was going according to plan, and just as I was making my way to the final booth, little did I know a negg basket was left on the floor and I went crashing to the ground. That was the most terrifying moment I’ve had in a long time.

Wow, Kari, that is terrifying! Well, on that note, we’ll let you get back to work. Watch out for those basket and have fun. Thank you so much!

You’re welcome, dear. Thank you for having me, and I hope everyone enjoys the Festival!


So there you have it. An exclusive interview with the one and only Negg Faerie, Kari. If you’ve enjoyed what you heard here, be sure to head over to the Festival of Neggs to take part in all the fun going on in Neopia right now. If you’re feeling like doing a bit of trading, see Kari’s apprentice and the Neggery where you can exchange neggs for points—and points for neggs—to your heart’s content.

The Neggstravaganza, as Kari mentioned, is a fun event for Neopets to participate in as you get to find hidden wearables never before seen in Neopia. So if this sounds amazing to you, head on over to the NC Mall and pick up your tickets to the event today.

Have a great time, everyone!

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