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Why Jhudora is the Best Faerie Ever

by warrior_cats_freak10


I know what you’re thinking. “What kind of a crazy person would ever like Jhudora,” or maybe, “This must have been a mistype. This person must have meant Illusen.” Are you thinking these things? Because if you are, you are wrong, wrong, WRONG! Jhudora is the best! What, not convinced? I’ll try to help you understand...

First of all, Jhudora actually LIVES in Faerieland, unlike those deserters, Illusen and Taelia. I mean, seriously? Meridell? Terror Mountain? It’s almost like they don’t want to see their sisters! It’s just kind of weird, what with all the “dark faeries don’t like other faeries,” and the “Illusen and Taelia are so nice!” *cough*. Anyways, carrying on.

Jhudora, unlike your basic faeries, won’t suddenly pop up and say, “I need a Hooziwhatzits and a Goozibahooba!” It’s mean. Eventually you forget all about their stupid quest, and then you go to get something from the shop wizard, and they say no! Then you have to go to Fyora, and she says, “You won’t get another faerie quest for 600 seconds,” but 600 seconds later, lo and behold, another one pops up. Sure, they can’t do that now (Thank you, Xandra!), but they would if they could! Jhudora, unlike these hecklers, only gives you quests if you want them! Sure, Illusen and Taelia do that too, but Illusen is such a stuck up snob, she won’t even give you a quest if you’ve done one of Jhudora’s! And Taelia? Talk about a shut away! I mean, you have to climb a mountain to get to her! Isn’t Happy Valley good enough?

Jhudora isn’t greedy. One item a day. That’s it. In fact, that’s all she wants you to do. Taelia, however, requests two or three items at once. Then, just when you’re looking forwards to your negg or ice cream coupon, she gives you some Chokato Dip or whatever (true story). Then, you do it all over again (that’s right, twice in one day) and get a Yurble Battle Yo-Yo (another true story, and none of my pets are Yurbles). I can’t say anything about Illusen, however, as in my loyalty to Jhudora, I have never done one of Illusen’s quests. However, from what I hear, her quests are similar to Jhudora’s. Who knows, though? Do you?

Okay, maybe 16 minutes and 40 seconds isn’t a lot of time to get an item, but the items are usually pretty cheap. Plus, as I mentioned before, it’s only one item. I have failed a quest once for expense, but just once, and it wasn’t Jhudora’s fault. I simply failed to realise that ten thousand neopoints may not be enough for an item. It can also be hard to find a reasonably priced item with the shop wizard. *cough*. Did I say that out loud? Sorry.

How about Jhudora’s prizes? Sure, it’s not a *cough* Yurble Battle Yo-Yo or anything, but there are some good items that she gives out. Sure, maybe you can’t really find much use for a Poisonous Lollipop, but those are some powerful Battledome potions she gives out! And how about Jhudora’s Brush? Who wouldn’t want hair as beautiful as Jhudora’s? She even once gave me a gnome shroom! That’s gourmet food we’re talking about! Only a truly great being would be kind enough to give you something like that.

Jhudora knows about style. That is proven just with her brush. But also, she’s a mixture of acid green and a noxiously awesome purple. Illusen is just Brussels sprout green and fruit-ish orange. It’s weird. I mean seriously, if I wanted to look like a fruit, I’d be a Chia and paint myself apple or durian or something. Anyways, just look at Jhudora’s dress! I bet you want a dress like that. Oh! Sorry, sir...

Jhudora is a dark faerie. Dark faeries are obviously the best. What if Neopia was always bright and shiny? The dark faeries really help, keeping those blinding light faeries in check. Now we can all enjoy a good night’s sleep... *yawn* Hey! You have an opinion and I have mine. So, light or dark? I choose dark, but maybe just because that’s who I’m most like on the personality quiz.

Yes, I know, I’m setting Jhudora up as the good guy here. But she could be. What if it’s the dark faeries doing the good? What if they’re keeping the antics of the other faeries in check? Okay, some dark faeries are a little, er, misguided (*cough* the darkest faerie *cough*), but no one has ever seen Jhudora do anything really evil. How about the stuff Illusen asks for? Magical items and such? Jhudora asks for innocent foods and, er, chairs (yes, the chairs thing is a little suspicious, but that’s the most suspicious thing she does). Illusen says she saw Jhudora doing something bad, but I don’t buy it. Who knows what Illusen’s up to? *dramatic music*

Now, even if you don’t really *like* Jhudora (but why wouldn’t you), you have to say that she’s pretty cool. I mean, evil, malicious, scheming, and manipulative? It just sounds like so much fun! A hero is a hero, but everyone loves a good villain. They do have an odd way of showing it though... booing, hissing, throwing rotten fruit... the list goes on. So, you don’t have to worship Jhudora like I do, but you can still show her a little respect. Oh yes, and for Illusen.

I know I’ve just been comparing Jhudora to other faeries, but hey. That’s how you judge people, right? I mean, if there was only one person in the world, and it was a really mean person, he or she wouldn’t consider their self mean, because they would have no one to compare to. Ponder THAT! *cough* Sorry. I get excited sometimes.

So, there you have it. I’ve given you... one, two, three... ten good reasons why Jhudora is the best faerie. Think what you will about her, but maybe don’t say it out loud, because Jhudora’s spies are everywhere...

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