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A Guide: Which avatar should I use?

by muslim


Ah, the infamous question. There you are, prowling the Neoboards in search of a formidable topic, when suddenly, just as you are about to press the 'Post Your Reply' button and pounce... You are confronted by the realisation that you might not have the right avatar to make the right impression! Which one should you use, anyway?

Alright, so in reality, it is my hope that you aren't literally stalking around the Neoboards, reminiscent of Balthazar or some other frightening creature. However, the problem of not having just the right avatar can pose an actual problem while you are formulating your posts (which are brilliant, no doubt). You should have exactly the right icon under your name to convey the best message, right? If first impressions are important to you, read on!

Default Avatars

Now, these are incredibly underrated! If you are the type who comes off as nonchalant, naturally "cool", and seems to have it all together, you should definitely highly consider going with a default avatar. I mean, if you have the swagger not to come off as any newbie who may not know how to gain and change their avatars (no offence to any newer users, by the way-- in many ways, I am one myself!), why shouldn't you go for a simpler, more minimalistic look? You can clearly pull it off and still keep the Neofriend requests piling in by the dozen.

Game Avatars

Ah, now these avatars come with messages of their very own.

You see, as it often takes a highly skilled Neopian to acquire game avatars, using one suggests to others that you know what you're doing in the Games Room. Game avatars can also be considered as a first glance impression that you care about your account-- after all, for games like Faerie Bubbles or Ice Cream Machine, it's pretty obvious that you dedicated effort to obtaining those shiny icons.

These avatars also have style points as well. There are few other avatars with similar colours as the vibrant "Volcano Run" and "Typing Terror" avatars-- and have you ever seen one with such fantastical options as "Better Than You"? No, no, we didn't think so! ;)

In conclusion, whether you're a struggling novice or AAA in training, using a game avatar of any sort can never be the wrong option.

Random Avatars

It's arguable that it may take a certain degree of insanity to pursue most of the random avatars, but that's where you come in, isn't it? I mean, come on. You aren't afraid to seem slightly deranged in the event that you make the "Lever of Doom" avatar your active, are you? Besides, insane is really a misnomer. You're really just resilient... courageous... or any other positive adjective appropriate when referring to someone who takes to refreshing endlessly, sinking their hard-earned NP into an unforgiving machine, being blasted by the Snowager, or trying to get a giggle out of King Skarl for days on end.

Item Avatars

From "Tomos" to "Super Attack Pea!", it's true that there are a wide variety of impressions that may be made depending on the item avatar you use. However, as this guide tries its best to portray each category with a generalised summary (you do want to make your post now, right?), without further ado I present to you what you've been skimming through the previous avatar selections for: recognition.

Not every Neopian can borrow Fire Paw or an item with 'Dark Nova' in its name, you know. Using an item avatar usually means that you are either A) trustworthy, B) you are willing to work for your own avatars, or C) you simply dumped all of your Neopoints into obtaining that avatar because you were bored. No matter how you look at it, using an item avatar will certainly leave a lasting impression!

To spend a moment discussing the more costly items, it should be noted that these have a similar effect but to a larger degree. Using an item avatar places great emphasis on your seriousness here on Neopets, and, after all, we're all addicts deep down. :P

Therefore, I heavily encourage you to take a walk down the flashier road and display your accomplishments to all who take the liberty of reading your post, viewing your user lookup, or searching your username (for those silent lurkers out there. It's all right, you don't have to wave-- I get it, I get it!).

Pet/Petpet Avatars

It is very well known on Neopets that while plots, Neofriends and Neopoints may come and go, Neopets will always remain close to our hearts. Why, I remember my little blue JubJub now, always leaving without her JubJub Rainbow Socks and... and... *wipes away tears* Ahem! Having said that, it can't be difficult to assume that obtaining an avatar which requires a certain Pet/Petpet can be a very difficult thing to do with Neopians being so attached to their dear friends.

Using an avatar that usually requires "lending" of a pet suggests that you are trustworthy on a very personal level. Not just anyone would lend out their best friends to any old Neopian, you know! Additionally, if you added the avatar to your collection on your own by using one of your own pets, this displays dedication to your account. A win-win situation, you see!

Stamp Avatars

Stamp avatars can often be considered as the ultimate type of avatars. If you're seriously interested in making your status as an elite Neopian known (and if your bank account can handle it!) then you shouldn't hesitate to begin collecting your first stamp avatar.

These sorts of avatars say that you are a very focused, determined person of unquestionable wealth. Not only does it take a very long, long time to find many of the rarer stamps (ever wondered where those users who have been gone for 'A long, long time' have gone? In search of stamps, of course! :) Now you know!), but it also takes many a Neopoint.

Using one will demonstrate your endless love of Neopets combined with your obvious insanity in pursuing such a daunting avatar goal! Who could possibly resist chatting with you?

WARNING: Collecting stamp avatars is not for the weak of heart. Be sure to have beat at least one full round of Eliv Thade's anagrams in his spooky castle to make sure that you are up for the task... Especially if you're going for the "Stamp Collector - Haunted Woods" avatar! Yikes!

Battledome Avatars

You're the toughest Neopian around, like to use sarcasm mixed with chatspeak... Oh, dear, am I writing a biography of the Battledome board chatters here? :( *shakes head* Where was I? Oh, yes...

Using a Battledome avatar will ensure that you get noticed, especially by those of varying skill in the BD! As pet training is very time consuming (though it has also been reported by the remarkable Dr. Marla Peophin to create stronger bonds between Neopians and their Neopets) and often requires much patience, your dedication will be undoubted. Besides... Who would possibly pick a fight with you now that you've defeated Sid, eh?

...Yeah, that's what I was thinking. *disappears*

To conclude this article, I wish you the best in discovering your Neoboard identity! Remember that you can also go for a cultured look by using one of the many lovely NeoPens available in the Mall with your collection of assorted avatars! ;) Happy selecting.

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