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Greatest Business Deal Ever in Neopia

by hollyc39


This is a distant memory of mine; I hope to not leave out too many of the details. This is the story of my rise to richness – from the slums of Neopia Central to the wealthy and bright of Brightvale. I am not one hundred percent guilt free, though. I have a bad past. You see, I used to get caught thieving, most commonly at markets where I targeted the younger Neopians with limited experience with their stalls. I mean how else would I get the much-needed funds to buy the Hidden Tower?

     Back in my mischievous days, I was a young, white Cybunny by the name of Isabellarine.

     Wait! Hold on! I have gone too far back in my memory. I’ll start again.

     It was the Month of Celebrating in Year 4. I was completing my daily jobs – you know, going around the markets stealthily stealing all sorts of goods from the stalls and pick-pocketing neopoints from Neopians who were present. This was an average income for a lovely Cybunny like myself but I was still able to buy a piece of bread and butter at the end of the day.

     It was this day in particular I want to tell you about. It was a blustery winter’s day in fact – a blizzard here, wind there I would say. I happened to be in Faerieland on the morning that a couple of faeries (I can’t remember their names) were auctioning off properties in the land.

     “Auction number 334!” the light faerie said. Wait, no. It was the air faerie Psellia. Anyhow, minor details out of the way now.

     She continued, “A marvellous tower, tall and grand but hidden away in the depths of the city.”

     I heard a few Neopians in the crowd snigger, “Who would want a hidden tower?”

     And another member said, “No point in buying a home if no one can see it.”

     The auction carried on with no bidders, even if it did start at 800 neopoints. I started throwing some ideas around in my mind, such as perhaps I should buy this place and use it as a warehouse for all of the items I steal, because no one will be able to prove that I am the thief everyone is after. So I raised my paw to place a bid.

     “Going once! Going twice! Sold to the white Cybunny in the eighth row!” cried Psellia.

     Later that morning I received the keys to my warehouse and I took off trying to find the place. Many laps of exhaustion later, I found the entrance. Who knew that a hidden tower would be so hard to find?

     Anyway, on with the story, I continued my Pant Devilish ways by persisting on stealing from Neopians. Eventually the whole of my warehouse was full. Once I even hid in a secret Smuggler’s Cove for 78 days; during that time there were three shipments. Of course I was too slow to actually get anything from them, so I followed one of the smugglers and pinched a small, squishy, green ball from their pocket. It was actually a tiny flying pea; I didn’t know what it was worth so I sold it later in the day for 50,000 neopoints. I hear, though, these days it is worth at least 300,000,000 neopoints.

     Getting tired of my thieving days, I headed back to my tower in Faerieland, but I could not face the 998 stairs up to my room, so I started to consider selling the place. But first, I needed to sell all of the stolen goods.

     I set up a stall at the local markets all over Neopia. It took 50 days to sell the lot, but it was definitely worth it. I managed to make 238,562 neopoints, a record for cash on hand for me. Little did I know, though, that the Tax Beast was on his rounds and managed to catch up with me and took 25% of my funds so I was left with an abysmal 178,921 neopoints. As a disappointed Cybunny, I decided that heading back to the tower was the best thing.

     On the way home, I heard through the lemwart vine that the Faerie Queen, Fyora, was wanting to set up a secret shop to sell some of her artefacts. On hearing this, I headed immediately to her residence.

     I get inside and I explained to the Queen of how I knew she was looking for a place and I told her about mine. I even invited her around to take a look at it. So we flew to my place and we went upstairs. As I showed the Queen around, I could hear her mumbling to herself, “Nice large rooms, this is a great place for the ghostkerbomb and here is a great place for the royal paint brush.”

     At the end of the tour, Fyora asked for a price on the tower. I responded with saying that I wasn't sure and that I was only looking for offers. A few moments later she said, “286,255,710?”

     “286,255,710 what?” I asked confusedly.

     “Oh, I mean 286,255,710 neopoints for this marvellous hidden tower.”

     Astounded, I replied, “That number is quite grand but it is also a little on the cheap side... but you are the Faerie Queen, so I accept.”

     That day when she handed the money over, she personally took me to the National Neopian Bank. What an honour! While we were there setting up the bank account (I’ve never needed one before, you see), a reporter for the Neopian Times heard of our story. So in the next issue of the Times on the front page it stated, “QUEEN FYORA BUYS TOWER OFF POOR CYBUNNY!” This in turn resulted in the Faerie Queen being praised for her generosity and Neopians all over set off to find the hidden tower.

     But one day I let slip to a reporter that I only bought the tower for 200 NP, and the reporter, shocked, managed to grab the front page of the next Neopian Times Edition with, “FYORA GETS RIPPED OFF!” Rumours flew everywhere.

     It is this stage in my story where I decided to leave Faerieland and where I finally decided to put my money to good use. I donated a few hundred thousand neopoints to the Money Tree because I told myself that there was no point in having a tree without any money and I went and bought a royal paint brush from the Mystery Island Trading Post and used it on myself, which led to me buying some accompanying outfits for my new, regal look. Lastly, I bought a castle near Brightvale, where I am currently studying hard as a scholar.

     My life is somewhat perfect now. I even have a lovely Whinny petpet named Whitney by a fellow regal friend, QueenAphridite, (unfortunately she is an Aisha; Cybunny are far better), who I met one day when I was in town spending some time with the locals to prevent myself from getting lonely with my greed.

     This concludes my story; some Neopians who have previously heard my story call it “THE GREATEST BUSINESS DEAL EVER IN NEOPIA!” Maybe one day I’ll go back and have a chat with Fyora.

The End

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