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Zafara Day Gift Ideas

by retrean


Also by xbebedawlx

With Zafara Day here and the exciting prospect of new colours, clothes, and items all especially dedicated to Zafaras, it’s hard to see any reason for a Zafara not to be buzzing with excitement. But what if you want to make Zafara Day extra special? A heartfelt gift is the right way to go. Just like all neopets, Zafaras love to be spoiled and have their owners show they care for them. It may come as a surprise to some owners that Zafaras wouldn't enjoy just ANY item. Yep, can you believe it? Zafaras are just like everyone else; they enjoy certain things, and they all have their quirks! Here are just a few gift ideas that you can give to your furry little friend for their very special day. Please note that these are just suggestions, and a majority of Zafaras will indeed go insane for these amazing gifts.

Berry Zafara Jacket

This beautiful jacket will make just about any Zafara scream with delight. Not only will they love you forever, but this jacket is also incredibly stylish with its shocking pink colour and adorable berry emblem. They'll wear it everywhere they go, especially when they're going out exploring. (Zafaras have a knack for adventure, you know!)

Kaylas Chemistry Set

This chemistry set is the perfect fit for any Zafara, regardless of gender. Now your pet can mix and make potions just like Kayla, one of the most famous and most admired Zafaras around. Bubbling, boiling, oozing, this special toy will be sure to make any Zafara feel just like a master chemist. This chemistry set also comes with a hat, which will make your Zafara feel special and just like Kayla!

Baby Zafara Plushie

Aww, look at this cute and cuddly baby plushie! Don’t let the name fool you, a Zafara of any age will fall in love with this delightful plushie. The colours and the adorable face make this plushie hard to ignore. You won't be able to take this toy away from your Zafara any time soon, for they will soon be latched on to it!

Pop-Up Zafara Book

This Pop-Up book will hold the attention of any of its readers for hours. Not only that, but it's also an easy read for anyone, and has a lot of interesting pictures. Even if your Zafara doesn't like to read, the pictures and pop-up images will make them change their mind, guaranteed! Its cool shape and colour also make any bookshelf look awesome!

Perfectly Flat Rock Quarry Background

What Zafara wouldn't want to have this background? Zafaras have a wicked sense of adventure, and look to anywhere to find one. An unexplored rock quarry? Any Zafara would jump at the opportunity to explore it! I wonder what treasures could be unearthed here...?

Chocolate Zafara Cake OR Strawberry Zafara Cake

This idea of the ultimate cake is based on if your Zafara is a sweet lover or not. Although either cake is an absolute delicacy, give your Zafara the option of what cake they want for their day. Of course, if they like both chocolate and strawberry, don’t hesitate to give them both - it is a very special day, after all! If they don't want or like cake, give them an, erm... apple instead!

Explorer Backpack

What explorer would go on an adventure without an explorer backpack? This backpack can hold a variety of things to help them on their adventures when they’re in a sticky situation, and would make the perfect addition to any adventurer's set. Any Zafara would absolutely love such a gift!

Carved Walking Stick

Again, to any adventurer this is an absolute necessity. Whether your Zafara is trudging through swamps and needs support, or climbing in mountainous terrain, this stick will be a great gift and will be very useful for any exploration!

Twisted Roses Ticket

With the famous Zafara Z-far as a keyboardist, what Zafara would not want to go and see this band, live, at the Tyrannian Concert Hall? Their unique tone and music will be sure to have your Zafara jumping with joy! These tickets are available at the ticket booth, which can be found in Tyrannia, or they can be found in user shops. Don’t forget to pick up a CD, T-shirt, hat, or poster as a souvenir after the show!

Best Friend Card

Zafaras are loyal and very pleasant to be around, making them perfect companions. When you have a Zafara, you have a friend for life. This bright and happy card will make a lovely gift and will also tell your Zafara just how much you care. A perfect gift!

Purple Zafara Gnome

Who doesn’t love seeing a happy little gnome in a neohome garden? This plaster perfection is an adorable addition to any garden, plus it's a Zafara! With it's happy expression, it will surely brighten any neopet’s day!

Rugged Zafara Short Sword

Zafaras and adventure go hand-in-hand, so naturally they also love the fast-paced action of the Battledome. This sword is an amazing gift for your budding warrior, with its intricately carved handle and shiny blade. It also looks amazing as a decorative piece, it need not see any action in the Battledome! Alternatively, its sharp blade is perfect for hacking through the vines in the jungles of Geraptiku while exploring them!

Although these are only some ideas, hopefully they will get you thinking about some of the items that would make your Zafara happy for their special day. Even the cheapest of items can mean something for your pet if it truly relates to them, but expensive items are nice too for the more picky and spoiled Zafaras.

Zafaras are currently the 18th most popular pet among Neopians. That is a terrible shame, with their great sense of adventure and kind hearts they make an amazing neopet to own. They are also great looking, especially when customised well with the right paint job, as a proud owner of two Zafaras, I know how rewarding it can be to own them (and don’t get me started on the great adventures I’ve been on!).

Good luck, and make sure to have a happy Zafara Day with your precious Zafara!

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