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The True Queen of Faerieland

by maddymoo


Hurray. Happy Fyora Day. We ALL love Fyora, don't we? The Queen of Faerieland. Whoop-dee-doo, right? Unfortunately, though, Fyora isn't really the Queen of Faerieland. At least, she wasn't always. I used to rule Faerieland, until an unfortunate series of events lead to my demise.

      Oh, my name? Just call me Jessane.


      I rolled out of my bed, which was like my entire castle- made entirely of soft, pink clouds that taste like sugar. It isn't easy to resist eating my entire home.

      I gently combed my long, bright purple mane, and plopped on my shiny golden crown. Today felt different, somehow. Every day I would go to Faerie City and give out quests. Then I'd collect my requested materials and create spells and potions for Faerieland at the end of the day. Whatever time was left in between I spent at the Healing Springs or the Rainbow Fountain helping out.

      But today seemed like there would be more. I woke up feeling really energized and giddy, which was usually a good sign. I ran my fingers through my fur just to make sure I looked okay, then bounced outside. The air was crisp and bright blue as usual. Fresh green terrains and majestic mountains greeted me warmly, and tiny little Barbats and Pikises fluttered up with the clouds.

      "Hello, Queen Jessane!" A little faerie Meerca giggled to me.

      I smiled. "Good morning."

      "Queen Jessane!" a passing Xweetok, just like me, said politely. I nodded in response.

      At this time, Faerieland was a relatively small land. Everyone knew everyone, and being the Queen, everyone knew me. As I walked to the Faerie Foods shop to get some breakfast like I did every morning, I kept getting "Hi" and "Hello" from Neopets and Faeries alike. It felt really good to be important enough that the townspeople depend on me, and go out of their way just to say a few words to me.

      After scarfing down an Illusen Leaf Burrito and some Faerie Crisps, I kicked off of my back paws and took flight to Faerie City (In case you didn't know, the Queen of Faerieland has all sorts of cool powers, including flying).


     "Here you go," a little white Bruce said, handing me a Cauliflower Pasty.

     "Thank you very much! Now here's a little reward from me to you." I whipped my paw over the little guy's head, and a few little sprinkles of Faerie Dust fell onto his head and melted into his fur.

     "Wow, I feel stronger!" he said as he skipped away.

      I grinned to myself. The day had quickly turned to night and I had made about fifty spells. With the Cauliflower Pasty, a Yellow Negg, Starlight Potion, and some Blueberry NeoDrops, I just needed one more ingredient to my final spell for the day.

      After no more than a few minutes, a thin, young Faerie with long pinkish-purple hair slowly approached, her hands behind her back. She had the final piece to my spell. She seemed to be taking her sweet time, taking slow strides. There was a sneaky look in her eyes.

      "Hello, do you have my Sleeping Blossoms?" I asked politely. She stood there, still as a statue. I broke the awkward fifteen-second silence with, "Hm, I don't think I know your name."

      She looked down at the floor, and then up to me, her devillish glare still haunting me. "My name is Fyora. And if I can just say this- you're my idol." The way she said it seemed a bit creepy, but I smiled at her. "I hope that one day I could be the Queen of Faerieland."

      I chuckled. "Well, thank you! And with some training, I'm sure you will be a very good Faerie." I forgot why we were even speaking to each other in the first place for a moment. "Do you have my Sleeping Blossoms?"

      She took a step forward, her hands still behind her back. "Did you know that Sleeping Blossoms not only look like they're asleep, but when you inhale their scent, a relaxing feeling overwhelms you?" She stuck out her hand to reveal a bouquet of Sleeping Blossoms. Fyora pushed them up to my nose and made a smile that matched the look in her eyes.

      "Sometimes so much that it knocks you out."


     I opened my eyes and blinked a few times. "Where am I?"

      It didn't take long to realize that my arms and legs were bound with rope. I was in a very nice castle in Faerieland, it seemed. The walls were purple and the furniture was made of crystal. One of the walls was a giant bookshelf, filled tightly with every book I'd ever heard of and more. I squirmed a little bit, trying to remember how I got here. "Hello? Where am I!?" I screamed, trying desperately to wriggle free.

      "Try not to squirm," a familiar voice said sweetly. "That makes it worse."

      "Who's there?" I shouted.

      A Faerie with purple-ish hair stepped out of one of the rooms. "Hello, sleeping beauty. Do you remember me?" She smiled viciously and waved a slender hand at me. It was all coming back. She was the eerie young Faerie who'd given me Sleeping Blossoms.

      "Look, I see that you're piecing together your last memories, but I don't want to make this long. Or painful." She sat down in a crystal chair and placed her hands on her lap. "I want to be the Queen of Faerieland. And don't get me wrong, you are a fine queen. But not as fine as I will be."

      "Will be? Fyola, I am the queen of Faerieland. For now and ever. It's nice that you want to follow my footsteps, but holding me captive won't do anything."

      "It's Fyora," she blurted. "And that's where you're wrong. See, I graduated Faerie Academy at the top of my class. I know all the tricks, all the spells, everything. I happen to know that anyone with powers can transfer their powers to someone else with a few special ingredients- of which I happen to have."

      My powers! I completely forgot that I could easily set myself free. I squeezed my paws in and released them, hoping to break free, but nothing happened. I kicked my back paws, hoping to fly, but nothing happened.

