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Neopoint Wearables You Should Own - But Don't

by agedbeauty


Also by sinistrous

Customization is without a doubt a huge part of modern Neopia; though it was strange to think about before it was introduced a few years ago, it has definitely become a major part of the game. For some of us it’s a casual pursuit and for others it’s the main reason they play the game, but almost all of us customize to some degree. Despite the wide number of users who customize their pets, some items that are incredibly useful for a well-thought out customization simply get no love at all!

With that in mind, Fuz (sinistrous) and I have scoured Neopia to bring you the most useful and under-rated wearables. We will split this into two articles – one with NP items and one with NC articles, to make this more useful for people who can not or will not use NC. This week, we’ll discuss the most under-rated neopoint items. Without further ado, here are the ten most under-rated yet extremely useful neopoint wearables!

1. Moon and Stars Background

At around 50 NP a piece, there really aren’t many backgrounds cheaper than this – once Key Quest started giving it out as a prize for key redemption, it’s become incredibly common... and yet rarely used. That’s a shame; this is actually a very lovely background, and many pets – particularly bluer faeries such as Lennies – look quite pretty on it.

2. Cloud Garland

Simplicity, versatility, and a neutral color that doesn’t clash with any other wearables, all in one fluffy little package. At around 90k a piece this garland isn’t cheap, but its ability to be used in both winter and spring and its wonderful zoning more than make up for the price tag. We’re just not sure why this isn’t in more closets! So go ahead – let your pet spend some time with their feet in the clouds; you know you only wish it were *your* feet instead!

3. Strange Red Mist Foreground and Strange Green Mist Foreground

Okay, we’re cheating – this is really two items, but they’re pretty close! Released this past Month of Celebrating, most people missed them as they rushed off to see what the Advent Calendar had for them instead. Currently about 70k each, these aren’t cheap either, but these mists can do a lot for your pet’s customization. They can add a festive feel with their bright colors, or a spooky eerie feel – it just depends how you use them! It’s worth noting that each is zoned differently; the green mist is foreground, while the red mist is lower foreground.

4. Hannahs Red Undershirt

This flexible shirt is actually probably in many closets, but it’s one of those get-it-and-forget-it pieces. Given as the AAA prize when Hannah and the Kreludor Caves was the New Game Challenge, this shirt will run you about 15k – and it’s worth every neopoint. A nice solid color shirt that goes well over many skirts or pairs of pants, under many jackets, and under many short sleeved dresses that are zoned as jackets. It adds a nice cover-up, a nice neckline, and so much more. And as a bonus, despite having Hannah in the name, it works well on male AND female pets. Why AREN’T you using this more?

5. Fancy Frock Coat

This was an advent prize a couple years back, and it’s one many people have forgotten about. But this pretty coat adds a nice silhouette without clashy colors; it can be festive, regal, or military, and like the Hannah shirt it matches so nicely, both male and female pets can wear it. At only 11k each, why isn’t this in your closet?

6. Torn Pink Gym Socks

These may seem like a strange choice for your pet’s ensemble, but on most pets – especially Kacheeks – they just look like pink shoes. That means they look nice under pretty dresses, or with a snazzy pair of pants. And they come in other colors too, notably fire, rainbow, and white. At only 1500 NP a pop, try them out – we’re pretty sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

7. Curled Blonde Wig

Okay, we’ll admit it. A lot of the really pretty wigs are NC or species-specific, but this lovely little gem was made wearable last year, and while it made waves when it came out, it’s mostly collecting dust now. But this pretty wig can give your pet a dressy feel, suitable for evening tea or wearing a ball gown... and for those without access to NC, it can be an invaluable addition to the wardrobe. 70k may be steep, but we think it’s a fabulous closet investment.

8. Valentines Earrings

Think all of the pretty earrings are NC? Think again! Another old item that was converted into a wearable, these are delicate earrings that go well with both casual and dressy outfits. When my pet wears them, people usually assume they’re a neocash item! Though 60k isn’t cheap, this pretty accessory is worth it. Why haven’t you bought these yet?

9. Silver Dubloon Necklace and Golden Dubloon Necklace

Yes, yes. We’re cheating again, there are two of these – but they’re exactly the same, just different colors! These are another fabulous accessory that won’t dominate an outfit, but can be very useful to hide a neckline that’s a little too low or just give an outfit the perfect finishing touch. Do you prefer silver or gold? It’s up to you! I like silver, because it’s only 35k, but Fuz likes gold, which will run around 150k... what’s YOUR favourite, and why isn’t at least one of these in your closet?

10. Shenkuu-Inspired Paper Parasol

All right, this one isn’t cheap. At about 600-800k depending on how many are for sale at the moment, this pretty parasol is fairly expensive and is the only unbuyable that we strongly recommend (at least for 2-legged pets). But this is also the only neopoint parasol, and is actually much prettier than many of the neocash parasols... and is one that not many people use. That might be because it’s expensive, but if you ask us, it’s well worth the expense, and your pet will look gorgeous with it. (Please note that we do not recommend this parasol for quad pets, as for some strange reason it is zoned as a hat... and includes a beanie. How utterly unfortunate... sorry quad owners!)

Well, that brings us to the end! We’ll see you next week with under-rated neocash wearables that almost everybody has and nobody uses; until then... are these in your closet yet? No? Well, why not?!

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