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Zap Me Twice, Shame on Me

by nascar19nfl


Everybody loves Baby pets, right? Of course! They are just so adorable. Who in Neopia would not want a Baby pet? Answer: Me.

So, why am I opposed to owning those irresistibly cute babies? I can’t dress them. Baby pets, along with Maraquans, Invisibles, Mutants, and Fruit and Vegetable Chias, are not compatible with most clothes sold in the NC Mall. I will admit that I have an Invisible Aisha, Baby Xweetok, Carrot Chia, and Maraquan Ruki on my side accounts. It’s my main account with a closet the size of King Hagan’s castle ( more like the size of his royal outhouse) that I don’t want these pets on. As an NC collector, customizing my pets is extremely important to me. Having a Baby pet makes all of my NC items worthless, except for the very few items that were made specifically for Babies.

Now that you know why I don’t want a Baby pet, here comes my very long, amazingly dull story. (Just kidding! I hope you learn something from it.)

The Faerie’s Ruin was the first plot I participated in. I tried my hardest at those brain-busting puzzles and put my toughest pets up against those Shadow Wraiths and in the end it all paid off. When the Prize Shop opened, I was beyond shocked that I could get a Faerie Paint Brush. I never thought I would own one. (Well, I did own one for approximately thirty seconds when a very generous Neopian gifted me one, but asked for it back.)

That Faerie Paint Brush burnt a hole in my Safety Deposit Box for a few days while I weighed my options a few thousand times. I knew which pet I wanted to paint, but at the time she was a Meerca and I didn’t want a Faerie Meerca. I decided I would morph her into a Skeith because I thought Faerie Skeiths were beautiful. After all that calculated planning on buying a Skeith Morphing Potion, feeding it to my White Meerca, and then taking her to the Rainbow Pool in Neopia Central to use my magical Faerie Paint Brush on her, I ended up impulsively getting a Kiko morphing potion instead and turned her into a Faerie Kiko. I was even happier with this because I always wanted a Kiko (I like Limited Edition pets) and when painted Faerie, Kikos don’t look like a basic pet with some wings. They are actually very pretty.

A few days go by and I am loving my Faerie Kiko. Everything is perfect and we couldn’t be happier. I went to make an English muffin one morning while at my sister’s house and when I returned to the computer, my hand stopped a few inches short of my mouth as I looked up to the computer screen to come to the grave discovery that my beautiful Faerie Kiko was now a Baby Kiko. I was devastated. I just painted her Faerie! I scrambled to the NC Mall to buy any Baby items I could. Then I took a trip to the NeoBoards for some guidance. Turns out, Boochi only fires his ray at the active pet. If I would have known that, I never would have left my best pet defenseless and vulnerable. However, I thought Boochi was a rare occurrence and rare things never happen to me. Needless to say, I wasn’t too concerned. If I had perceived Boochi as a bad thing to begin with, I would have been more cautious knowing how unlucky I generally am on Neopets.

For a few weeks, I made the best of it. I didn’t want to zap her because she has the best stats of all my pets. (Comparatively, though, her stats aren’t amazing, just better than my other pets.) I had one of my main pets vacationing on a side account while I created more pets to zap and later move to my sides. I learned from my Boochi accident and kept my temporary lab rats as my active pets in case Boochi strikes again. I wouldn’t mind having Baby pets on my sides, like I stated before. Eventually, I grew tired of my Baby Kiko and wanted to dress her the way I used to. I decided to use the Shop Wizard to find the most affordable Christmas Paint Brush. I chose Christmas because it’s cheap and when the hat and gloves are removed, a Christmas Kiko looks no different than a White Kiko. I like White pets because all colors and patterns match them. It’s harder to match clothes with Speckled, Starry, etc. pets. Faerie really was the only color of Kiko that I liked, but I was content with my Christmas/White Kiko for now as long as I could dress her up again. She was happy, too, to finally get that pacifier out of her mouth and have the ability to talk again.

Not even a full two days later, I was eating breakfast and completing my dailies when things took a turn for the worst. I keep my Kiko as my active pet only during dailies so she can improve her fishing skill and hopefully gain some stats from King Coltzan. I was just about to switch my temporary pet back to my active when BOOM. It happens again. Boochi fires his ray at her and turns her into a Baby Kiko. I was at a loss for words. The only relatively bright side I found from this was that I had only spent roughly 47,000 neopoints on that Christmas Paint Brush. And this time I already had those few Baby clothes on hand for her to change into.

So what does the future hold for little Kiko? I’m not quite sure yet. Even though I love Kikos and prefer Limited Edition pets, I have a feeling she will not be a Kiko much longer since the only color I like them in is Faerie. I’m still afraid to zap her, but I just might. My temporary lab rats will eventually fill up my side accounts and I’ll need something to zap. And unless Kikos start coming in cooler colors, I just might morph her into a Skeith now. And color? Beats me. I don’t want to throw down too many neopoints because with my luck, Boochi will strike again the next time I’m not 100% vigilant.

So remember, folks, keep a look out for that little devious Bruce! Good luck, Neopia!

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