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Fun Kougra Day Activities Galore

by gloomyparadise


As the third most popular species in Neopia, Kougras deserve to be treated as such! In honor of Kougra Day, I urge you to seek out all your Kougra playmates and shower them with gifts. But what do Kougras like? Never fear, I spoke with a large gathering of Kougras to tell you the latest and greatest gifts that are a-buzz in the Kougra world. Actually, the conversation went more like I approached the Kougras, the Kougras all growled at me, and I ran away screaming while clutching my Fake Lucky Cybunny Foot (a big ha-ha to all of you who said that was a bad investment!), but never fear – my information is as valid as Sloth’s informational brochures.

1. Take Kougras to see their idols in Kou-Jong and Top Chop!

These two games feature prolific Kougras doing what they do best – solving puzzles and fighting crime (well, a wooden board). Your Kougra will be amazed at all the opportunities that they have in the world, and what other Kougras before them have accomplished. In Kou-Jong, you find yourself on a boat with a Kougra, who is drinking some tea and playing with painted tiles. Although this could be a recipe for disaster in any other circumstance, you’re out at sea. What could possibly go wrong? Your job in this game is to clear all the tiles. Contrary to popular belief, this game is not relaxing – at least for me. Maybe because I’m not a Kougra; maybe because from last observation, I do not have the right paws. In any case, the mystical twinkling of the tiles can be a magical experience for any Kougra.

On the other hand, if your Kougra is easily excitable and loves to run around, Top Chop is a fabulous choice. In Top Chop, you must hit a wooden board at a particular moment – I’ll let you figure out when that moment is. Keep in mind that hitting the board at any other time will lead to much pain, growling, and possibly the tearing of any cloth in sight. Perhaps you should wear a suit of armor if you take your Kougra to play this game.

2. Treat your Kougra to a tasty tropical treat!

I can say that this was definitely my favorite part of the investigation. I think I spent a few days in the Tropical Foods store waiting for the Techo who runs it to continually restock it. Actually, I probably should have stopped after my fifth Pluburb because I am still finding seeds in between my teeth, but hey – you can only stalk the Tropical Foods shop once before people call you crazy, and I decided to take full advantage of this opportunity. Through my findings, I believe the following to be the best Kougra treats:

Turnla Pie – this dessert is even more beautiful than it is tasty! The multi-colored array is astounding, and I almost didn’t want to eat it until I realized that if I didn’t eat it, I might as well be Adee the Chia running from ice cream scoops in Ice Cream Machine. Do you KNOW how many ice cream scoops are wasted a day? If anything, my consumption of this pie reduced waste in Neopia by a very small fraction – take THAT, neopoint sinks! Although I’m not quite sure what a Turnla even is, the Techo running the Tropical Foods shop convinced me that it was very healthy.

Lemoran Fruit Leather Socks – did you know that socks are a favorite food of Kougras? If you dare dispute this fact with me, I will remind you how every morning when you wake up to run to the Faerieland Employment Agency, your socks just “happen” to have a hole in them – right in the shape of your Kougra’s teeth. Call me a cynic or a Meepit lover, but that is too wacky to be a coincidence. If you stock up on these socks, however, just leave them where you would normally leave your regular socks, and I can guarantee you that the only holes you’ll get in your socks come from your Fleaf.

Pheppacorn – actually, this food is retired, but it’s SO much fun to say! I had to buy mine on the Island Trading Post, but then I could not bear to eat it because I would have looked ridiculous on the Tiki Tour shouting about some random corn.

3. Read a fiery book!

Kougras are known enthusiasts of fire! There is a volcano in the middle of the island, for Sloth’s sake. Since there are no books related to Kougras and fire, you and your Kougra will have to settle for Fire Pet Guide, a burning tale – literally! The book comes on fire, so the time frame in which the book can be read is pretty small. Kougras are very intellectual and will be able to accomplish this task with few problems. Of course, in the off-chance that your Kougra is a little shyer, there is a riveting tale of a Fire Shoyru who is involved in a most scorching adventure! The book may even inspire your Kougra to write their own story; after all, pets from Mystery Island have the best experience with fire.

4. Inspire Kougra pride with a Faerie Kougra Pen!

This pen is a beautiful gift for any Kougra ready to embark on the journey of writing or drawing. Whether they plan to be regulars of the Neopian Times or perhaps grace the pages of the Art Gallery, this pen can be a great motivational tool to get started. Modeled after the colors of a Faerie Kougra, this pen contains a purple base with blue stripes around it. Most Neopians do not know this, but the Faerie Kougra Pen is endorsed by Bertie Shurtz, the center forward on Mystery Island’s Yooyuball Team since 2006! She can always be found signing autographs using her beautiful pen. Although the Mystery Island Yooyuball team does not get too many autograph requests these days considering their lackluster performance in the last several Altador Cups, Bertie is a great Kougra to represent success! The pen, of course, is the real reason behind it.

5. Dress your Kougra in the latest fashions!

Kougras enjoy wearing a variety of outfits to demonstrate a wide variety of characters and personalities. Some Kougras are wild and outgoing, while others are more studious and mild-mannered. Unfortunately, there are yet to be wearables made for the bookworm Kougra, but I do have two recommendations for your wild Kougra to wear!

  • Kougra Adventurer outfit: this outfit contains Kougra Adventurer Boots, Kougra Adventurer Hat, Kougra Adventurer Shirt, and Kougra Adventurer Shorts. This outfit is perfect for roaming the Mystery Island terrain. The boots will keep Kougra paws free from dirt or loose tree bark on the ground, and the hat will keep Kougras nice and cool in the Mystery Island heat. Your Kougra can pretend that they are on a secret mission while they traverse the hills and caves of the Lost City of Geraptiku.
  • Pink Flowered Kougra Dress: this dress is perfect for any Kougra that likes to burn off some energy dancing! With a trip to Tyrannia for the regularly scheduled concerts, your Kougra will be a well-known staple at these events with such a bright and colorful dress. If going to Tyrannia so often is not possible, just pick up an Elegant Punk Guitar and have your very own concert in the backyard of your Neohome!

Phew! That was quite a lot of information. I enjoyed touring the most popular Kougra destinations and eating the best Kougra food for the sake of this article – here’s to hoping you make this Kougra Day grrrreat!

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