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Grey Valentine's Day

by bowieisinspace


Valentine’s Day is coming up. This is one of the most loving days in Neopia, if not the most loving. Everyone gets gifts for their friends, and everyone feels loved. Pink and red balloons fill the skies, and everyone is very nice to each other on this day. The smell of flowers and chocolates fill the air (unless you’re in Maraqua). Many Neopians love this day because of the fact that it is so cheerful, but what if you’re not cheerful? Grey pets are most definitely not cheerful! Grey pets are probably the most difficult type of pet to get gifts for, so this section is going to tell you what to get your grey friends and what not to get them! Most importantly it will help you become closer to your grey friend, without offending them with those pink and red gifts. Most gifts grey pets get every year are very colorful and cheery, and the grey pets demand that this must be stopped. Why would grey pets want these cheerful gifts when they are not cheerful in the least bit?

Although grey pets are probably the most difficult to get gifts for, I find it sad that many Neopians do not know what to get for their grey pal. Any other pet will enjoy a Bottle of Love, Scented Valentine paper, or Valentine Rose Bouquet. It is very easy to get gifts for most neopets, but not grey pets! You can even go a more simple direction with these pets. For example: some chocolates, a homemade card, or even just some flowers. Unfortunately, grey pets aren't this easy to please. You must think very carefully when picking out a gift for your grey friend. Grey pets do not like Valentine’s Day, but they do not want to feel left out. They still have feelings, so you must get them something. You must be very careful, they do not want Valentines cards or heart shaped chocolates. They don’t want some cheap gift that you found at the Money Tree either.

So obviously, grey pets do not enjoy the Valentine’s Day holiday and will probably hide in their neohome all day. This means when you get them their special gift, you’d have to go to their neohome to deliver it. So please, try not to walk into their house looking too festive. You’ll make them sadder than they already are, if that’s even possible. They will not want to go outside at all and they'll try to avoid the festive colors of red and pink. Grey pets want to avoid anything cheerful. If they wanted to be cheerful, they would have told their owners to paint them a different color.

The first gift I suggest for your grey pal is the Un-Valentines Quiggle Plushie. It is un-valentine’s day themed, so it’s perfect for any grey pet! It is still Valentine’s Day themed so they know you are thinking of them, but it is also a sad looking plushie so they’ll feel even more special. Your grey friend will know you picked this out just for them! Another plushie like this is the Un-Valentines Skeith Plushie. If you gave this gift to a non-grey pet, they would probably be very sad. Since you are giving this to a grey pet, though, they will be happy!

The second gift I am recommending you is a Single Grey Flower. They will love it because it is not cheery looking, unlike all the roses you see on Valentine’s Day! Now normally on Valentine’s Day you’d give festive flowers to your friends, right? A Valentines Bouquet, perhaps? Well, since grey pets do not like these festive flowers, a Single Grey flower would be perfect for them. This flower is sad looking, just like grey neopets! Your grey friend will definitely feel warm and fuzzy inside. Another flower you could possibly get them is the Broken Heart Flower; they will think this flower is very cute.

If your grey friend is more of the reading type, I suggest you get them Dont Call Me Cute. This book is about a Uni who does not want to be called cute. Bonus points if your friend is a Grey Uni! Grey neopets most definitely do not want to be called cute; if you call your grey friend cute they will probably become offended.

Another gift I have chosen for grey pets is the Torn Homemade Valentine. It’s a torn heart, how could it be any more perfect as a gift for a grey neopet? They will keep this gift for a very long time and think of you when they see it. In a good way, of course!

If you want to get your grey pal some sweets, but the only sweets you find are heart shaped, get them a Grey Cupcake! It’s perfect because it is lacking color. Obviously it's grey just like them, and it tastes sweet at the same time. They will enjoy this gift so much, they might even hug you! Another good sweet gift is the Broken Heart Cookie.

Now, as to what not to get your neopet, that should be the easy part! Do not get anything pink or red or anything with love in the item's name. A horrible choice for your grey friend would be The Book of Love. Why would any grey neopet ever want this? It will make them feel sick inside. Another horrible gift is a Silver Valentines Ring. The silver will blend into your friend's grey shade, and it will be a horrible waste of Neopoints. Please be smart when picking out your gift. If you’re browsing gifts and you think to yourself what a cute and lovely gift you found, then you probably shouldn’t get it for a grey Neopet.

Remember: nothing too happy and you must not treat them like a normal neopet. Grey or black colored gifts are probably the best; do not get them anything too colorful. Do not get them gifts you would get any other neopet! Grey pets are not like any other neopet. I hope this has helped you pick out that perfect gift, and I promise your grey friend will be most grateful!

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