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Fast Habitarium Playing

by horsecrazyirishgirl


Also by pearl12388

Saving for an expensive new toy for your pet? Maybe a paint brush? Or just want higher interest from the bank? Well, then Habitarium is for you! Habitarium is a great way to make lots of neopoints without much effort. At the max level (currently 50) players can make 150,000 NP or more daily from purple gems! This guide contains some tips to level up quickly and start collecting your purple gems.

Note: This guide does not give you the basics of game play but when you start your Habitarium there is an awesome in-game tutorial that will lead you through them.

Leave Habitarium Open

You get a lot more experience (xp) when your Habitarium is open compared to when it is closed. As soon as you log on to your account, open Habitarium in a window or tab on your browser and let it run while you do whatever you do on Neo. Some people even leave their Habitariums open 24/7 to maximize the experience gained, but keep in mind that requires a lot from your computer and energy bill...

Lag Problems

A lot of people don’t play Habitarium because it creates too much lag for their computers. If you experience this problem, you can try these steps:

1. Block off all your storages: Normally after harvesting, your p3s will walk over to the storage carrying a small part of the resource being harvested. This extra unnecessary animation can cause some serious lag especially as you get more p3s. So to cut down on the animation, place decorations or nests all around your storages so your p3s cannot access them. Resources can also be used to help block the storage. Harvested resources will just automatically be placed into the storages and taken out of them when you buy something. Note: This does not increase the harvest rate of your p3s, only cuts the animation.

2. Turn off sound/music: Honestly, are you even listening to it, anyways?

3. Zoom out: Sadly you won’t be able to watch the cute facial expression of your p3s, but it’s worth it.


Everyone gets excited when they can purchase a new building; however, do not waste your resources on these in the early stages! Houses will feed, energize, and heal your p3s just as well, but cost a lot less to build and upgrade. Houses will also hold more p3s than hospitals and barracks of the same level. A level 3 house can hold 7 p3s while a level 3 hospital can only hold 4. The only advantage to the hospital and barracks is that they are a different design. So if you care about the looks of your Habitarium, once you are at level 50 you might want to buy them for that reason.

Soldiers, Workers, Nesters oh my!

One of the most important characteristics of your Habitarium is the number of each type of p3 you have in your population. It’s really personal preference for the exact number of each you have—basically play around and find what works best for you. However, here are some general guidelines that you can use:

Soldiers: Soldiers can only build and fight and so cannot provide you with very much xp during their lives. You can get away with a very small amount of soldiers. Start off with 3 soldiers and see from there—keep in mind that even if you get a ton of pests attacking your Habitarium, workers can also fight. If your resource tiles are getting damaged a lot, you might want to increase the amount of soldiers you have on hand. On the other hand, if you feel like you could get away with less, go for it! Workers and nesters are the keys to leveling up quickly AND providing tons of purple gems quickly.

Nesters: Nesters are better for gaining experience than soldiers, but not as good as workers. You do need nesters to produce eggs that you will use to hatch more p3s when your maximum allowed population increases and when your p3s die—the maximum length of a p3 life is 7 days. Once a p3 has incubated an egg, you can discard it for 200xp, hatch it if you have room in your Habitarium’s population, or harvest it, which places the egg in your item bag for later use. About 5 nesters will be fine for all the levels (on the lower levels you’ll need fewer), though if you aren’t getting enough worker eggs, you should hatch more nesters.

Workers: The majority of your Habitarium population should be workers. Workers not only earn you experience while they are harvesting, but you can use the harvested resources to buy buildings to build and upgrade for even more experience. A level 3 worker earns you 300xp per hour, which is 5xp per minute; a level 3 nester on a level 3 nest earns 200xp every 50 minutes (only IF you discard the egg), which is 4xp per minute. So even just by harvesting, workers out-produce the nesters.

Note: Make sure you upgrade your p3s and buildings to make them more efficient!!! Efficiency is the key to leveling up fast.

Discarding Eggs

Keep enough eggs in your item bag to restore your population with a few extra worker eggs. However, all the other eggs produced by your nesters (who you should always have nesting and not harvesting) should be discarded for 200xp, which will really add up and help you level up quickly.

Building/Upgrading Nests—Mildly Secret Way to Fast Success

While not often discussed in Habitarium guides, the best way to level up fast is by using your resources to build and upgrade (as much as possible) nests. Why nests? Well, that’s simply because they cost the least to buy and upgrade. Building each nest gives you 200xp (the same as an egg!) and each upgrade gives you 300xp. Nests can be upgraded to level 2 once you hit level 17 and level 3 when you reach level 40. Building and upgrading nests only requires you to have stone/wood/mud resources so you should not bother with harvesting the other resources. So building and upgrading a nest to level 3 gives you 800 experience points! That will really, really help you reach the next level.

Note: You DO NOT need to purchase food for your p3s. If they are hungry/low in health or energy, stick them in a house to refill all 3 of their stats.

The End With a Pot of Purple Gems

Hopefully these tips will help you reach level 50 quickly so you can start earning purple gems and even more NP from Habitarium! Each level leading up to 50 also comes with a NP bonus; however, level 50 has an endless supply of purple gems (until TNT releases new levels). For each 1000xp you earn at level 50 you earn a purple gem that gives you 500 NP when you click on it. For a rough estimate of how much you can earn at level 50 each hour, use this equation: (# of workers * 300)/2

If you encounter any problems or need help, visit the Habitarium board. It’s filled with some very nice and friendly people who will try their best to help you.

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