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Philanthropy and Roo

by stariette


To those who have been a part of Neopets since the dawn of time, back in 1999 and early 2000, the nostalgia of browser based games with simple graphics is still well and good. Though the newer generations tend to lean more toward the bright shiny new flash games with the detailed coordination required to play them, a few of us lone elders still cling to the games of yesteryear. Yes, we dwindling few still understand the thrill of the slow paced game, and given the opportunity, I’m sure the newer generations could also appreciate the anticipation of a well-deserved lucky win!

Classic games of Dice-A-Roo, Scorchy Slots, and Gormball will always be near and dear to my heart. I still play them nearly every day, not just for the few minutes of reminiscing, but because they are in fact, some of the best games on the site to date! Though others may scoff and quickly brush them aside for the more trendy games, the patient few who take the time to play understand the true goldmine that they are! They do not take exorbitant amounts of skill to win, only patience.

Dice-A-Roo is among the most rewarding of the older games. Yes, if you can deal with the monotony of the repeated clicks and the overexcited jabber of the hosting Blumaroos, then you too can see just what the game has in store for you!

Did you know that you can win and win big from Dice-A-Roo? All you have to do is follow a few simple rules.

#1. Never listen to those pesky Blumaroos bopping around on the bottom of your screen. No, Kalvin, 25 isn’t such a lot of neopoints! And you shouldn’t just ‘Take the money!’ when your personal pot is at 4. Always continue to click to roll again. If you lose, you lose, but you’re missing the chance to really win big if you don't keep going!

#2. Protect your assets. If you get to the green dice, you can win food, including neggs! But be sure if you’re winning food that you put it in your SDB or your shop for safe keeping until you’re done playing. If you get to the yellow dice you can win more food and LOTTERY TICKETS! Yes, a free chance to win millions of additional neopoints at no cost to you. Of course you don’t get to pick your own number, but Blumaroos claim to be smart, clean pets, so maybe you should trust them. If you’re lucky enough to get to the silver dice, you can win food, more lottery tickets, and FAERIES! Yes, you can win faeries from this game. One day I won four in a row!

#3. Stick to the plan! Take the time to stop and put away your things while you play, because the silver dice is also home to the Pant Devil. You don’t want him stealing everything you worked so hard for, now do you?

Dice-A-Roo has had some upgrades since it first came out, some good, some bad but the game is still one of the best that Neopets has to offer. The biggest upgrade is the addition of the 10x multiplier on wins! Not every win gets this, but when it does hit you, you can strike gold. The high score table shows winnings of over 600,000 NP. If you played once and won 600,000 NP, then that means you made a profit of 599,995 NP. Not a bad deal, right? Even without the 10x multiplier, it is not uncommon for the pot to go up to 30,000-60,000 NP. It is rare that there would be a day that you could play this game and post a loss of neopoints even if you didn’t win the jackpot.

My personal style differs from other people's, but this is how I play the game. If I win an item, be it faerie or food, I instantly walk away from the game to either price it in my shop or place it in my safety deposit box. This way I know if I get to the silver dice that my items are safe. At the end of the day I like to tally up how much I won, then take half of the food I’ve won and donate it to the Money Tree!

Just think about this!

You didn’t pay anything really for what you won. 5 NP here and 5 NP there but you got the benefit of playing the game and having fun! (Because you know you had fun.) Then you can turn around and help out the starving Neopets of Neopia and beyond. You know at the end of the day you will feel good that you did something to help others; you will have boosted your karma and feel great! This is a wonderful option because you are giving without really putting a dent in your progress toward your Neopets goals!

It is always good to give, games are no exception. If you practice being a generous person in games, it can carry over to the real world and improve the lives of people around you! Have you ever had a bad day, then had something happen on Neopets and instantly it cheered you up? Even just a little? You can be that good thing now! Take the time to give and be good! The Money Tree can use your help!

Neopets gives to us all the time, providing us with a fun, safe, and educational environment to play in for free. By giving to each other in game you can show that you too appreciate all that is being given to you, and enjoy playing a game at the same time.

So go ahead, everyone, those silly Blumaroos are waiting for you! Take some time today to play some Dice-A-Roo or even some Gormball or Scorchy slots. These games have stood the test of time because they are great games; make sure you experience them because you never know when they could be gone! We hope never, but you never know!

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