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Petpet Companions for Dark Personalities

by saphireblue3


This guide to petpets is designed with the needs of all "dark personalities" in mind - For goths, evil geniuses, spies, thieves, vampires, undead, dark magicians, or those who want to make a spooky fashion statement with their petite companion. With the help of this list, hopefully you will find a creepy friend who suits your needs and wants as a petpet owner.

Candy Vampire

Candy Vampires are mischievous and nippy, making victims out of anyone who is foolish enough to mistake them for a real candy corn. While a Candy Vampire may look frightening with a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth, the bites it administers are only minor. They get along well with owners who also like to play pranks on and spook others. In case you were wondering: They do love to drink blood as a treat, but they will eat most commercial brands of petpet chow and Halloween candy.


Werhonds are vicious and have a dangerous bite. These petpets are difficult to keep under control unless you have a strong will. While their violent nature cannot be fully tamed, they will submit to whom they recognize to be the leader of the pack. They will defend their owner in perilous situations, and therefore make excellent companions for anyone who travels at night in the Haunted Woods.


These tiny purple devils may look sinister, but they are not very dangerous. They are intelligent and can see well in the dark. They are extremely loyal to their owners by nature and will shadow evil geniuses everywhere, but may prefer to sit on your shoulder or head. (These petpets are not very sneaky, as they often make a lot of noise while moving around. Not recommended for anyone who requires their malicious activity to be done in secret.)


These disturbing creations are the result of mixing a Snowbunny and Drackonack in the Cooking Pot. They are not very keen or intelligent, but they do have a full set of sharp teeth and are quick to bite. A strange mixture of dark and sweet - While they are mischievous and short-tempered, they are often cuddly toward their owners and love to frolic.

Captive Shadow Wraith

A number of these tiny wraiths were captured after Faerieland was saved from Xandra. They are extremely unruly and mischievous, not recommended for those who have a difficulty keeping track of their petpets. They thrive well in negative or dark atmospheres. They do not do well in settings where happiness and light are abundant; for this reason they are recommended only for those with a truly gloomy or sinister personality.


These petpets may have a frightening or unsettling appearance, but they are not truly sinister by nature. They are very affectionate to their owners, as long as you show affection in return. Grembles are quite fragile and easy to tame. These petpets are recommended for anyone who wants to keep up a spooky appearance but does not want to invest in a difficult-to-tame petpet.


Zomutts are a popular choice among many Haunted Woods residents. While they are creepy and quirky, they are not truly sinister by nature.They may be slightly challenging to train in the ways of tricks, and house-training, but are often rewarding due to the affection they give in return. And while they are not very intelligent, but they are also extremely loyal and full of personality.


These petpets are known for being extremely creepy and not for the faint of heart. They are extremely abundant in many areas of Neopia, and often live wild, but they are easily caught and tamed. Spyders add atmosphere to any evil lair, witches hut or haunted house. Their bite is poisonous, so even their owners must handle with care.


Snorlkin are very difficult to catch due to their invisibility powers. They are not commonly tamed and kept as petpets, but if you do manage to gain one of their trust then you should cherish it. They make excellent spies, again due to their invisibility powers, and are very crafty. Because they are demons, they love to assist their owners in evil tasks and will shadow you wherever you go.


Drugals are quite vain; due to their long luscious coats they require much brushing and bathing. They enjoy being pampered and desire a lot of attention. (Otherwise they may turn on you and try to make your life miserable by destroying sofa cushions and eating your lipstick.) While these petpets are not extremely evil, they do prefer dark atmospheres and equally vain owners, not mention they make a great fashion statement.


Native to the Haunted Woods, these fuzzy little monsters are often seen hanging around Edna's tower begging for treats. Their name is not a coincidence, as they are considered by many to be an excellent companion for witches and warlocks. If you reward them with tasty snacks, they are quite proficient at doing chores, including organizing spice cupboards, dusting old cauldrons, and keeping just the right amount of cobwebs hanging around the front door.


These tiny mummies are not very pleasant to be around. In fact they are known to be the grumpiest of petpets, and often stomp around moaning about their itchy bandages (and just about everything else). Due to their gloomy personalities they are the perfect companions for those who love to complain and argue. Because they are undead, they not require much maintenance - Perfect companions for any grumpy mummy or ghost who is busy haunting an ancient tomb.


Ghostkerchiefs are not very intelligent or intimidating, but they do make excellent companions for undead or ghostly Neopets. They are light-weight and do not require much care since they are, well, already ghosts. They do like to play with their owners and will offer excellent ambience to any haunted house.


Devilpuss have very short tempers and are extremely malicious. They are not very loyal; in fact they will often scratch or hiss at their owners when they do not get their way. Devilpuss love to be spoiled and given plenty of space, and mostly keep to themselves. They may display affection toward their owners, but you must be careful not to anger them. Needless to say they do not get along well with other petpets.


Bloops are very dark characters - literally - and blend in well with spooky surroundings. Bloops are excellent companions for any Neopet who wants to travel at night and prefer not to be seen. They may stain your clothes with ink spots, but if most of your clothing is already dark then it should not be much of an issue. They are curious and will follow you everywhere, but please be careful with your bloop - They are fragile and easily pop.

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