      Fyora giggled. "But since you seemed a bit sleepy, I decided to do that during your nap."

      "Then what was the point of tying me up?! What is wrong with you?" I screamed, wriggling my arms and legs out again. I could feel my legs coming out, so I proceeded to kick madly and yell for help.

      Fyora thrust her hand out. My body was still; I couldn't open my mouth or move a muscle. Stupid powers. "I don't want you to be out and about in Faerieland until everyone forgets about you. The land will fall into havoc with the precious queen missing. But wait! A young, promising Faerie will emerge as the new queen and put Faerieland on the right track. Eventually, the name 'Jessane' will be an unfamiliar one, and the only face of Faerieland will be mine."

      As soon as she let me move again, I told her she was crazy. With the whisk of her hand, I was back in my castle.


     I know what you're thinking.

      But Jessane, Fyora is so nice! Fyora is so just! Fyora, Fyora, Fyora! Fyora could never do those things!

      Trust me. She did. But something about being queen changed her. When I was queen, I would wake up and feel invigorated that I was so important. Nothing could bring me down. Being looked up to had that affect.

      I know what you're thinking now.

      So, Jessane, what happened next?

      Well, dear reader, Fyora has every power you could imagine. She did have some conscience, though. For years, I lived in my castle solemnly, with no contact with other Neopets or Faeries. I would look out my window to get a little bit of fulfillment.

      The first few days, Faerieland really was in ruins. It would break my heart to see Neopians running around, confused or crying. Without my spells, the clouds were gone on the happiest of days. The sky was dark on the brightest of mornings. The Healing Springs' water ran out of magic, and Neopets limped about, coughing or wheezing. Neopets with wings couldn't fly anymore. And I was the only one who could make it right again.

      "I can beat her," I thought to myself. "I can beat her powers for the good of the land."

      I took a few steps back from my window, and sprinted back up. I thrust my petite, purple body up to the cloud wall, but for once, it was as hard as rock. Again, again, again, I tried. But I couldn't make my way to the outside world. Frustrated, I ripped off a piece of my cotton candy-esque bedspread and threw into my mouth. All I could do was eat my entire home as I watched the beautiful land I once controlled, spiral out of control.


     The next day, I had a perfect view of Fyora emerging from her castle. Her thin hand went up, and time literally stopped. I pressed my ear to the crystal glass of the window to hear her.

      Faintly, I heard, "Do not fret, dear Neopians. Your queen, Jessane, has left you. Her powers proved too much for a little Xweetok like herself." She took a pause, and nervous murmurs surrounded her. "She has left me with her powers and spell-nurturing abilities. My name is Fyora, and I suppose I am your new Queen."

      A little tear trickled down my cheek. "That's not true! I'm still here! I'm still here! Don't trust her!" I screamed as I pounded on the walls. But my lips weren't moving. I felt stuck. Drawn to the outside, all I could focus on were the many proud-of-herself looks on Fyora's face, and the disappointed looks on everyone else's. They thought I let them down.

      Fyora continued on, asking her new subjects for ingredients. Each of them were to provide her with the same series of six items. Each Neopet who did as told would be leveled up, receive a complimentary potion from the Healing Springs Faerie, and the satisfaction of knowing that they helped return Faerieland to its original order, and better. Or that's what she told them anyway.

      Slowly, each Neopet and Faerie complied. At this point, I was bawling at the thought of being held away from everyone and disappointing them. But throughout the day, the grasses returned to a sparkling green. The skies to a fresh baby blue. The mountains to an effervescent purple. Faerieland grew lively again.

      Fyora was showered with love and gifts. Her smile softened from vicious pride, to wonderous bliss. Every now and again, she looked up into my window and winked. I tried to smash the glass, but her hand arose and I sat perfectly still.


     I kept quiet for who-knows-how-long. Maybe it had been months, years, maybe even eternity. Faerieland looked happy and healthy. If I didn't know any better, I'd say Fyora was the perfect ruler.

      Each day I would try to break down the walls. Finally, one day I succeeded. Without emotion, I picked myself up from the grounds and ran to Fyora. She was probably in Faerie City.

      It was early. I was used to receiving greetings and praises so early in the morning. Instead, I got a few passing glares and whispers, but I concluded that to the Neopets who saw me, I was that familiar face they couldn't put a name to.

      I found Fyora putting together ingredients. Some kind of potion, some kind of Negg, some kind of food, and some kind of plant hung suspended in the air. Slowly, her hand seemed to pet the air above the items. It seemed like everything she did, she did with that left hand. It made me a bit sick to my stomach, almost freezing as an instinct when her hand went up.

      After a minute, the ingredients made a mini-tornado, spinning around. Then, they perished into dust. Fyora gathered up the dust and flipped up her hands, releasing it into the sky. The Sun sparkled in response.

      "You," I grimaced, huffing and puffing. It was hard to get around without flight. She spun around and smiled, as if nothing had happened.

      "Hello," she said sweetly.

      It shocked me that after being held captive for so long, unable to move a muscle or let the tiniest sounds slip from my mouth, that I only had three spiteful words to tell her.

      "You are evil," I told her.

      "How can I be evil?" she said warmly. "I'm the Queen."

The End

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