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Within the Games: Part Six

by yoshifan272


“Well? What are you all waiting for? LET’S GET STARTED!!!” The Dark Faerie let out a menacing cackle that could have made the darkest villain shiver.

     “Don’t tell us what to do!” the Fire Faerie snarled.

     “Girls! Let’s just go outside and let the Neopians choose their Racers!”

     Oh sure, Fyora is graceful and nice, but the Dark Faerie was making her just as upset as everyone else. And why not? The Dark Faerie WAS obnoxious, wasn’t she? And every Neopian, Faerie and Neopet alike has something that annoys them. For example, the thing that annoys Marine the most is when people mock her about her being a girl and liking video games at the same time. So everyone has that exception!

     “Oh well, the sooner the better,” the Snow Faerie whispered to the Light Faerie.

     “I’ll say!” the Light Faerie replied back.

     Everyone including the Faeries walked outside to a fenced-in area that was lined with everyone’s Racers.

     Marine and AAA were walking around the seven Racers, trying to choose the best one.

     “OH, COME ON!!! PICK ONE ALREADY!!! OH, THIS IS TAKING TOO LONG!!! I’LL MEET YOU AT THE RING!!!” the Dark Faerie yelled. A purple puff of smoke pervaded over the Dark Faerie again. She was gone, waiting for the two Neopets at the ring.

     “Good riddance...” the Water Faerie muttered.

     Everyone let out a sigh of relief now that the Dark Faerie was gone.

     AAA chose the Space Faerie’s Racer, and Marine chose the Earth Faerie’s Racer.

     The Faeries were staring at AAA and Marine in shock.

     “You DON’T have to do this, you know! After all, she IS a Dark Faerie!” the Snow Faerie told both of the Neopets.

     “Don’t any of you worry about us! We’ll be fine!” exclaimed AAA with confidence.

     “AAA’s right! It’ll be okay!” Marine said, agreeing with AAA.

     “Alright, but all of us will be up in the stands cheering you on!” the Earth Faerie said.

     “You will?” asked AAA.

     “Sure! We would cheer you on anyway! We’re starting to be fond of you Neopians!”

     All of the other Faeries agreed that they had their backs.

     “Thanks, guys!” AAA and Maine exclaimed as everyone wished them luck.

     Marine and AAA flew into the ring and the Dark Faerie let out a cackle as she was waiting for them.

     “Hey, what’s so funny?” asked Marine angrily. The Dark Faerie was starting to annoy Marine.

     “Just the thought of both of you going against ME!” the Dark Faerie said as she chuckled wickedly.

     “Good grief. And Abigail thought MY ego was twisted,” AAA mumbled.

     “I heard that, you know!”

     “Okay whatever. So how will this game work?” asked Marine.

     “Why don’t we make you two go against that witch?” the Fire Faerie sneered as the other Faeries agreed in cheers.

     “I’ll do it, it won’t matter anyway!” said the Dark Faerie.

     “Alright you three,” Fyora said calmly, “I want this to be a fair and clean game. Does everyone know how to play?”

     “Of course I do!” the Dark Faerie snarled.

     Everyone was officially annoyed by the Dark Faerie’s arrogance. Even Fyora seemed to be irritated.

     “Fine then. When I say go, the Tournament will begin! 3... 2... 1... GO!”

     And the Tournament started! All the Faeries cheered AAA and Marine on as they raced in great speed. They raced around different obstacles and the Dark Faerie’s trail of Black Magic as some like to call it.

     In case if you didn’t know, Faerie Racers is a game in which you leave a trail with your Racer. If you hit a trail or some other obstacle, you lose. It’s very adrenaline rushing.

     So anyway, back to the story. The Dark Faerie raced right towards Marine at a great and dangerous speed. Marine was trying to trap the Dark Faerie.

     “HAHAHAHAHAHA! You really think YOU can defeat ME?! YOU WILL LOSE!” cackled the Dark Faerie to Marine.

     “Oh, shut up, will ya? Now I know how others feel about MY ego!” AAA shouted at her.


     I mean, yes. AAA was really agitated due to the Dark Faerie’s uncontrollable ego, and he was actually having a moment when he pitied those who couldn’t stand his ridiculous personality.

     “Oh, poor Abigail...” thought AAA as he was thinking of the number of times Abigail told other Neopians about how they shouldn’t mind AAA’s ego, as it can get annoying, but hilarious.

