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When Primary Colors Aren't Enough

by smartgirl212


We've all been there. The very first day of owning a neopet. You just received an adorable, trembling pet, nervous about his first day with his first owner. You're probably nervous too. You don't know how to take care of your BRAND NEW PET! You're alone. You're scared.

So, just for something to do, you head out to Neopia Central. Ya know, you think you may scrape the few neopoints you have together and buy some bread, or some neocola. Maybe drop by some sort of "money' tree. The nice officials who gave you your pet said you could get some cool stuff there.

You're strolling around, getting to know your pet, when BAM! A starry Kacheek waddles by with its owner. Then suddenly, you see a pirate Eyrie. A faerie Kougra. You and your BRAND NEW PET! see patterned pet after patterned pet. You can't figure out how they became that way.

"I heard there are paintbrushes," your neopet whispers to you. "They're really rare and expensive, but you can use them to paint us. Your pets."


For the next... however long it's been, you've been obsessed with paintbrushes. You need one. For all your pets. But they have to be the RIGHT one, because it has to match each pet's personality and background and preferences. But finding those dang paint brushes at a reasonable price is about as common as seeing a petpet for one neopoint.

So what do you do?

I'm here to help!

1) There are these nifty new things called "Morphing Potions." Get your pet to drink it, and suddenly, they are rainbow or glow in the dark or plushie. Yay, right? There's something other than a paintbrush that you can use to transform your pet. You have a solution!

NEHH! Wrong. They are about as expensive as paint brushes. So, I guess this tactic is for YOU, spoiled rich people! If you had ALMOST enough money to buy a paint brush, well now you can. But like 1,000 neopoints cheaper. Yay!

2) You could, shall we say, FAKE IT... TILL YA MAKE IT! Put a cool background behind your pet! Buy them amazing clothes! Give them jewelry and groom them regularly and make it LOOK like they are painted! Under all the layers of LIES, that is.

So I guess that leaves only one option...

3) Save up the stupid money! Play dozens of rounds of Meerca Chase and Cheat and Destruct-O-Match. Enter contests and make trades. Stock up your shop with cheap items then price them higher so you get lots of money for them! Eat your slice of omelette every day. And in forty or fifty years, you might have enough to buy a paintbrush! But only a lame one. Like biscuit.


Where do you find these "Paint" Brushes! In Neopia, of course!!


No, really. You can trade for them, but the price will probably be high. You can get one at an auction, but the price will be high. And if you search the shop wizard...

The price WILL BE HIGH.

But make sure you check the Fruit Machine daily. Play Tombola and check the Snowager (but we are not responsible for any injuries sustained). So basically, keep playing!

Once you have saved up allllllll this money to get a paintbrush, you need to know what paint brushes there are... and how to find them. You can find a complete list of paint brushes at the Rainbow Pool, but I will graciously provide you with my favorites, so you can know which ones are best (in my opinion...). ;)

1) Rainbow Paint Brush

Well, you know I just had to say this. Rainbow is just so darn purty, I had to include it in my list. But it has some practical benefits to it. It's a less-common paint brush, but you can usually get it for less than some of the others, even the less rare ones. If you paint your pet with one, he/she will spontaneously go with everything. And if you manage to acquire one but, for some reason, want to trade it away, you can usually fetch a pretty good price for it.

2) Faerie Paint Brush

You might be a little surprised I included the faerie paint brush on my list, seeing as it is so darn expensive and rare these days. But the faerie paint brush is actually more common than you think. It is most likely you will win a faerie paint brush from a prize contest, such as the Fruit Machine or Tombola. And don't argue with me about this, because I did the math. Okay, no, I didn't, but it's true. I actually won one from the Fruit Machine! And seeing as sooooo many people seem to have one of these brushes (I mean honestly! It appears as though every Neopian but ME has one) they are frequently offered in rare trades. And finally, when you paint your pet this color, they are so pretty, with wings and pastel colors, you'll just want to find all the cloud and faerieland backgrounds you can afford, just to make them look good in their profile. They're that cute.

3)Speckled Paint Brush

I've always had a soft spot for this particular paint brush. I don't know why, but the pattern is just so... cute! Like if you put a speckled pet next to a strawberry fields forever pet they would make a watermelon, or a strawberry. I honestly think this brush belongs at a picnic. Or at least on a Kacheek. :) But seriously, this brush is pretty affordable, generally speaking. It's not NEARLY as expensive as a Darigan paint brush, or even a Fire Fire Pants on Fire paint brush. But it's much rarer. Find one, and you won't have to pay much. But don't expect to find one soon.

So there you have it! A complete guide to the Paint Brush Hunter. Look everywhere you can! Save money! And I expect to see your painted pets showing off for the newbies soon.

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