     “It’s YOU who will be defeated, Dark Faerie!” Marine yelled. She was trying to use those Faerie Racers tips from her book to good use, but in some way, the Dark Faerie was able to dodge everything.

     “Oh, is that so? Well, try this one on for size, speedy!” The Dark Faerie let out a laugh and waved her hand in the air. A large, black cloud of smoke appeared before Marine.

     “Ack! I can’t see!!!!” Marine screamed. She was trying to fan the smoke away from her, but the smoke was attracted to her like a paperclip to a magnet.

     “MARINE LOOK OUT!!!!!” AAA shouted but-too late.

     Marine rammed into a tree and her Racer evaporated.

     “Hey! That’s not fair!” the Light Faerie yelled. The others began to boo.

     “Hey! It’s not MY fault she can’t pay attention!” remarked the Dark Faerie.

     Marine appeared before the Faeries in the stand with a bloody nose, leaves in her hair, and her left arm twisted all the way around.

     “Oh dear...” the Tooth Faerie whispered.

     “What is it?” asked the Space Faerie.

     Marine groaned in pain with a few tears rolling down her face. The Tooth Faerie scooped her up in her arms.

     “Her arm’s broken!”

     “Oh my goodness! That Faerie can do anything in her power just to win!” The Earth Faerie sighed.

     “Poor Zafara...” the Light Faerie muttered as she was rubbing Marine’s forehead.

     “Come on, let’s take her to the shack and put her arm in a sling,” the Snow Faerie said.

     Everyone agreed and flew over to the shack. They placed Marine on the couch and wiped the blood around her nose. The Water Faerie found a long piece of cloth, tied it around her shoulder, and gently placed her arm in it.

     Fyora looked really worried as the Faeries raced Marine into the shack.

     “Dark Faerie, that wasn’t called for!” bellowed Fyora. Despite of her calm nature, the Dark Faerie just went too far.

     “Yeah? Well, I don’t care at all of that speedo weirdo!”

     “You’ll pay for what you did!” AAA said. The Dark Faerie reached AAA’s boiling point. He was ready to beat her, once and for all.

     “TRY ME, BOUNCY BOY!!!”

     AAA rode around the whole course so he could trap the Dark Faerie with his trail of stars. The Dark Faerie was spinning around in her Racer. She didn’t know where to go. She was stuck.

     “I’m trapped!!!! NO!!!!!!” She knew it was futile to move on, so she forfeited.

     “Oh, really?” AAA cackled, imitating the Dark Faerie.

     “I give up! I give up!” and she ran purposely into AAA’s trail.

     “Yeah! I DID IT!!!” AAA happily shouted.

     “Good job, Neopian! You defeated the Dark Faerie!” said Fyora with happiness.

     The Dark Faerie disappeared into a puff of smoke.

     Marine was still on the couch, and some of the Faeries surrounded her.

      “Hey, I hear cheering outside!” said the Fire Faerie as she looked out the window.

     Marine's eyes began to flutter.

     “Look! She’s waking up!” the Earth Faerie proclaimed.

     “What... what happened???” Marine asked as she was slowly getting up. The other Faeries were helping her up off of the couch.

     “The Dark Faerie broke your arm during the match because she ran you into a tree, but it appears that your friend has won!” answered the Earth Faerie as they were carefully helping Marine walk outside to see the winner, AAA.

     “AAA!” Marine said.

     “Marine!” AAA ran towards Marine. He noticed that she had her arm in the sling.

     “Marine! Your... your arm!”

     “Yeah, I know. When I ran into that tree, the impact of the crash made my arm twist and break. Well, at least that’s what they told me!” Marine replied as she pointed at the Faeries.

     “Ready to go home?”

     “Sure am. I don’t exactly feel like breaking any more bones today!” Marine replied.

     “I hope you will come see us again!” said Fyora.

     All the Faeries waved goodbye, and both AAA and Marine waved back.

     In a blast of colors and lights, AAA and Marine were teleported back to AAA’s office.

     “Are you okay, Marine?” AAA asked.

     “Yeah, yeah I’m fine.”

     “Well, if we ever want to see those Faeries again, we should just go to Faerieland,” he responded quietly, even though he tried to make it sound like a humorous joke.

     “HAHAHA! Yeah, we should! It was fun, but the Dark Faerie is a lot meaner than she is now! I don’t know if I want to run into HER again!”she replied joyfully.

      As they were exiting the office, AAA had a thought in his head he wanted to keep to himself.

     “This may be more dangerous than I thought! Maybe I should... destroy the machine.”

To be continued...

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